Babies aren't born dirty. Some hospitals are saying you should wait to bathe your newborn.

Why you should delay baby's first bath - Today's Parent
Stock your pantry with canned chickpeas and you're halfway there to making these easy recipes β€”> [ Link ]
Because we've all played Guess the Baby Food WAYYYYYY too many times!

More unique baby games that won't make you cringe β€”> [ Link ]
#ICYMI, after 32 years working on Sesame Street, Elmo has been fired!

Breaking news: Elmo has been "Fired!" - Today's Parent
Our fave cake decorating hack: Buy a store-bought cake and then make these super-easy toppers!

Full how-to here β€”> [ Link ]
You don't have to break the bank on goody bag fillersβ€”this one's easy to make yourself, and super cute, too.

DIY goody bag: Animal zipper charms - Today's Parent
It's the perfect day to get some spring cleaning doneβ€”here's how to get your little ones to help out.

Spring cleaning: How to get your kids to help - Today's Parent
Start with breakfast: Spend a lazy Sunday morning making the easiest meal of the day: Eggs any style, pancakes or waffles, fruit salad and smoothies.

8 tips for cooking with kids - Today's Parent
Skin-to-skin contact does more than just make your baby happy. DID YOU KNOW that it can help to solve breastfeeding problems, prevent hypoglycemia and other newborn difficulties, reduce pain, stabilize premature babies and set the stage for optimal brain development?

The importance of skin to skin with baby
"What is that thing? It's It looks like a carrot." ????
"Feels squishy...and it rolls."

Watch more of our "Kids Try Stuff: Grown-Up Foods" series β€”> [ Link ]
Perfect way to spend Earth Hour with the fam.

20 fun family games for kids of all ages
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Celebrating Earth Hour tonight with the family? Light some candles and try a new card game to pass the time!

10 kid-friendly card games - Today's Parent
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Mix up a big batch of this easy baking mix today, and the next time you're craving homemade pancakes, cheesy biscuits or cookies, you can make 'em in a flash.

1 easy baking mix, 3 ways
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Need to keep the kids busy today? From cardboard dollhouses to DIY calming jars, we've got the best ideas right here.

Craft Corner - Today's Parent
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Unfortunately, kids and bruises go hand in hand. Here's four easy steps to follow to help heal them quickly.

How to heal your child's bruises - Today's Parent
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Happy #InternationalWaffleDay! This is the wafflecake you NEED in your life today. RECIPE here β€”> [ Link ]
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Clueless about caring for an uncircumcised penis? We answered your most squeamish questions...

Baby foreskin 101: How to deal with your boy's business