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02/21/2017 at 22:51. Facebook
You're never above the work ... put in the work .. the work is the most controllable way to win .. the work is what most of you are trying not to do .. it's the fucking work !!! #MoreMOREmore
These 2 are trouble together !
Help Robert Frank reach his goal and donate to the Special Olympics!! This is a great cause we couldn't be more excited to help with.

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This is hillarious

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These 2 Are hillarious together but....

Kyron Dryden & Tattooed Katia
OMG shold this even be on Facebook

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Whens that next meeting? ????
Lyft is officially more lit than Uber #DeleteUber
Would you buy an Audi if it knew what lights were green and red? Looks like you may have that chance soon.
Could always work for yourself and start a business.

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