Proud to see our #dakar2017 Dust & waterproof JBL portable speakers at Media Markt NL
Let's make SOUND ????
Tim Coronel Dakarrally
01/19/2017 at 09:46. Facebook
One of the best of last weekend... Final stage Dakar Rally 2017.
A great way to start a new year.
Tim Coronel Dakarrally
01/17/2017 at 06:00. Facebook
Thanks to everyone who made this possible!
Time flies when you're having fun... In Dust We Trust, thanks TW Steel Watches.

Dakar Rally 2017: MUCHAS GRACIAS!

Dranginis Vytautas
Muchas gracias Buenos Aires! 2017 Dakar Rally, it was a pleasure! ????

Dranginis Vytautas
“Mission accomplished. Been there, done that. This was our goal, to get two buggies to the finish"

A long-time dream comes true for Tim and Tom Coronel | Maxxis Dakar Team
Mission accomplished! Dakar Rally 2017 ✔
Highlights stage 12 & podium Buenos Aires
"We did it, we made it to the finish. Fantastic to be able to stand on the podium together with my brother!”

Thanks all!!!!
Dakar Rally
WE DID IT! Dakar Rally 2017 ✔
Fantastic to be able to stand on the podium together with my bro Tom Coronel!
Let's do this: podium Dakar Rally in Buenos Aires!
Soon more
Almost there... Are you ready Buenos Aires?
I'm ready for the show!!! Dakar Rally
Thanks HELLA Benelux
No words needed
Dakar Rally
FINISH!!!!!! We did it!!!
Muchas gracias!!! Dakar Rally 2017 ✔
FINISH! Mission accomplished! ✔
We did it: both buggies at the finish of the Dakar Rally 2017.

On our way to the podium in Buenos Aires! Keep you posted!
¡Vamos, vamos, vamos! Buenos Aires!
Highlights of special stage 11 It was a perfect match, together with Tom Coronel Check the video and get ready for the last special stage... Tonight podium finish in Buenos Aires

More: [ Link ]
Yessss ready for the last stage of Dakar Rally 2017! We'll enjoy the last stage and podium to the max, together with our amazing team Maxxis Super B Dakarteam
So happy to be here!!! One more to go Almost there... One goal: both buggies at the finish of the Dakar Rally!
FINISH! One more stage to go
Lights on , Rio Cuarto we're coming!

Thanks HELLA Benelux. ????