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BREAKING MEWS: QuinnBunny and Macey are going home… together!

We are SO grateful to their amazing new human! She fell in love with both of these special former ferals, and is fully committed to giving QuinnBunny the love, patience and special medical care she needs to be happy and pain-free for the rest of her life. <3

Homes like these are hard to find, so Macey and QuinnBunny are two VERY...
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Are you awesome enough to be loved by Wumpkin and Mali? Apply today, at TinyKittens.com/adopt

These two kittens are ridiculously adorable, and have the BEST purrs. Mali is on the shy side, and Wumpkin is extremely outgoing, so they make a purrfect pairing. <3

We are located in Fort Langley, BC and we do consider out of area adoptions. Everything you need to know about adopting from us is...
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Our amazing snugglers make a HUGE difference in the lives of our ferals, especially the magnificent Calvin! Are you awesome enough to be loved by this handsome former feral? Apply at TinyKittens.com/adopt

Calvin has one eye and is currently in remission from diabetes. He is on a special diet and will need regular check-ups (just like any other cat) to monitor his blood glucose. He will...
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Something floofy this way comes...

Tune in: TinyKittens.com/evolene
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Join the #KittenWatch for Evolene, our (slightly gassy) new mama-to-be! Fall in love with her on our new 24/7 livestream at TinyKittens.com/evolene <3

Evolene is about six years old, and was abandoned at a farm when she was little. She joined a feral cat colony on the property, and has given birth to many kittens since. This will be her final litter of kittens, and she and her babies will...
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Guess what? We're officially on #KittenWatch for Evolene's final litter of kittens! Join the fun: TinyKittens.com/evolene <3

Our nose-to-tail exam at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital today confirmed she is indeed pregnant, and we are expecting 5(?) kittens. Evolene's poor body condition is likely a result of dental pain associated with eating typical wild cat fare (little creatures with...
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BREAKING MEWS: Our work at Nano’s feral colony is officially done!

We have stabilized the colony by spaying/neutering over 90% of the 63 cats, adopting out 18, and continuing to care for Mason and Calvin, who have special needs. The colony will decrease naturally over the next several years, and the remaining cats will receive the care they need on a daily basis to live happy, healthy...
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And on the fourth day... Evolene turned into a purring, biscuit-making lap kitty who won't be returning to the wild. <3

Don't miss this remarkable transformation, LIVE, as it unfolds: TinyKittens.com/evolene

We have an appointment at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital on Thursday for a full exam, testing and possibly some radiographs. As of tonight's weigh-in, she weighs 6.86lbs, which a...
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On her third day in our care, Evolene is settling in as well as can be expected for a sick feral cat experiencing life with humans for the first time. Get to know her on our livestream, at TinyKittens.com/evolene <3

She has a voracious appetite and her temperature is normal, which is very encouraging. We are feeding her yummy canned food from Royal Canin Canada, which is making it much easier...
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UPDATE: Weight 2.925kg, temp 102.4 (normal)
Introducing... Evolene, from the Colony of the Dolls: TinyKittens.com/evolene

It took two days to trap her, but I'm SO relieved she's here because she needs help. Evolene is older, and her body condition is poor. She is feral, has parasites, and has a number of painful teeth that need to be removed. She appears to be in the later stages of...
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Fun with ferals.


#TheColonyOfTheDolls #TheNanoEffect
Calvin is an AWESOME former feral kitty looking for an equally awesome human to love: TinyKittens.com/adopt <3

We brought him in because his eyeball was ruptured, and discovered he is also diabetic. His diabetes is currently in remission, and is being successfully controlled with a special diet. That means he does NOT need insulin injections any more! He's about 3 years old and otherwise...
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These two are the CUTEST!! Macey and Quinnbunny grew up feral, but after a year at our feeding station they both decided they would prefer to live like pampered princesses. They are quite bonded, so we are hoping to find them a home together.

Are YOU awesome enough to be loved by these two adorable kittens? Apply here: TinyKittens.com/adopt

Both girls are around 18 months old, and...
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The #MiracleKitten was super excited to be mentioned during our visit with The Jeff O'Neil Show on The World Famous CFOX today!

We are SO grateful and excited to have won their February Ram Trucks Canada RAMdom Acts of Kindness donation of $993, and can't wait to put the money to good use spaying and neutering more cats! It was a delightful way to spend the morning, even though there were...
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It's been one week since our Feral Fix-a-thon, where we began a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) project to help 34 feral cats.

27 of them recovered from their spay/neuter surgeries in our care and have been returned to their homes in the wild. Seven cats remain in our care, and at least four of those seven will be adopted into loving homes once they are healthy. Two of the seven are recovering...
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The things that make you different are often the things that make you purrfect! Let's all work a little harder to celebrate our differences and protect those who are bullied because of them. <3

The Feral Fix-a-thon results are in, and they are INCREDIBLE!

We brought in 34 cats that needed help, with our most ambitious and complicated undertaking yet. As a result of spaying and neutering those 34 cats, we prevented 375 unwanted kittens from being conceived this summer. Of those 375 kittens, 282 would have suffered and died from starvation, disease, predators or cruelty. ...
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Spays, neuters and dentals are about to begin!
Tune in LIVE from Mountain View Veterinary Hospital:
[ Livestream.com Link ]

Meet the 34 cats we're helping today: TinyKittens.com/fixathon
It begins.

The Tinykittens February Feral Fix-a-thon is officially underway! We decided to trap today and tomorrow, since the weather has been so unpredictable and cats have been scarce.

Tune in right meow to see how things are going at our new Lion colony: [ Livestream.com Link ]

Meet the cats we're trying to trap: TinyKittens.com/fixathon

And if you'd like to support the work we do,...
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