Tim Coronel Dakarrally
02/25/2017 at 12:39. Facebook
Welkom back from #dakar2017

We missed you

Almost home
Dakar Rally Maxxis Super B Dakarteam
Tim Coronel Dakarrally
02/22/2017 at 09:39. Facebook
You like challenges?
Maybe this is also for you

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Tim Coronel Dakarrally
02/21/2017 at 12:58. Facebook
1975 VS 2017
Tim Coronel VS Tom Coronel
Nothing changed, I am still doing the work. Dakar Rally
Opening DESTIL Bouw en Industrie Helmond

With good service DESTIL Helmond
Fun because at podium we forget our throphy
We were so happy that we made it together and were in party modus!

Thanks Dakar Rally for sending the WINNER AND 2nd place Solo Class for Cars trophy s to us. Are we the only crazy people? To do alone the toughest rally from planet earth.

Thanks everybody & especially our partners for this adventure and trust
鉂addy Sunday 鉂
with princess Puck & snowman 鉀 & @vogelhuisjesnl ????????鉀
Missing the playground... Dakar Rally 2017!
Enjoy your weekend!!!
New adventure Morocco Desert Challenge 2017 it is! Yes of course, in the buggy again!
Start April 16 in Morocco

Tim en Tom Coronel naar Morocco Desert Challenge: 鈥淒at hebben we verdiend鈥 | Maxxis Dakar Team

Have a great weekend my friends
Do things I wouldn't do#Dakar2017
De leukste helft is genoeg, toch? Deze hele week keukens voor half geld bij onze trouwe partner KeukenWarenhuis.nl!!
Who wants same shoes as we? Limited edition Dakar Rally sneakers, made by Quick - Q1905
Because, Dakar is never over


you want 2 see video's about our #dakar2017 check here

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Hallucinations #5000 meters @dakarrally with my bro #dakar2017
Proud to see our #dakar2017 Dust & waterproof JBL portable speakers at Media Markt NL
Let's make SOUND ????
One of the best of last weekend... Final stage Dakar Rally 2017.
A great way to start a new year.
Thanks to everyone who made this possible!
Time flies when you're having fun... In Dust We Trust, thanks TW Steel Watches.

Dakar Rally 2017: MUCHAS GRACIAS!

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