Tom Mulcair
03/25/2017 at 14:03. Facebook
The Liberal budget contains nothing on a number of key areas, and backloads the funding for so many others, delaying spending until AFTER the next election. This will leave Canadians waiting a long time to see even the things promised by this budget – if ever.

Who is left behind by budget 2017?
Tom Mulcair
03/23/2017 at 20:46. Facebook
The government missed the opportunity in Budget 2017 to build an economy that lifts everyone up—and people had something to say about it.

What they’re saying about Budget 2017
Tom Mulcair
03/23/2017 at 14:10. Facebook
“Just like the recent words of the Finance Minister, this budget tells Canadians to get used to part-time, low-paid precarious work.” - Alexandre Boulerice NPD Rosemont - La Petite-Patrie

Liberals have chosen tax breaks for wealthy CEOs instead of those who need it
Tom Mulcair
03/23/2017 at 00:29. Facebook
There is no place in Canada for hatred or discrimination of any kind. New Democrats will continue to stand up to the forces of hatred, bigotry and those who peddle the politics of fear and division.

NDP Statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
"Today we recognize all those individuals and organizations that contribute to maintaining a vibrant French culture around the world." - Robert Aubin - Député NPD pour Trois-Rivières

NDP statement on International day of la Francophonie
« Aujourd’hui, nous rendons hommage à l’ensemble des individus et des organismes qui contribuent à maintenir notre francophonie vibrante. » - Robert Aubin - Député NPD pour Trois-Rivières

Déclaration du NPD à l’occasion de la Journée internationale de la Francophonie
Today, we join all Canadians celebrating Nowruz, the welcoming of spring and the New Year in the Persian calendar.

NDP statement on the occasion of Nowruz
We have lost a truly great member of the NDP family and an unflinching advocate for women’s equality.

NDP statement on the loss of Margaret Mitchell
New Democrats are fighting for gender equality every day. We can’t stop, and we won’t stop.

International Women's Day 2017: It's time for action
So far the government has done nothing but protect KPMG and all those who benefited from this scheme. The Liberal government must conduct a thorough investigation into this scheme and commit to ending these secret, penalty-free amnesty deals for tax evaders.

The NDP is calling for action and forcing a vote on this issue this week:
[ Link ]

KPMG and Tax Havens for the Rich : The Untouchables - Episodes - the fifth estate
The events of the last couple days are deeply troubling. We must confront the increase of Islamophobia these events represent. We must confront thinly veiled language aimed at spreading fear and intolerance. We must call out proposals and policies that target one group or members of any one religion, even if they occur beyond our borders.

NDP Statement on recent events targeting the Muslim community
"The opportunity to shape the course of our generation’s future should not be limited to a few hand-picked individuals, but should be open to all. Through widespread participation and engagement, we truly believe that we can achieve meaningful change for young Canadians." - New Democratic Youth of Canada // Jeunes néo-démocrates du Canada

NDP youth call for transparency from Trudeau’s youth council
Canada should work for everyone—not just for those at the top.

End tax giveaways to CEOs and corporations
New Democrats are fighting to ensure CEOs & big corporations pay their fair share so we can invest in the things that matter most to you.

Canada’s top CEOs earn 193 times the average person’s salary
N’en déplaise aux faits alternatifs allégués par M. Trudeau, nous sommes convaincus que le fait de conserver le système actuel est l’option la plus dangereuse :

Les « faits alternatifs » de Justin Trudeau sur la réforme électorale
Contrary to Trudeau’s alternative facts, keeping our current system is the most dangerous prospect:

Trudeau’s alternative facts on democratic reform
“His response shows us just how out of touch he is with indigenous people and the challenges they face in this country.” - Romeo Saganash

NDP MP mocks Trudeau’s comments on ‘paddle sheds’ in open satirical letter
« On a fait le tour de certaines communautés, on a entendu des experts, des jeunes aussi, explique-t-il. Jamais, une seule fois que cette question-là a été soulevée, que les jeunes avaient besoin d’espace pour remiser leurs canots et leurs pagaies. » - Romeo Saganash

Romeo Saganash se moque de Justin Trudeau
“Millions of Canadians are counting on us to ensure their votes and voices are heard.” — Nathan Cullen

Let's not give in to cynicism—it’s more important than ever to keep fighting for a fair voting system