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"In the early days of motherhood and marriage, the feelings became harder to ignore. I felt less and less authentic when I was with my mommy friends—like I was lying all the time..."

When mom becomes dad: Life as a transgender parent

"There needs to be an individual approach and understanding for every child." — Carolyn Thorne, a professor of education at the University of Prince Edward Island

Is there a better way to integrate kids with special needs into classrooms? Read our story —> [ Ow.ly Link ]
What's the YUCKIEST thing in the world, according to kids? (Spoiler: )

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Just one of these supplements per day during your third trimester could drastically reduce your child's chance of developing asthma.

Here’s one really easy way to lower your baby’s risk of developing childhood asthma - Today's Parent

It's time to get prancy! Perfect afternoon craft... ????

How to make a unicorn horn headpiece

"A girl should be two things: Who and what she wants!" ✊

Did you take your kids to the #WomensMarch this weekend? We'd love to see your pics! Share them with us in a Facebook message, tweet us @todaysparent or tag us on Instagram @todaysparent. #WhyIMarch

Women's March: 18 inspiring kids and their signs

This is the quickest way to tie your shoes. It's so fast, it's basically MAGIC.
These are the recipes you need to get you through the rest of the winter. Trust us.

10 hearty winter vegetable recipes

Get ready, get set, ORGANIZE! (Bonus: Your kids can totally help out, too.)

Organization: 10 helpful tips to transform your home - Today's Parent

You don't need a fancy pan to make a numbered birthday cake—just our easy guide. —> [ Todaysparent.com Link ]
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It may be #NationalHuggingDay...but what do you do when your kid totally shuns your PDA?

Are your kids embarrassed by your hugs?

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Is your family eating a bit too much of the sweet stuff? Join us on Monday, January 23rd at 1pm EST as we chat with the author of our story "My family quit sugar: How we survived cutting out the sweet stuff", and a nutritionist who will help teach us some effective ways to cut it out. Get your Qs ready!
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My three-year-old will be holding a sign that says, 'Seriously?' —> [ Todaysparent.com Link ] #WomensMarch #WhyIMarch
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Even in the dead of winter, you can bring a little bit of greenery into your home.

How to make a terrarium - Today's Parent