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"We stayed at a hotel that night.

When we came back the next day my dad had changed the locks.

I watched my mom plead with him through the door to let us in to get clothes etc.

He wouldn't.

We had to go back later that day with a police escort.

I'll never forget the cops handing me a black trash bag saying I had 10 minutes to take the necessities.

I loaded up all the clothes I could fit...
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I'm Sorry, Mom. I Never Knew.
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I can't imagine facing the man who raped me, let alone doing THIS with him after all those years!

Woman Raped 20 Years Ago Comes Together With Her Rapist To Share Their Story
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"As I was getting ready for my day, my husband appeared at the door with tears in his eyes holding our son. My heart sank..."

Husband Appears at Door Bawling With His Son in His Arms—Then He Hands His Wife This Paper
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"What you don’t know is that I, too, am shattered. I cry the whole way home. I looked up your daughter on Facebook. She was beautiful. Just graduated high school. She had a whole life and world ahead of her. It isn’t fair.

I beat my steering wheel and rage when I get home and park..."

What Really Happened the Day I Watched Your Daughter Die
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He positioned the barrel beneath his chin, took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. He immediately knew he'd made a terrible mistake.

2 Men Attempt Suicide 10 Yrs Apart—Only 1 Succeeded. Now the Survivor is Wearing His Face
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She posted a message to Facebook about her 10-year-old son--but she NEVER thought they would see it.

5 Men Come Over While Mom’s Home Alone With Son—Then They Tell Her About the Facebook Message
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"I believe that if we preach all the verses against lust and seduction and sexual sin (which is the right thing to do), then we also need to teach all the verse on beauty and creativity and romance and awesome sex (which is the best thing to do)."

50 Shades of The Bible--How Christian Grey Would Fit Right In
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"7th grade girls are asking questions about bondage and S&M. Many of them have seen 50 Shades of Grey, and wonder if a boy wants to hit me, tie me up and stalk me, does that mean he loves me?"

Sex Before Kissing: How 15-Year-Old Girls Are Dealing With Porn-Addicted Boys
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Do you ever see a picture of Depression or Anxiety that looks like THIS, and your immediate reaction is a salty eye-roll?

Us too. We want to #EraseTheStigma, and we need your help!!

We want to showcase what #depression, #mentalhealthand #anxiety actually looks like. Send us a photo of a time you were dealing with something that you may not be able to see from the outside. Maybe it's a...
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"I've been in rooms with bodies rotting there for a week and it never stunk that bad. There's just no way to describe it. Urine and feces — dog, cat and human excrement — smeared on the walls, mashed into the carpet. Everything dank and rotting."

Orphanage Warns Couple “There’s Something Wrong With Her. You Don’t Want Her”—When They Take Her Home, They See the Truth
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"We want every child aged 11 and upwards to see this film, both in this country and abroad. Because this film is our beautiful daughter’s tragic legacy."

This 5-minute short film will leave your heart in your throat, but PLEASE show it to your children & share with your friends! Online predators are real, and this could be your baby one day...

15-Yr-Old Was Groomed On Facebook, Brutally Raped & Murdered. Her Parents Beg You to See Her Viral "Love Story"
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Motherhood can really mess with your mental health -- even if you're a royal mom with all the child care support in the world.

The Duchess of Cambridge Just Got Personal About Postpartum Mental Health
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"In that moment I decided I would take a picture so I could later share this story, because if we don't share our stories how would anybody ever know that this is what my son and millions of others go through every single day."

I Was Sound Asleep, While My Son Was Dying Just Inches Away from Me
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"The epidemic is real. Be afraid. Be prepared to fight for your loved one's life."

I Raised a Heroin Addict--And I Learned Something Everyone Should Know
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