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HOMEMAKERS Expo setup is on track and will be ready for you all tomorrow! Grab last minute tickets: [ Bit.ly Link ]
#HMExpo #TributeToYourHome
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Ticketpro Dome is buzzing with activity as stands are being built for #HomemakersExpo2017!

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Put ‘em up! Your Disney On Ice tickets we mean ;) Head to our site for ticket details: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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We are so excited to be hosting the second NBA Africa Game at the Ticketpro Dome on 5 August this year. South Africa - Get ready to experience all the action LIVE!!!
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Learn how to create your own magical glitter globe and more at Hobby-X. Find inspiration on their blog: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Attention Joburg! Tell us how you make your house into a home, and you could be getting some inspiration at the HOMEMAKERS Expo! Giveaway ends at 7pm. Ts & Cs Apply.


*Winners selected randomly*
It's official Watch this space for details!
Whether you're into hobbies and crafts for pleasure or profit, don't miss Hobby-X. Dream it, Design it, Make it! Tickets available at the door
Thank you to everyone for coming down and making #TravelExpo2017 a huge success! ICYMI, here's a glimpse into the weekend.
Who's at the #TravelExpo2017? Remember to check-in and share your experience with us :D
2 days and counting until the #TravelExpo2017! And what could make it better? South Africa's favourite YouTube sensation, Suzelle DIY will be there! Don't miss out Entrance is free.
Three of SA’s best comedians and sticky, green slime...A winning combo! Buy tickets to #NickFest2017: [ Bit.ly Link ]
From 100 to 1000, The Blue Wing Conference and Events venue can host all your guests with ease at your next corporate event. Find out more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Aside from expert travel advice and stellar deals, you could win your share of over R650k in travel prizes! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Travel Expo 2017

Only true The Lumineers fans can finish these lyrics ;) Get access to tickets to their April show: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Thanks to the Blue Wing Conference and Events Venue, all HOMEMAKERS Expo stands will be on one level! No trudging up stairs for you Snag tickets: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Suffering from the travel bug? #TravelExpo2017 is the cure you’ve been looking for: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Which celebrities would you LOVE to see covered in green slime? Tell us below Get your #NickFest2017 tickets now: [ Bit.ly Link ]

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