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Newly published findings suggest we are only one push away from a brand new golden age of innovation and invention.

There is hope on the horizon. The estimated economic boost from...

A new economic paper proposes how Planck-scale physics will trigger a fifth 'boom'. It even answers the question: How much money are we talking here?

Planck-scale physics is in line to give a huge boost to the economy -...

A new approach to calculating the speed of light.

#physics #speedoflight #AlbertEinstein

The speed of light is a longstanding mystery. Planck-scale physics...

Less is indeed more. Another Clue.

#physics #science #universe

The Problem of Two Theories - Clues - TimeOne

In this Clue we find another much needed layer to our understanding of the universe.

The Problem of the Three Dimensions - Clues - TimeOne

The silence around findings from the Large Hadron Collider speaks volumes.

#largehadroncollider #physics #higgsboson

The silence about new fundamental particles sends us a loud and clear...

Hold on tight. Another Clue.

#science #lightspeed

The Problem of the Speed of Light - Time One

Physics knows what it needs to do. Now here's how to do it.

#physics #leesmolin

Here’s a way to fix a big problem that is holding physics back. - TimeOne

TimeOne shows us that not all rules of modern physics are here to stay.

#physics #NASA

NASA paper leaks claiming that the physics violating EM Drive works - SlashGear

One of the most significant events of our time is just around the West Antarctic corner.

#nature #sealevels #climatechange

Major sea-level rise is on the way and entire cities will be flooded. - TimeOne

Another Clue, another move forward in understanding the ultimate mystery that is our universe.

#science #physics #universe

The Problem of the Special Frame - Clues - TimeOne

Keep it simple, science. Time One shows how the answers to these problems (and more) may be simpler still.

Physics tweak solves five of the biggest problems in one go

Talk about a plot twist. Braids may be the missing link to decoding the matter mystery.

#physics #matter #universe #science #StandardModel

At last there is a solution to the elementary-charge problem and it turns out to be stunningly simple.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the laboratory. Another Clue about what's really going on with our weird universe.

The Problem of the Second Law - Clues - TimeOne

A 2-letter word has taunted thinkers through history. Even modern physics can't figure it out. It's also a Clue in Time One. (Hint: the word is 'as'.)

#physics #science #philosophy #ancientsecrets #ancientproblems

The Problem of the One and the Many - Clues - TimeOne

Strange space has six more dimensions than our eyes can see.

If There Are Nine Space Dimensions Why Do We See Three? - TimeOne

If this is right, it means undoing years of intellectual investment.

#physics #science #Nobelprize #strange #darkenergy

No, the Universe is not expanding at an accelerated rate, say physicists

This scientist may have discovered the ultimate piece to uncovering our universe's code.

Twist and Shout: Topology In Action - TimeOne

Here's a fun challenge for you. Let's see who out there has an answer.

Twist and Shout: Topology In Action - TimeOne