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12/07/2016 at 18:32. Facebook
The TinyTuxies #MiracleKitten engaging in a final morning wrestle/baff before sending Puffin to his forever home. <3

Follow Puffin's adventures at Puffin Joins the Pride.

Only 10 to go!
12/06/2016 at 21:11. Facebook
Sparrow and Starling are on their way home. ❤

And not to worry, Puffin has an exciting announcement of his own happening very soon.
12/06/2016 at 04:18. Facebook
Snuggling on Adoption Day Eve! Starling and Sparrow have no idea they will get their long awaited Furry Tail Ending tomorrow.

Puffin and Pico + Gram are still waiting for homes! TinyKittens.com/adopt ❤

Follow Starling and Sparrow at Becoming a Star with her Kit in the Big City
12/05/2016 at 23:31. Facebook
Huge thanks to Dr. F and the team at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital (and the amazing Gwen) for braving the snow to make sure Sparrow got her spay so she can go home tomorrow! <3

In case you missed it yesterday, Sparrow and Starling get to go home together, and you can follow their adventures at Becoming a Star with her Kit in the Big City
12/05/2016 at 03:48. Facebook
Starling's house cat transition is complete... and just in time for some BIG MEWS!

Starling and Sparrow have been adopted together, and will be going home on Tuesday if all goes as planned tomorrow with Sparrow's spay. Follow their adventures at Becoming a Star with her Kit in the Big City <3

Sparrow's echocardiogram showed a small ventricular septal defect that shouldn't affect her quality...
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12/03/2016 at 22:06. Facebook
Will you help Pico and Gram find a family before Christmas? These two sweet bonded brothers were rescued from a feral cat colony, and are a little shy at first but SO snuggly once they get to know you. <3

Fall in love with them on our 24/7 livestream: [ Livestream.com Link ]
Everything you need to know about adopting: TinyKittens.com/adopt

See how their brothers Kilo and Zepto are doing in...
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12/03/2016 at 01:12. Facebook
BREAKING MEWS: Orville and Wilbur finally found somebody to love, and will be going home tomorrow around 11am <3

They're currently on our livestream along with their pals Pico and Gram (Nano's brothers) who are STILL waiting for their special sombody to love. If you think you might be awesome enough to be loved by Nano's brothers, here's how to apply: TinyKittens.com/adopt

Follow along with...
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Stunning Starling is doing SO well at TinyTuxies HQ while she waits for a forever home! Here's how to apply to become her forever human: TinyKittens.com/adopt

Just 18 months old, Starling is hilarious, playful, affectionate, and loves other cats. We would love for Starling to be adopted with her kitten Sparrow, or with both of her kittens Sparrow and Puffin, but she would also thrive in a...
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A little TinyTuxies #MiracleTackle :D
Orville and Wilbur are sooo ready to find a home! Will you help these extremely bonded brothers find the best home ever?
Here's everything you need to know to apply: TinyKittens.com/adopt

Also... we have new shirts and hoodies available in our store, just in time for the holidays! Look fabulous AND help support our rescue efforts: TinyKittens.com/shop

Thank mew so much for your support! <3
BREAKING MEWS! We just added hoodies and lots of new shirts to our shop at TinyKittens.com/shop - they make purrfect gifts, and 100% of the proceeds support our rescue efforts! <3

In other exciting mews, Radley and Paloma + Egret are getting their Furry Tail Endings today! Follow them in their new homes at:
Miss Radley - From the Farm to the Sea
Paloma & Egret

And our kittens from last week,...
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Orville and Wilbur are ready to go home! Are you awesome enough to be adored by them? Apply at TinyKittens.com/adopt ❤

These two bonded brothers are soooo sweet, they just purr and purr and purr whether they are playing or snuggling. Get to know them on our 24/7 livestream at TinyKittens.com.
Rough day? I'm pretty sure this will put a smile on your face. :D
We had another unexpected twist yesterday, when Sparrow went in to Mountain View Veterinary Hospital for her spay and Dr. G discovered she has a heart murmur. We will be taking her in for an echocardiogram with a specialist next week, but in the meantime we are looking for a very special home for either Sparrow and Starling, Sparrow and Puffin, or all three of them.

Apply at...
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Sparrow and her sister Paloma, mama Starling and brothers Puffin and Egret will be ready for adoption this week! If you think you're awesome enough to be loved by a pair of these spectacular kittens and/or their adorable mama, apply today: TinyKittens.com/adopt <3

Get to know our other available kitten pairs Pico + Gram (Nano's brothers) and Wilbur + Orville at [ Livestream.com Link ] - they...
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Nano's brothers Pico and Gram are waiting for the purrfect family! Please share their story and help these two adorably sweet kittens get the pampered lives they deserve. <3

Fall in love with them on our 24/7 livestreams: TinyKittens.com
Everything you need to know about adopting: TinyKittens.com/adopt

We are located in Fort Langley, BC, and we do consider out-of-area adoptions.

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If any of you remember "Stoney" the cat who kept Supermama Tip company, Margo Harrison is the artist who created him. <3
Starling and her baby Starlets have been doing an excellent job keeping TinyTuxies HQ rodent-free and full of chaos while they wait for homes. To apply, go to TinyKittens.com/adopt <3

We are also still in need of exceptional homes for Wilbur + Orville, Pico + Gram (Nano's brothers), and Radley, who are available to go home as soon as they find families!

Faith + Hope, Boo + Finster (a.k.a....
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Dear #TinyVillage,

Effective immediately, I will be taking a leave of absence from TinyKittens for medical reasons. Our awesome board (Kimsies, Angie, Dr. F and Lynda) as well as the amazing Gwen and the wonderful snugglers will ensure that Tinykittens continues to work just as hard to fulfil our mission to help cats and kittens in need, and to provide the very best care for the 21 cats and...
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We rescued gorgeous Starling from a feral cat colony 98 days ago because she had an injured foot. We quickly discovered she was also pregnant.

We worked on socializing Starling while we treated her foot and waited for her last litter of kittens to arrive. To our delight, she slowly began to trust us.

Now that her babies are ready for adoption, we are looking for a very special home for...
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