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Spays, neuters and dentals are about to begin!
Tune in LIVE from Mountain View Veterinary Hospital:
[ Livestream.com Link ]

Meet the 34 cats we're helping today: TinyKittens.com/fixathon
02/17/2017 at 21:26. Facebook
It begins.

The Tinykittens February Feral Fix-a-thon is officially underway! We decided to trap today and tomorrow, since the weather has been so unpredictable and cats have been scarce.

Tune in right meow to see how things are going at our new Lion colony: [ Livestream.com Link ]

Meet the cats we're trying to trap: TinyKittens.com/fixathon

And if you'd like to support the work we do,...
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02/16/2017 at 01:50. Facebook
Look at these ferocious ferals, SO EXCITED for their lunch!

If anyone is looking for a delightful former feral or two to become their new best friend, look no further! Macey, Saratoga (the one trying so hard to trip me), Quinnbunny, Rollins, Hannity and Eaton are all super sweet and ready to leave forest life behind: TinyKittens.com/adopt

We trapped a very pregnant Saratoga in the spring...
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02/14/2017 at 19:30. Facebook
Happy Valentine's Day! <3

Love is in the air everywhere you look, which makes this weekend’s Feral Cat Fix-A-Thon even more important: TinyKittens.com/fixathon

We’re super excited to have some of the bravest firefighters from the Township of Langley Firefighters' Charities joining us on Saturday to prove that #RealMenLoveCats.

We also can’t wait for the most talented veterinarians,...
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Today is a momentous day for all of us at Tinykittens, as the last two kittens from our October fix-a-thon finally got to go home. Now, the race is on to get ready for our next feral fix-a-thon, which starts this Friday!? Join us on our livestream for a three day marathon event to change the lives of 30 feral cats: TinyKittens.com/fixathon

We couldn't do any of this without the steadfast...
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After 116 days in our care, our little Foo Kittens finally get to go home. <3

Tune in right meow to meet their new family and bid them adieu:
[ Livestream.com Link ]

My most heartfelt thanks to the amazing volunteers who have put in hundreds of hours socializing, disinfecting, bathing, organizing, comforting, medicating, doing endless laundry, monitoring poop, driving, running errands, and...
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In seven days, the lives of 30 feral cats will change forever.

Join us on February 18th and 19th for our biggest Feral Fix-a-thon yet: TinyKittens.com/fixathon

This fix-a-thon will be much more difficult than our last one, because we will be trapping from three very different feral colonies during spring rain storms. Our Happy Forest colony and Nano's colony only have a handful of cats...
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Ferals in the snow
That is what we are
No one in between
How can we be wrong
Pounce away with me
To another world
And we rely on each other, me-owww...

Happy Football Day!

If you get bored with the game, we have adorable rescue kittens LIVE 24/7 at TinyKittens.com :D
Happy ferals frolicking in the snow. <3

Starring Sisko, Macey, Rusty, Templeton, Marcus, Milo and Pansy.
Milo is one of the ferals we hope to trap and neuter during our next Feral Fix-a-thon, starting February 18th!

Sneak peek: TinyKittens.com/fixathon (just starting to catalog, so check back for more)
Our ferals stay warm and get fed even on snow days, in case anyone was worried.

A little tarp reconstruction was also in order, as well as some path-making.
Please share to help super snuggly Boo + Finster find somebody to love! <3

Boo and Finster (a.k.a. Foo) are inseparable, so we will be adopting them as a pair into one extremely lucky home. Everything you need to know to apply is at TinyKittens.com/adopt. We are located in Fort Langley, BC, but we do adopt out of the area.

Foo were rescued during our feral fix-a-thon in October, along with...
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Please share to help Boo and Finster find somebody to love!

After 104 days in our care, Foo (Finster + Boo) are finally ready for a family of their own! Foo are inseparable, so we will be adopting them as a pair into one extremely lucky home. <3

Everything you need to know about applying is at TinyKittens.com/adopt.

Foo was rescued during our feral fix-a-thon in October, along with 43...
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To those in our #TinyVillage who are struggling with their mental health and well-being, I just want to say you are not alone. You have a community here who cares about you, and we offer a safe place to find support, peace, friendship and joy amongst frolicking (or sleeping) kittens.

Today is #BellLetsTalk day, and I want to thank each of you who has had the courage to share your story. ...
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Like so many of our ferals, Calvin came to us in pain, terrified, and very sick. When we discovered he also has diabetes, we knew his life depended on whether or not we could socialize him. It has been a month since his diagnosis, and his story will prove that every life is worth trying to save.

Even more exciting, Calvin will be ready for a home soon: TinyKittens.com/adopt

He's around 3...
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Awwww, the story of our little Felicity and her babies, who will grow old together in the purrfect home. <3

Follow their adventures at Felicity Presents: The Fast & Furr-ious

Rescue Bengal Mama So Happy Her Last Two Babies Survived and Won't Let Them Go...

We're LIVE on Crazimals right meow with supersnuggler Suzanne and the adorable Foo kittens! Tune in!
Cassidy the #MiracleKitten knows how to make the ladies swoon.

Follow him and his pals at TinyTuxies :D
We are SO grateful to the wonderful companies that support us, and just as grateful to those of you who support the companies that support us! <3

Aromask.com is donating their awesome odor elimination products to help us all breathe a little easier during our next Fix-A-Thon in February. If anyone has ever shared a small space with feral cats or their pee, you'll know just how amazing this...
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