Oh my gosh
The only way...
God is great I swear, he's on my side, who cares who isn't!
FITB 2 & Bros Dem out now.
Out everywhere at midnight. Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes etc. Let's go! #BrosDem
Yo biz!! @lethalbizzle I had to repost this #tbt . 6 week 6 pack challenge for @menshealthuk I think I just about got the 6, what you saying the jollof rice wasn't having it nah!
#tbt wore these at T4 on the beach 2010 or suttin like that I'm sure lol.

Ps. I haven't wore them since & I Took this pic today!
Man like @dizzeerascal Siickk *Boy in the corner* show last night, made me put this on today *Star in the hood* #Longevity #blessings
Last night. An honour to perform for #LegacyAli at the US Ambassador's house. Shouts to Sadiq