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"If you do one thing today, reach out to a friend who’s having a hard time, someone who’s withdrawn or acting differently. Drop him a line and ask how he’s doing. It’s not hard, and it might be a big help."

Neil has been there for his mate Jonny, and is proud of the difference he's made. Be like Neil - step in and be in your mate's corner. Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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1 in 4 of us will fight a mental health problem this year. Without someone in their corner, people with mental health problems can lose what they care about most: their job, their families and friends, their home. So, if your mate’s acting differently, step in.

Share our film and show how much of a difference it can make to be in your mate’s corner. #inYourCorner
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Stay tuned for the launch of our new campaign on Thursday 23 February...
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"One of the most understanding people I have spoken to about my disorder is the manager of my local Nando’s – who has met three of me, as it were. She extended a welcome to me “whoever I was that day” and it's this non-judgemental acceptance that makes me feel I will find some places in the world were I can be we – and it won’t be judged."

Everyone's attidude can help to make people with...
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"When I’m out shopping, at the gym, in a restaurant or at work – especially at work – I’m probably pretending to be OK. There’s a negative voice inside my head and sometimes it can take control of how I feel."

Fiona writes to her friends, explaining what they should know about her mental health problems: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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"I used to hide my mental illness, I hid from my ex-boyfriend for a long time, too long. I was ashamed and I honestly thought I couldn't be loved. But he was supportive and for once I didn't feel alone. I had someone by my side who was listening to me and didn't judge me."

Read Della's blog about the difference it makes to have someone to open up to about mental health: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"I was signed off work for my depression and anxiety for the same length of time as a colleague with a broken bone. A tangible, ’normal’ reason to be off. I watched as flowers, cards and well wishes were delivered to them (not creepily through a window might I add). I received nothing and I think it was because no one knew how to approach it with me."

Read this blog about how opening up to...
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"But there are some people, like my family, I’m still not comfortable talking to. My dad has had difficulty understanding, it’s not in a nasty way; he just doesn’t ‘get it’. If I keep talking about how I feel, I sense people losing patience with me."

Read Katherine's blog about the things people don't understand about her anxiety & depression: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"I called because I felt low and impulsive and was met with judgement, confrontation, and lack of compassion. I had reached out for help. But I was met with yet more disappointment."

A little understanding goes a long way. Read Natalie's story: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"I’m not wasting time, I’m working desperately hard to keep myself alive." Your understanding can make all the difference. Naomi Jane wants you to understand how mental illness affects her in this powerful blog: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"If I broke my leg, would I be less of a man? No. I am the same person, just wearing a bandage. So it's the same for my anxiety, which is just an illness which affects my brain."

Adam writes on the blog today about his experience of anxiety and depression, and the pressure to be strong that stops men from opening up: [ Bit.ly Link ]
“In my opinion ending the stigma is a two way process. Yes we need people to be educated, thoughtful and understanding, but we must also try to do our bit to help them be so.”

Danielle talks about how sharing your own experiences of mental health problems can be a powerful way of breaking down stigma: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"I feared that my family wouldn't take me seriously. That it was just 'a phase', which I would grow out of. I thought my friends would just think I was joking around or maybe even doing it for attention. They wouldn't understand what having OCD really meant."

Nicole shares about what everyone can learn from the mental health blogging community: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"Remember, the smallest words and actions can make the biggest difference." Danny shares his experiences with anxiety and depression, and the difference a listening ear can make: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"Allow them to talk to you with no distractions, and if you don’t know what to say, just offer comfort and sympathy." Read Kayleigh's great blog about depression, which smashes myths and gives helpful advice on how to support someone: [ Kayleighpuget.com Link ]
"I took the plunge and told my tutor everything about my OCD and depression, and how hard is was to juggle everything. The weight of stigma and the fear of judgement sitting heavily on my shoulders. I expected to be ignored. But my tutor was so lovely, and gave me nothing but empathy and support."

Read Meg's story, about how much of a difference it can make to be accepted if you have a mental...
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#TimetoTalk Day is over, but there's still work to do to change mental health attitudes! Make a pledge to end stigma: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Inspired by Time to Talk Day? We still have work to do to change the way people think and act about mental health. There are lots of ways you can make a lasting impact, every day of the year.

From having conversations in your community to changing attitudes at work, you have the power to break down the silence around mental health. Join the movement: [ Bit.ly Link ]
The final tally for Time to Talk Day is in! Thank you for being part of a huge national conversation about mental health, together we got the nation talking. You'll be able to log your conversations on the clock for another week, so get them counted!

But this isn't just a day's work: we'll be back tomorrow to generate more conversations and challenge the isolation around mental health, until...
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"I had a couple of friends who were depressed in a true sense - and it had gone on for a long period of time and I had no idea. Don't be nervous, do go and chat to them, do ask: are you OK?"

Watch Ed Balls and Judge Rinder on why conversations about mental health are so important. There's still time to have a conversation, so make sure you reach out to a friend or loved one before the end of...
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