Timmy Time
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Today is class photo day and everyone needs to look their best! Do you think Timmy will be able to keep clean and tidy for the picture? Find out in this episode!

Watch here: [ Aard.mn Link ]
Timmy Time
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Timmy's spending time with his favourite canine buddy on National Puppy Day!
Timmy Time
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Did you know it's International Day of Happiness? Dancing makes Timmy happy - how about you?
Timmy Time
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It's show time at the nursery! See what Timmy and friends get up to on stage in this fantastic mini episode: [ Aard.mn Link ]
Looks like Timmy is having trouble getting up today! Well, it is World Sleep Day so maybe it's a good idea to get some extra snoozing time this morning!
Here's a piece of #WednesdayWisdom - your jigsaw will definitely break if you try to hold it up!
Happy Friday!
It's playtime but it looks like Timmy might be causing a bit of trouble with his football!
Timmy's been busy making a kite...now to test it and see if it will fly!
Calling Shaun the Sheep fans! You could own one of the amazing sculptures from the 【ひつじのショーン】 Shaun in Shibuya trail in Japan!

Bid on your favourite Shaun in a special charity auction taking place this Sunday, March 5th! Registrations to bid online close at 9am GMT tomorrow: [ Shauninjapan.jp Link ]
Timmy's got his smiley Friday face on!
Happy World Book Day! Timmy loves letting his imagination run wild when he reads...do you think today's book might be about a dragon?!
What's a good way to run off a bit of energy? With a game of tag, of course! Watch Timmy and Yabba having a fun-filled run around here: [ Aard.mn Link ]
Happy pancake day! Timmy and the gang are preparing the mix and deciding what toppings to go for. What do you like to have on your pancakes?
Lunchtime! What's in your lunchbox today?
Guess who's got the Friday giggles!
Who can build the tallest tower? And one that balances? It's playtime at the nursery and Timmy and Yabba are enjoying a fun challenge in this mini episode: [ Aard.mn Link ]
Do you have a pet? Then be sure to give them some extra cuddles today - It's National Love Your Pet Day!
Sometimes it's fun to splash about in muddy puddles...happy weekend!
Timmy's got a spring in his step today - happy Friday!