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Whoop Whoop!!! Hello Weekend! We’re all about chilling on Saturdays. Like if you’re chilling this weekend. #WeekendLiving #HappySatuday ❤
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WooHooo!! It’s the end of the week… bring out the home chefs!! #FoodFriday means you get to try one of our delicious recipes over the weekend!! ☕ How does sticky carrot cake sound?? Mmmmm.
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*Fashion Alert* Doc Martens are our #Fridayflashback. They have come back guns blazing and everyone is rocking them! Totes in love
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#ThrowbackThursday to Whitney Way Thore's dance class in South Africa! She knows how to get down#WeLoveWhitney #MyBigfatfabulousLife
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Coming to your screen in February is none other than #TLCsMostExtreme . Keep your eyes glued to our page to find out when you’ll be seeing the talented Carissa Cupido on your screens . #NextGreatPresenter
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Ever wondered whether organza would be a great material for your #WeddngDress? David Emanuel host of #SYTTDUK has the answer for you. Watch him as he gives his #WeddingDress trend tips. Bride&co
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We hope you squeezed in some traveling time while you were on holiday ⛵ This #WanderlustWednesday share your adventures. Where did you go?
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Our #slayqueen, Carissa Cupido wrapped things up in London yesterday . We're so excited and can't wait to see her on #TLCsMostExtreme. Coming soon to your screen
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WORK IT GIRL! Carissa Cupido looking dashing on set for the Happiness Campaign shoot in London. We're totes looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us. #NextGreatPresenter #TLCsMostExtreme
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Our #MCM goes out to David Emanuel, because who doesn’t love a man with a Masters of Art degree in Fashion Design… need we say more
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Good afternoon and happy Monday! It's the best day of the week to get to work on those goals! #FreshNewWeek
The National Gallery in London is Carissa Cupido's first stop‍. Did you know that the art museum in Trafalgar Square in the City of Westminster was founded in 1824 and it houses a collection of over 2,300 paintings dating from the mid-13th century to 1900. #CarissaToursLondon #TLCsMostExtreme
Our fab #NextGreatPresenter, Carissa Cupido is touring London. Where is she off to? Find out in our next post. #TLCsMostExtreme #CarissaToursLondon.
DID SOMEONE SAY SURPRISE?? We’ve got a little something special in store for all our Instagram followers! Tomorrow a fabulous guest will be taking over our account and believe us when we say, you don’t want to miss it. Guess who our #InstaTakeover guest is and follow us on Instagram [ Link ] to find out. Shhhh our lips are sealed.
Our #NextGreatPresenter is ready for some down time, she totally deserves it right! So where should Carissa go? Let us know and TLC will send her . Vote a) Big Ben b) London Eye c) Buckingham Palace

Leave your vote in the comments below . #TLCsMostExtreme #CarissaToursLondon
It’s the New Year and we want our brides to look smashing in their wedding gowns !! Here is a tip on the latest trends from none other than the royal fashion designer David Emanuel ✌ #SYTTDUK Bride&co
Here it is guys !! All the beautiful moments of our gorgeous #NextGreatPresenter in London at the set of #TLCsMostExtreme . We're so proud of Carissa Cupido. #flawless #slayqueen
GUESS WHO’S BACK?!?!.... It’s #ToddlersAndTiaras . It’s back with a bang and it’s game on as the families are on a quest for sparkly crowns, big titles and cash prizes!! Like if you’re ready for the #DRAMA. Tonight at 9pm
Hey TLC'ers we're live with the fabulous Carissa Cupido on the set of #TLCMostExtreme. She's giving us an exclusive on her London adventures and taking us behind the scenes. #NextGreatPresenter . Leave your questions and comments below Woop whoop enjoy
Isn't she lovely, Carissa Cupido getting her make-up done. She's about to slay on set recording #TLCsMostExtreme. Join us at 1:30pm for a live broadcast straight from London #NextGreatPresenter