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Tim Coronel Dakarrally
12/07/2016 at 12:40. Facebook
What's the time? ⌚
Psssstttt... another sneak preview of our new Dakar Rally TW Steel Watches.
we can't wait anymore... Stay tuned!
Tim Coronel Dakarrally
12/02/2016 at 12:52. Facebook
We will be there in 30 days! #dakar2017 Tom Coronel and me will give you the adventure again.

Are you ready for Dakar Rally?
Tim Coronel Dakarrally
12/02/2016 at 11:25. Facebook
Tim Coronel Dakarrally
12/01/2016 at 13:19. Facebook
Tim Coronel Dakarrally
12/01/2016 at 13:19. Facebook
2nd sneak preview of our new TW Steel Watches Do you like it?
Special edition because of my 10th Anniversay Dakar Rally
Now Scrutineering #lehavre for #dakar2017 and up for loading the ⛴ to #buenosaires #argentina
Yesss we did it! Bye bye! See you in Argentina Ready for Dakar Rally 2017 Proud, thanks boys!!!! Can't wait to start
Proud and almost ready for #dakar2017
Sneak preview of the new TW Steel Watches! Do you like it??? Special edition because it's my 10th anniversary Dakar Rally
Stay tuned for more!
Fun Coronel with #zwartepiet and #kidskarting
Thanks kids for your
Episode 4, In dust we trust TW Steel Watches Check the video for the highlights of Dakar Rally 2015 & 2016.
Of course together with my bro Tom Coronel. We're almost ready for the next adventure: #Dakar2017 ✅
Heb jij de GRATIS app van Allsecur autoverzekeringen al gedownload? Je bent ons toch niet vergeten!
Alleen betalen als je pech hebt en als je geluk hebt, dan komen Tom Coronel en ik je misschien wel helpen.

Download nu de GRATIS app | Pechhulp on demand.

Today F1 studio at Ziggo Sport Totaal! Together with my bro Tom Coronel, Rob Kamphues and Robert Doornbos. Supporting our Dutch Hero Max Verstappen.
#TBT Watch the video of TW Steel Watches, episode 3 #InDustWeTrust. Do you like it???
Our journey to the Dakar Rally has started again!
Soon more... be prepared!
Nice shopping at HELLA Benelux for lights! Thanks!
Now we light up the dunes in the night #dakar2017 ;)
Dakar Rally
Time to celebrate! My journey with TW Steel Watches began 10 years ago. In what year did we present this amazing watch???

Be prepared... more news soon!
Don't tell my lady Gaby Uljee for #Dakar2017, we do everything
Now sorting out Parts and Logistics Dakar Rally
In dust we trust! Welcome to our world! Check episode #2 and be part of our journey. Thanks for your confidenceTW Steel Watches.
More episodes are coming!