Tieks by Gavrieli
Tieks by Gavrieli
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Get ready for limited edition Pop Pink, Unmellow Yellow, Outrageous Orange and Galactic Green to light up the Boutiek.
Jennifer Centola
April M. Guajardo
Karen DelloIacono
Cheers to dads everywhere. Happy Father's Day!
Becca Volosko
Maggie Kesler
Kelly Blumenthal
Play with the Tieks color bar and discover your perfect pair.
Jessica Hudson Coleman
Karen Peralta Fenyus
Jodee Warwick
All your Tieks questions, answered.
All your Tieks questions answered

Tieks by Gavrieli

Jennifer Bell
Joanne Lujan
Marybeth Jenco Pecina
The reviews are in and the obsession is real.
The reviews are in and the obsession is real

See Why Women Love Their Tieks

Holly Ortego Landry
Trenea Peace Broughton
Dani Strigenz
Put a spring in your step with bright, bold colors.
Cathy Cole Tavangarian
Terre Aronson
Nikki Craven Jones
Alexandra Zlatkovic Skifton
Debbie Osterwald
Shenerra Sawyer
Remembering and honoring all those who sacrifice for freedom.
Susan Hines Leanues
Ann Matassa
Joann Domitrowsky
Limited edition Poppy is back in stock and will not bloom again in 2018! Available in the Boutiek through the end of poppy season, while supplies last.
Limited edition Poppy is back in stock and will not bloom again

Poppy Tieks Are Back In Stock

Kate Lynn
Janet Shadid Davis
Georganna Ruyle
Compact and comfortable, Tieks are the ultimate travel companion for any destination.
Lui Yuri Lai
Barbara Calabrese
Amy C Tilley
From our leather to our sole, every detail makes a difference.
Annette Meyer
Jaime Church Welborn
Kathy King
“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.” - Agatha Christie
Danielle Ranaldo Rosenthal
Annette Meyer
Anna Duyck Citko
“Tieks fit into my busy lifestyle seamlessly, allowing me to do the things I need to do while being comfortable and fashionable.” - Ruth V.
Rosemary Lucas
Deborah Freedman Bitner
Katharine Weldy
Make her feel special this Mother’s Day.
Rebekah Taylor Whitmire
Marcia Sandoval Rodriguez
Rhoda Ojanola Seña
Discover our newest style—inspired by a softly rouged cheek and the radiant smile that accompanies it.
Tammy Underwood Vancil
Alissa Evaldez
Ellen Richardson Sullivan
Get ready to blush! Tap the video for the full effect.
Pamela Corbin Barry
Robin Rosenthal
Ginger Finch Cook
“My favorite reason why Tieks are my #1 Mother’s Day gift? They are perfect for any age! Whether they’re for your mom, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, or godmother!” - Jessica, Petite Style Script.
Serene Lindhorn
Laura Valles
Connie Uriarte
What’s inside a Tieks box? Hint: It’s more than just Tieks.
What’s inside a Tieks box Hint: It’s more than just Tieks

Tieks by Gavrieli

Alysha Sapp
Ann Peck
Kristen Dominique
Have an eggcellent Easter weekend! And if you’re celebrating Passover, Chag Sameach!
Have an eggcellent Easter weekend And if you’re celebrating Passover Chag Sameach
Kim Binnell
Carah Elizabeth Robles
Priscilla Gamez-Taylor
With over 50 styles to choose from, it’s easy to find your perfect pair.
Morgan E. Krump
Lorie van der Zweep
Angela Pompa