To Save a Life
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To Save a Life
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"We sit in silence a lot...and I know its so hard right now. But I’m hanging on."

A Letter to My Husband in this Weird Phase of Marriage: Let's See it Through
To Save a Life
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As he went out onto the lawn, he was startled by a voice he had never heard before...

Teen Plans to Kill Himself as He Does Mom’s Chore List—As He Mows the Lawn, He Hears a Voice That...
To Save a Life
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"It didn’t take long until you asked what my pills were for. The question was innocent enough. You assumed they were for my knee or my blood sugar, something you already knew about." #tosavealife

To the Man Who Didn't Run Away When I Told Him What My Pills Were For
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He got the call on a late November night. His wife had no clue who this woman even was...

Firefighter Tells Wife He Delivered a Baby at Work—48 Hrs Later, He’s Got Another Surprise
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He's been blind for 16 years and has never seen his own wife & son...When he finally does, only 2 little words slip out of his mouth.

Blind Man Has Never Seen His Wife—When He Sees Her for the 1st Time, He Has Just 2 Words
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The most beautiful truth. <3 If you could write a letter to your younger-self, what would you say? #tosavealife

Dear Little Me In the Tutu: Life’s Not Gonna Turn Out Like You Think
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This just crushes my heart!! What do you think about Laci’s felony charges? Does the punishment fit the crime, or is this a parenting accident that deserves grace over judgment?

Mom Charged as a Felon After 3-Month-Old Baby Dies from This Common Parenting Mistake
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To Save a Life
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His shirt was so drenched in sweat that the producers had to change it. Steve Harvey knew something was dead wrong...

Man Wins $20,000 on Family Feud—When He Hits His Knees Sobbing, Steve Realizes It’s Not Enough
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To Save a Life
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To Save a Life
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"With matted hair, animal cracker stained leggings, and those horrendous boots (oh who am I kidding; they’re house shoes), I headed confidently home.

Half an hour later my happy, house shoe clad feet stood comfortably in front of the stove stirring dinner for my family, when suddenly I heard the chime of an incoming text on my phone. It was from my husband who would be home shortly, but I...
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Husband Sees Wife in Public in Frumpy Clothes & Greasy Hair—30 Minutes Later, His Text Proves...
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They were best friends for TEN years, but after one year of marriage he realized that it wasn't for him...

After 1 Year Of Marriage, He Decided Marriage Isn't For Him
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The truth behind this is EVERYTHING. I'm so guilty of saying this, and could not be more thankful for these simple reminders.

The Day God Gave Me More Than I Could Handle
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"We're never alone." #tosavealife
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We need to stop saying, yesterday. #tosavealife

The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying
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"He Said: What are you looking for in a man?
She Said: God."


How to Choose a Guy in 8 Ways: Guidelines for A Godly Woman
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In the worst seasons of her life, Demi Lovato didn't think she'd make it to the age of 21....

Demi Lovato Says It's Possible to Live Well With Mental Illness--Tells Fans, "I'm Living Proof"