"The opportunity to shape the course of our generation’s future should not be limited to a few hand-picked individuals, but should be open to all. Through widespread participation and engagement, we truly believe that we can achieve meaningful change for young Canadians." - New Democratic Youth of Canada // Jeunes néo-démocrates du Canada

NDP youth call for transparency from Trudeau’s youth council

Canada should work for everyone—not just for those at the top.

End tax giveaways to CEOs and corporations

New Democrats are fighting to ensure CEOs & big corporations pay their fair share so we can invest in the things that matter most to you.

Canada’s top CEOs earn 193 times the average person’s salary

N’en déplaise aux faits alternatifs allégués par M. Trudeau, nous sommes convaincus que le fait de conserver le système actuel est l’option la plus dangereuse :

Les « faits alternatifs » de Justin Trudeau sur la réforme électorale

Contrary to Trudeau’s alternative facts, keeping our current system is the most dangerous prospect:

Trudeau’s alternative facts on democratic reform

“His response shows us just how out of touch he is with indigenous people and the challenges they face in this country.” - Romeo Saganash

NDP MP mocks Trudeau’s comments on ‘paddle sheds’ in open satirical letter

« On a fait le tour de certaines communautés, on a entendu des experts, des jeunes aussi, explique-t-il. Jamais, une seule fois que cette question-là a été soulevée, que les jeunes avaient besoin d’espace pour remiser leurs canots et leurs pagaies. » - Romeo Saganash

Romeo Saganash se moque de Justin Trudeau

“Millions of Canadians are counting on us to ensure their votes and voices are heard.” — Nathan Cullen

Let's not give in to cynicism—it’s more important than ever to keep fighting for a fair voting system

"Canadians cherish their role as global citizens and defenders of human rights and as their elected representatives it is our duty to respond to these extraordinary events." - Jenny Kwan

NDP calls for Emergency Debate to address Trump immigration ban

Keeping them honest in 2016 // L'année 2016 en question
Always great to spend time with Mark Critch but never thought I would be roasting hot dogs off the centennial flame.
Il est de notre devoir envers les générations futures d’exiger des résultats tangibles dès aujourd’hui.

Libéraux et climat : lueur ou leurre ? - La Presse+

So proud of our youth wing for standing up for young Canadians everywhere.

Young New Democrats to PM: fire the youth minister

Je suis fier de notre aile jeunesse qui défend les intérêts de tous les jeunes Canadiens.

Les jeunes néo-démocrates demandent au Premier ministre de renvoyer son ministre de la jeunesse

Today we honour those who fought, those who were injured, and remember the many that did not make it home.
Les libéraux prennent l’argent qu’ils avaient promis d’investir et le mettent dans leur Banque de l’infrastructure – cela signifie que les projets devront maintenant répondre aux critères des investisseurs privés plutôt qu’aux besoins des Canadiens.

NPD : les Canadiens paieront la facture du plan de privatisation des libéraux

The Liberals are taking the money they promised to invest and putting it into the infrastructure bank‎ - which means projects will focus on meeting private investors' interests rather than Canadians' needs.

Liberal privatization scheme will leave Canadians paying more

I recently had the honour of attending the premier of "Secret Path", the profoundly moving true story about Chanie Wenjack, a child who runs away from a residential school, and tries to walk over 600 kilometres back home.

As Gord Downie said, "his story is Canada's story." Understanding this dark part of Canada's history - the tragedy of residential schools - will help us on the road to...
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Secret Path

As members of the Jewish faith across Canada and around the world gather to observe Yom Kippur, Catherine and I, along with the entire NDP team, extend our best wishes for an easy fast.

NDP statement on Yom Kippur

There is really no excuse to block an attempt to have Parliament denounce Islamophobia in all its forms. We must actively fight hate perpetrated against the Muslim community. Just as we must stand against hate perpetrated against any group of people on the basis of their religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Il n’y a vraiment aucune excuse à avoir bloqué une...
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Mulcair says Conservative MPs refused unanimous consent on hatred motion