When you decide to go bike riding instead of cracking open a cold one with the boys...
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Well that's something you don't see often.
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Tier One x Bad Tings teaming up for this release! Bad Tings is a launching multiple styles of dad caps and beanies for girls and guys!

For pricing and details, visit their website:

Be sure to follow Bad Tings on Instagram: [ Instagram.com Link ]
Tier One x Bad Tings teaming up for this release Bad Tings

Bad Tings by FIA

Bradley Goodchild
Josifran Holanda
Attila Vogl
Shit, I'm about to star construction.
Per Dons-Larsen
Anne-Mari Rusten
Geceo Parisi
This has to be the luckiest guy alive.... don't try this at home.
Tier One Society
Thakur Ayush Singh
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Here's some advice on picking up girls this weekend.
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Ass and glass >>>
Ganja Girls
Ass and glass 
Ganja Girls
Josh Mora
Tanner McKay
Who else would love to wake and bake with the Ganja Girls
Leandro Henrique
Mario Servietsky Roustoff
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