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Today we honour those who fought, those who were injured, and remember the many that did not make it home.
Les libéraux prennent l’argent qu’ils avaient promis d’investir et le mettent dans leur Banque de l’infrastructure – cela signifie que les projets devront maintenant répondre aux critères des investisseurs privés plutôt qu’aux besoins des Canadiens.

NPD : les Canadiens paieront la facture du plan de privatisation des libéraux

The Liberals are taking the money they promised to invest and putting it into the infrastructure bank‎ - which means projects will focus on meeting private investors' interests rather than Canadians' needs.

Liberal privatization scheme will leave Canadians paying more

I recently had the honour of attending the premier of "Secret Path", the profoundly moving true story about Chanie Wenjack, a child who runs away from a residential school, and tries to walk over 600 kilometres back home.

As Gord Downie said, "his story is Canada's story." Understanding this dark part of Canada's history - the tragedy of residential schools - will help us on the road to...
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Secret Path

As members of the Jewish faith across Canada and around the world gather to observe Yom Kippur, Catherine and I, along with the entire NDP team, extend our best wishes for an easy fast.

NDP statement on Yom Kippur

There is really no excuse to block an attempt to have Parliament denounce Islamophobia in all its forms. We must actively fight hate perpetrated against the Muslim community. Just as we must stand against hate perpetrated against any group of people on the basis of their religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Il n’y a vraiment aucune excuse à avoir bloqué une...
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Mulcair says Conservative MPs refused unanimous consent on hatred motion

At the beginning of the Jewish High Holidays, I would like to offer my best wishes to everyone gathered this weekend to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Shanah Tovah!

NDP statement on Rosh Hashanah

Alors que commencent les grandes fêtes juives, j’aimerais offrir mes meilleurs vœux à tous ceux et celles qui se réuniront en fin de semaine pour célébrer Roch Hachana, le Nouvel An juif. Shanah Tovah.

Déclaration du NPD à l’occasion de Roch Hachana

Today, we celebrate and recognize the important contributions Acadians have made to Canada.

Statement by NDP leader Tom Mulcair on National Acadian Day

Minister Dion has refused to respond to these troubling allegations. This is now on the Prime Minister to explain.
Le ministre Stéphane Dion a refusé de se prononcer sur ces allégations troublantes. Il appartient au premier ministre maintenant de nous donner des explications.

Canadian officials still blocking police from helping her kids abducted to Iran, Alison Azer says

Instead of taking the opportunity to engage opposition parties and build a consensus around a full approach to dealing with Russia, the Prime Minister chose to go it alone without consulting Parliament. This decision goes against what he called for only a short time ago and it goes against the principles of transparency and openness he so recently espoused.

Military-only response to Russia is dangerous: Mulcair | Toronto Star

Former Halifax MP Megan Leslie is satisfied a motion she brought before the House of Commons in 2015 succeeded — microbeads used in cosmetics are banned in Canada.

'These beads are done': Microbead ban makes former Halifax MP happy

National Aboriginal Day is an opportunity to celebrate the rich history, accomplishments and diversity of Indigenous peoples in Canada. The indigenous communities across this vast land are a vital part of Canada's past, present and future - and we wish them continued success.

#EveryChildMatters In 1973, when Phyllis Webstad was just six years old, she was taken from her home and sent to the St. Joseph Mission residential school. On her first day of school her clothes were taken from her, including a brand new orange shirt her grandmother had given her.

Orange Shirt Day honours Phyllis and all of the Indigenous children who had so much taken from them by the...
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On behalf of New Democrats, I would like to extend my best wishes to all Muslims in Canada celebrating Eid al-Fitr to mark the end of the holy month Ramadan.

Today, Muslims will unite in a renewal of faith, gratitude, and optimism for the future. We are a stronger, more accepting and a more inclusive society because of the generosity, commitment and compassion of the Muslim community.
Liberals broke their promise to restore home mail delivery, Conservatives send email showing their cynical hypocrisy. Canadians deserve better and they deserve home mail delivery.

Les libéraux ont rompu leur promesse de rétablir la livraison du courrier à domicile. Les conservateurs ont envoyé un courriel dans lequel ils révèlent leur propre hypocrisie. Les Canadiens méritent mieux. Ils...
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Au nom de tous les néo-démocrates, je tiens à transmettre mes meilleurs vœux à tous les musulmans du Canada qui soulignent la fin du mois sacré du ramadan en célébrant l’Eid al-Fitr.

Aujourd’hui, les musulmans s’uniront dans le renouvellement de leur foi, de leur gratitude et de leur optimisme pour l’avenir. Nous sommes une société plus forte et plus inclusive en raison de la générosité, de...
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On behalf of all New Democrats, I wish you and your family a fun and memorable Canada Day.