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We've turned back time with exclusive tees of the "I Need Your Body" artwork to go with the new album!! Get yours here: [ TinaArena.lnk.to Link ] Tx
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We've incorporated all of my Greatest Hits on this special double album✨ It's out so soon - April 7 - don't forget to pre-order now : [ TinaArena.lnk.to Link ] Tx
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This was one of the first songs I received for this record.. and I feel it really set the tone. It is perfection. This is as good as this song could ever get. Kate is a master.

You can hear this & many other interpretations on my upcoming Greatest Hits & Interpretations album!

[ TinaArena.lnk.to Link ]

If you pre-order now, you get this track & my song Burn! Tx
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Can't wait for you to hear all of Morgan Evans interpretation of 'If I Didn't Love You', hope you enjoy this little snippet. He sings so beautifully and is so in touch with his emotions. To hear this song sung by a male really gives the lyric another perspective, it’s taken on another life. It’s so country, it’s beautiful and I love it. A perfect balance of intention and vulnerability....
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A message from Clare Bowen <3 Excited to have her on this new project.... ps: How good is the series Nashville??
Oh this brings back the memories... , 'in the navy' in the good old YTT days. Tx
My new project is a double disc set coming this April. Disc 1 “Retrospective” is the greatest hits set. Disc 2 is “Reimagine” featuring other artists interpreting my songs. One of the first songs delivered was Still Running by Clare Bowen and she set the bar very high. ✨✨ I briefly met Clare at an event in Los Angeles in 2014. Until then I was unaware of her work, so afterwards I went to watch...
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Hanging with the gorgeous Molly Meldrum & my son @justinbieber concert @frontiertouring ❤
Show me heaven. "The first time I went to Versailles I was gobsmacked. [The exhibition] is a pretty good taste of what goes on there." French Knighthood of the Order of Merit holder and Versailles: Treasures from the Palace ambassador Tina Arena. Exhibition ends 17 April.

Tickets: [ Bit.ly Link ]

#versaillesNGA | Château de Versailles | Visit Canberra
So excited for you to hear what we've put together . Pre-order your copy here today - [ TinaArena.lnk.to Link ]
Thrilled to be coming home to be a part of the Good Friday Appeal. We want to raise more than $17 million on the Easter Weekend. Let's do this @rchmelbourne #melbourne #channel7
The Appeal is a non-political, non-denominational organisation that exists solely to financially support The Royal Children’s Hospital.
This year we really have made something special... <3 Very excited for you to hear the new album with 11 new songs. Check out the special signed bundles we've put together too. Pre-order here - [ TinaArena.lnk.to Link ] Tx
I love this version ❤❤ amazing to work with Dannii again. . [ TinaArena.lnk.to Link ]
On my way to the Melbourne opening. Can't wait to see the Odyssey
Outstanding selection of French movies at the "Alliance Française French Film Festival", all around Australia from the 8th to the 30th of March!!
If you love French cinema as much as I do, don't miss out!!!
Oh boy!
Here we go Just some of the songs on my new album (disc #1)
Pre-order here: [ TinaArena.lnk.to Link ]
Thank-you for being a part of this project Ainslie Wills, the album is richer with you on it. I love your interpretation of Wasn't It Good with Ben Abraham <3 <3 Coming April 7 xo