Don't miss your chance to see Matteo Zagmani's virtual reality film #NatureAbstraction adapted for #TimesSquare's electronic billboards. Learn more at [ Link ] and see the work in-person at 11:57p.m. nightly through March 31st.
Happy opening to Miss Saigon US! From London's West End, 'Miss Saigon' returns 26 years after it premiered on #Broadway at the Broadway Theatre.
#TBT: In this photo from 1961, a 10-minute civil defense test air raid alert empties #TimesSquare, leaving only policemen and police dogs to monitor the neighborhood.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Bob Goldberg
The end of an era: Catch Off-Broadway staple "The Fantasticks" before it closes in June, after more than 50 years playing in NYC. The original production, the only Off-Broadway show ever to have won a Tony Award, ran at the Sullivan Street Playhouse in Greenwich Village from 1960 to 2002; in 2006, the current revival opened at The Theater Center in Times Square. The show’s final performance...
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‘The Fantasticks’ Is Set to Close Off Broadway in June
Thank you to everyone who joined us for #CrossroadsConversations on the red steps of Duffy Square. Today, we discussed the topic of immigration. Strangers in Times Square sat down and shared their thoughts in a lively conversation that was moderated by writers, critics, and editors.
Here's a look back at #TimesSquare blanketed in snow earlier this week! Stay warm this weekend and discover everything the neighborhood has to offer: .
Happy #StPatricksDay from #TimesSquare! We expect to see a lot of green today.
This month's #MidnightMoment will give #TimesSquare viewers an immersive experience as Matteo Zagmani adapts his virtual reality film #NatureAbstraction for the electronic billboards. Experience fractal formations inspired by planets, nature, and altered states of the human mind at 11:57p.m. nightly throughout March with 'Natural Abstraction': [ Link ].

Photo credit: Ka-Man Tse for...
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Data, Design, and Love: Find out how The Office for Creative Research - creators of the 2017 Valentine Heart Sculpture 'We Were Strangers Once Too' - turned their concept of love for #NYC's immigrant community into a visual reality in #TimesSquare - [ Link ]

The Heart Deconstructed – Memo (random)
Want to see what yesterday's snowstorm looked like in #TimesSquare? Check out this time-lapse video by Reuters capturing the snowfall!

Time-lapse video captures snowstorm hitting NYC
A huge thank you to the Times Square Alliance Sanitation team and Public Safety Officers for braving the snowstorm today to keep #TimesSquare clean and safe. #snowday
Greetings from snowy #TimesSquare! Stay warm and safe as more snow and strong winds are expected to continue impacting #NYC throughout the day. #snowday
#NYC is preparing for a severe blizzard late tonight through late night tomorrow! Heavy snow and damaging winds are expected so please stay safe and warm. To learn more, visit the City's severe weather website at . #blizzard2017
London-based artist Matteo Zamagni flattens his virtual reality piece #NaturalAbstraction for #TimesSquare's electronic billboards in this month's #MidnightMoment. See fractal formulas model manmade, organic and ethereal forms every night of March at 11:57p.m. and learn more about the work at [ Link ].

Photo credit: Ka-Man Tse for Times Square Arts

Times Square Arts: Nature Abstraction
#TimesSquare is looking particularly chilly today as 3 to 5 inches of snow is expected to fall over the next 24 hours. Stay warm and safe if you're out and about!
Happy #InternationalWomensDay from #TimesSquare! #BroadwayStrong invited the women behind #Broadway, women from #NYC, and women from all over the world to join them on the red steps of Duffy Square in between shows.
Ever wondered about the history behind Duffy Square? Learn more about the two iconic statues you can find in the heart of #TimesSquare and why their stories have significance in the neighborhood: [ Link ]

In Times Square, Looking for Father Duffy
In the city that never sleeps, discover #TimesSquare's late night options for a nightcap. Whether you're looking for a spot after a seeing a #Broadway show or you want to stick around to see #MidnightMoment, check out great late night menus, live music, and more: [ Link ]

Times Square Alliance : Late Night TSq
This is the last weekend 'We Were Strangers Once Too' will be in #TimesSquare. The public data sculpture highlights the role that immigrants have played in the founding, development, and continued vibrancy of New York City by visualizing data from the 2015 American Community Survey. Learn more at [ Link ] and see the sculpture in person before March 5th!
Happy #WorldBookDay! Pick up your next great read on the way home as you pass through #TimesSquare. The Strand Book Store kiosk located on Broadway between 43rd St. & 44th St. has great selections from best-sellers to discounted paperbacks and coloring books.