"I didn’t go to any cooking schools. I didn’t learn from my mom or grandmother. I learned how to cook from the back of a box of Pasta Roni, and I’m damn proud of that."

check out Michelle's piece for Bon Appétit Magazine about how a bestselling cookbook author learned to cook from boxed pasta

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How Pasta Roni (Yep )Inspired Me to Cook

❗TODAY❗come shoot the shit with us at SXSW and get your books signed #SXSW #TKAustin
❗AUSTIN❗we're gonna be at SXSW talking all kinds of shit, come hang
We're taking a year off from cookbooks (chill, it's just a break) but y'all know we haven't stopped writing. Go read some hot takes on all things food in our new monthly column from Taste. This month we're talking snake-oil cleanses and shitting fire. Enjoy.

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Liar Liar, You'll Shit Fire: The Master Cleanse Needs to Stop

EVERYTHING TOO GODDAMN EXPEN$IVE ON #VALENTINES so we teamed up with our homies at goop ???? to bring y'all this affordably sexy 3 course meal and signature cocktail ????


We can't guarantee that this will get you laid BUT WE GUARANTEE THIS WILL GET YOU LAID ...
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We just collab'd with our homies Sweetfin Poké to create this beast of a bowl chock full of braised daikon, classic sauce, avocado, crispy garlic, Napa cabbage and blistered fresno chile ⠀

STARTING TODAY at all Sweetfin Poké locations this exclusive Thug Kitchen bowl is only available for one month ⏳ And y'all know bc we give a fuck, 20% of proceeds are going directly to Groceryships, a...
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The only NFL we recognize 'round is here NACHOS FOR LIFE #SuperBowl

recipe for our Tex-Mex Queso here [ Goo.gl Link ]
Cooked up our Tex Mex Queso and Taco Mix today on Hollywood Today Live with the gorgeous Ms. Super Bowl herself Ali Landry and the funny af @billysorrells
It's a morning show so we kept that shit low key PG ????F

Michelle Davis Shows Us How to Make Vegan Nachos Without the Pretense!

Author Michelle Davis shows us her delicious Vegan Nachos that you can make without breaking the bank! Follow us: http://www.twitter.com/OfficialHTL Like us:...

Forbes called us icons y'all

"Perhaps the most visible and noteworthy voices in the movement of alternative-toned plant-based writing and cooking are those of Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway of the viral blog and later book, Thug Kitchen."

check out Forbes.com on how we're disrupting the game goo.gl/J63kBP

Feast your eyes (and tummies) on this Chocolate Coconut Pie adapted from the @thugkitchen Party Grub edition cookbook. Oh, I was so busy stuffing my piehole (pun intended ) that I forgot to mention it's 100% vegan. And delicious! Just ask my husband. He ate the the entire pie. (No lie!) Recipe below:⠀
•1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips⠀
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Most Americans suffer from a lack of fucks ???????????? This is a serious condition that might affect you or someone you love ???? But now there's hope The US Dept. of Thug Kitchen is here to show you how to grow your own Fresh fucks right from your own backyard for when you need them most Save time, get money, and always #EatLikeYouGiveaFuck ⠀

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Want to 2in books from us and our homies for life SporkFoods? ✨✨ Check out PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)s Instagram (@peta) giveaway for your chance to take us home with you #ThugKitchen #EatLikeYouGiveAFUCK
Cheezy Broccoli Soup from The Blender Girl's new book #ThePerfectBlend we’re so impressed with this shit that we’re gonna give y’all some free copies ✨✨ we’re huge fans of Tess and respect that she included nutritional facts with her recipes Wanna free copy of the book? Tag a friend or comment belowand we'll randomly select 8 lucky motherfuckers to win And no this ain’t a paid ad, we fucks...
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Y’ALL CRUSHED #TwelveDaysofTK it’s unreal to see so many of you cooking our shit in your kitchens and we’re grateful for all the love everybody who participated certainly deserves a knife but these ain’t cheap NO MIDDLE-OF-THE-MALL KNIVES HERE ✨✨ we’re contacting the 12 randomly selected winners today and promise we’ll do another giveaway soon ✌#NewYearNewGear
"Why y'all so bloody?" BECAUSE WE'VE BEEN KILLIN IT THE LAST 3 YEARS ⚰ a few years ago nearly every publisher told us 'Vegan books don't sell well and no store will stock you bc of the language' but despite the naysayers and shit talkers (they know who they are) EVERY.FUCKING.BOOK. that we've written has been a New York Times Bestseller Our first book dropped only two years ago but it's the...
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WHO ELSE IS GETTING SCONED FOR THE HOLIDAYS wake and bake with our brown sugar blueberry polenta scones for breakfast and we might just give you a brand new chef's knife ✨✨#TwelvedaysofTK recipe
HELL YES BREAD AND WINE COUNTS AS A VEGAN DINNER especially during sweatpant season???? try our apple-onion fococcia bread and we might give you a brand new chef's knife ✨✨ #TwelvedaysofTK

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAAAAS IS A SPOOOOON for real tho only the realest Noodleheads™ eat mac and cheese with hot sauce breadcrumbs #TwelvedaysofTK
EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO Michelle adopted Clementine and Kamala AKA The Butterscotch Babies AKA The Kumquat Mafia AKA The Thug Kittens and we wanted to give a huge shout out to Su and all the other saints over at LAAR for bringing us these two tangerine troublemakers 'Tis the season to #adoptdontshop ????