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Awwww, the story of our little Felicity and her babies, who will grow old together in the purrfect home. <3

Follow their adventures at Felicity Presents: The Fast & Furr-ious

Rescue Bengal Mama So Happy Her Last Two Babies Survived and Won't Let Them Go...

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We're LIVE on Crazimals right meow with supersnuggler Suzanne and the adorable Foo kittens! Tune in!
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Cassidy the #MiracleKitten knows how to make the ladies swoon.

Follow him and his pals at TinyTuxies :D
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We are SO grateful to the wonderful companies that support us, and just as grateful to those of you who support the companies that support us! <3

Aromask.com is donating their awesome odor elimination products to help us all breathe a little easier during our next Fix-A-Thon in February. If anyone has ever shared a small space with feral cats or their pee, you'll know just how amazing this...
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Cassidy the TinyTuxies #MiracleKitten has serious moves. :D
Tune in right meow to see how our ferocious diabetic feral Calvin is doing: [ Livestream.com Link ]

And yes, he's making such great progress with his socialization AND his diabetes that we're now accepting applications for him: TinyKittens.com/adopt

And thanks to With a Little Hope, Faith & Charity for the Cat Dancer - he LOVES it!! <3
Nash was born feral, but lucky enough to be trapped and socialized by awesome snuggler Lorie before heading to our friends at Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) to find a home. I can't believe this handsome fellow is still waiting! If you have room in your heart and home, please apply at lapsbc.ca/adopt ❀
When one formerly blind feral kitten meets her elderly feral grandpa Mason, the cutest thing ever happens. <3

Hope and her sisters are finally healthy enough to go to their forever home, and Grandpa Mason will likely spend the remainder of his sunset months in our care due to advanced chronic kidney disease. I thought Mason might enjoy some company for the evening, and it seems to have worked...
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BREAKING MEWS: Hope, Faith, Chance and Charity have been adopted and will *finally* be going home on Caturday! And the super exciting part is that Chance will be joining the family at ALONG CAME MARY and Faith, Hope and Charity will be going *together* to their new home at With a Little Hope & Faith!!!

Faith and Hope have been in our care a whopping 95 days, thanks to two species of...
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Awwww... I could watch this video a million times! <3

Follow Cassidy the #MiracleKitten on his page at TinyTuxies :D

A Tiny Kitten In A Tiny Wheelchair Will Steal Your Heart!

Going live with some serious #KittenTherapy at 1:20pm PT over at Crazimals!
Look how adorably carefree Calvin is becoming as we get closer to managing his diabetes! Calvin is a ~3 year old feral cat we brought in at our Fix-A-Thon. He had a rupturing eyeball, severe dental disease, very manly testicles, and we later learned he also has diabetes.

We had planned to return him to the forest before we discovered he would need insulin twice a day. Since the forest is...
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Um... if anyone needs proof that kittens need to be spayed/neutered prior to four months old, tune into our livestream: [ Livestream.com Link ]

Finster may look sweet and innocent, but he's old enough to become a daddy, and is already practicing! Luckily, the girls aren't in heat and are finally healthy enough to get spayed on Monday, so there's no danger of surprise pregnancies. They're...
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BREAKING MEWS: Tinykittens HQ is officially ringworm-free!!

UPDATE II: With a Little Hope & Faith <3

UPDATE: Here is the adorable video of amazing snuggler Suzanne getting the news whilst snuggling Foo. :D - [ Livestream.com Link ]

It has been a LONG haul with this bunch, battling blindness, infections, parasites and two species of ringworm, but our six remaining kittens from Nano's...
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Mason is a magnificent, battle-scarred feral cat who needed help in his sunset months.

It would be inhumane to return him to the wild in his condition, but we didn't know if our ferocious warrior would be happy living with humans. All we knew was that after years of fighting to survive, he deserved a chance to know love, comfort and freedom from pain.

More stories that will change...
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What the first morning of 2017 looks like... :D
Happy Mew Year, from all of us at Tinykittens!!!
In 2016, we set out to prove every life has value. That even the most broken, hopeless, forgotten among us deserved a chance to know love, freedom from pain and happiness.

We are beyond grateful to each of you who helped us prove this over and over again, through the stories of our 82 incredible rescues this year. If you ever think your actions don’t make a difference, keep reading and...
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This beautiful rescue story from 2016 showed us that true love does exist, and is worth waiting for.

Thanks to two very special humans, former ferals Maravel and Neelix will be able to love each other for at least the next thousand years... <3 See how they're doing in their forever home at Maralix Take A Chance On Me.
Ah, the best laid plans...

We noticed Mason drinking a lot of water and using the litterbox frequently, and tests have revealed that he has chronic kidney disease. Calvin had also been drinking a lot of water and using the litterbox frequently, and his tests revealed he is diabetic. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as we work through their diagnoses and treatment plans. <3...
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