LA PEOPLE! Our friends put together this amazing concert for Oakland - please share, come out and support a great cause. [ Link ]

Get tickets here: [ Link ]
#tbt a big beautiful wall
merch profits from NYC and DC all went to support Planned Parenthood - thank you so much, and keep fighting the good fight ❤❤❤
we are very excited to play at one of our favourite venues in the world tonight - come have a good old time with us on this beautiful beautiful day!
When you play bass but you are actually a wizard

Ready for a MAGICAL evening in buffalo
yes we can, dave. yes we can. guys: bowery ballroom is SOLD OUT and music hall of williamsburg is reeeeaaalllll close, so get your tickets now!!
our brand new beautiful baby vinyl is available TODAY! Melon Collie & The Infinite Radness Parts I and II have completed their long lonely solo journeys and finally found each other. bring them home today!!

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two great tastes that taste great together - mellon collie and the infinite radness parts I and II are together at last for this super beautiful vinyl release. it's out on Friday and we'll have some with us on tour as well! also please note the classic BLACK VINYL which you would not BELIEVE how hard it is to convince people you don't want some zany "special" colour for your record!!

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WE'RE COMING FOR YOU AMERICA (and a very small portion of canada)!!! We're celebrating the 10 year anniversary of A Lesson In Crime and also more generally celebrating that there is still good things in this world and all of us together in a room full of loud rock music is one of those things. TICKETS AT YOUR LOCAL TICKETEER!
“My House” is featured on Dine Alone Records’ Winter Sampler!
FREE download:
It’s simultaneously difficult and weirdly easy to believe that A Lesson In Crime came out ten years ago. time flies, they say, when you’re having fun, and we’ve been having enough fun to make the decade disappear pretty damn quickly. we made this EP fast, and the benefit of working fast is that it forces you to work honest. A Lesson In Crime sounds exactly like we felt in those days: excited,...
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Greg chats with Indie88Toronto about his influences while we were recording A Lesson In Crime ten years ago. Cannot wait to share this special vinyl with you tomorrow!

Tokyo Police Club’s debut EP A Lesson in Crime set for Black Friday vinyl release | Indie88
Watch as Dave explains the historical - and nerdy - backstory to La Ferrassie. Just TWO more days until you can own the exclusive, shiny ALIC vinyl!
Coming up on A Lesson In A Lesson In Crime, Be Good Edition: Graham learns home recording & the band gushes over the original cool guy guitar line. DON’T TURN THAT DIAL!
Also limited edition ALIC vinyl is out on Friday - don’t forget about that
Felt like Monday was the appropriate day to release the “If It Works” episode of A Lesson In A Lesson In Crime. Don’t forget - exclusive silver ALIC vinyl is available this Friday, November 25th!
Since we spent our youths learning guitar chords instead of how to throw the perfect spiral, any chance we get to weasel our way into a major sporting event is a gold opportunity to see how the other half lives. And as independent musicians we feel a certain affinity with University athletes - we may not play on the biggest stages but dammit do we ever love the game.

Join us next Saturday,...
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One week from today you can be the proud owner of super exclusive, limited edition, silver A Lesson In Crime vinyl...In the meantime, A Lesson In A Lesson In Crime: Shoulders & Arms Edition!
A Lesson In Crime is coming out on slick silver vinyl a week from tomorrow…next up in A Lesson In A Lesson In Crime - Citizens of Tomorrow!
We’re reminiscing about one song from A Lesson In Crime every day as we gear up for the super cool extremely silver vinyl release on Nov. 25 - today, it's Nature Of The Experiment’s turn!