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Tip Top Ice Cream
11/28/2016 at 22:38. Facebook
Tip Top Ice Cream
11/28/2016 at 05:00. Facebook
We knew you guys loved Trumpet, but woah, weโ€™re struggling to keep up! If your localโ€™s out of our $2 Trumpets, thereโ€™s always a chance to win FREE Tip Top ice cream! Weโ€™ve stashed 80,000 winning sticks inside the rest of our range so you can keep celebrating no matter what. #TipTopTurns80 #WinningSticks
In celebration of #TipTopTurns80, we're giving you the chance to instantly win one of 80,000 ice creams this summer! So get down to your local and eat your way to glory before someone else does! #HappyBirthdayToYou
You guys must really love our Birthday Cake Swirl, cause the factoryโ€™s run dry! Donโ€™t have a meltdown just yet, our 2L tubs are back in stock this week. Thanks for celebrating with us NZ, turning 80โ€™s never been so fun! #TipTopTurns80
We're celebrating #TipTopTurns80 this summer, and to make things sweeter, we're giving the people of NZ $2 Trumpets! Which will you stock up, boysenberry, chocolate or mint? #HappyBirthdayToYou
Hours of sun, good times and 80,000 free ice creams, could NZ summers get any better?? And hey, while weโ€™re at it, why donโ€™t you enjoy some $2 Trumpets as well! #HappyBirthdayToYou #TipTopTurns80
Letโ€™s say you havenโ€™t tried the whipped citrusy deliciousness of Fruju Tropical Snow, so why should you be getting excited too? Weโ€™ll let our fans demonstrate. #Snowback #TheLegendReturns
Know someone in Auckland CBD whoโ€™s feeling down? Tag them here and our guy will drop by with some yummy Tip Top ice cream so they can #FeelTipTop again.
#TipTopTurns80 this summer and itโ€™s going to be HUGE! The Tip Top Team wanted to show you just how huge!
Once you start, you wonโ€™t be able to stop. Itโ€™s the Fruju Tropical Snowball effect โ›„ #Snowback #TheLegendReturns
Winterโ€™s over but the snow is back. Nominate a friend whoโ€™s worth sharing a Fruju Tropical Snow with to be in to win a 4 pack for the both of you! #Snowback #TheLegendReturns

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Weโ€™re celebrating our 80th birthday this summer and youโ€™re all invited! Pop into any local scoop store or grab a tub from supermarkets to try out our new Birthday Cake Swirl! #HappyBirthdayToYou #TipTopTurns80
Weโ€™d love to see how youโ€™re enjoying our Fruju Tropical Snow this summer. Drop a pic in the comments to be in to win a 4 pack on us! #Snowback #TheLegendReturns
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Have you wrapped your laughing gear around the Memphis Meltdown Gooey Caramel yet? Itโ€™s triple dipped in MMMMM since 1997.
We only put the gooiest of ingredients into our Memphis Meltdowns. Which is your favourite flavour? Gooey Raspberry, or Gooey Caramel?
They spoke, we listened. Howโ€™s this for a summer throwback! #snowback