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This is about a very special person. His name is Anthony Hilton and just like you and like me he has a passion and a dream. Anthony is almost 25 years old. He was diagnosed as an infant with developmental delays, low muscle tone and then later Autism. At the age of eight he developed a seizure disorder. He is high functioning but not to the point that he will ever live independently. He will...
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Dios creo hembra macho para procrear, ninguno de estos hubiera subido al arca de noe , imposible la reproducción humana con hombre hombre ,,, mujer mujer ,, estamos yendo hacia le extinción de la humanidad con estos degenerados.

Papa Francisco: “error trágico” la legalización de bodas gay | .

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Rose: - "when this ship docks I am getting off with you Jack".
Jack: -"you are so crazy"
Rose: -"I know".
Titanic was the ship of dreams...
Jack Dawson.
Stay with that someone who looks at you and look at Jack Rose.
Behind the scenes!
Jack y Rose <3
What, you think a first class girl can't drink?.
Leonardo DiCaprio I love you.
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