Tomi Lahren
Tomi Lahren
06/22/2017 at 22:39. Facebook
And despite almost daily anonymous leaks, Dem obsession, an "independent" investigation, and a whole lot of BS..still no evidence of a Trump-Russia thing!!
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Dear angry feminists, celebrating dad doesn't take a dang thing away from mothers or single mothers! Hello! #TeamTomi
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Joining One THOUSAND young ladies for Turning Point USA's Young Women's Leadership Summit
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So you turned your gay pride parade into a #ResistMarch huh? I have some Final Thoughts. #TeamTomi
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My good friend John Burk stars in the upcoming season of Fox's American Grit hosted by John Cena. Join us at The Rustic in Dallas tomorrow night for our watch party and meet and greet! See you there!
My good friend John Burk stars in the upcoming season of Foxs

American Grit Watch Party

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James Comey, Democrats, Leftist Mainstream Media, you've been Trumped. My Final Thoughts on the #ComeyHearing #TeamTomi
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Somehow I don't think Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a day when black kids asked white kids not to come to class...#TeamTomi #EvergreenCollege
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The only way we can end this chaos on college campuses is to stand up against it. They want us to act like them. They're going to be disappointed. We will use our First Amendment rights to challenge their inexcusable behavior, but we will do it the Right way. #TeamTomi #GreatAmerica
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Set your DVR! I will be on with Tucker Carlson tonight on Fox News Channel at 8pmET. Let's unload on the BS going on at Evergreen College. The Alt Left continues to spit on free speech and enough is enough. I will also tell you why I joined Great America Alliance. While the Left resists, let's persist! #TeamTomi #GreatAmerica
Set your DVR I will be on with Tucker Carlson tonight on

Tomi Lahren on Tucker Carlson Tonight

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It's time to make Las Vegas Great Again for business! I'm bringing my message of limited government, free markets, innovation, and Capitalism to Las Vegas! As a proud UNLV Runnin' Rebel, I can't wait to get back to my college town and spend the evening with you!
Its time to make Las Vegas Great Again for business Im bringing

Las Vegas Real Chamber of Commerce Gala Night

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Hello Facebook, Tomi here for a friendly reminder! This is how the self-righteous, climate change fighting "environmentalists" treat their Earth Mother. Exhibit A: the site of the DAPL protest in North Dakota. Crews of hardworking North Dakotans hauled off 48 MILLION pounds of garbage and debris. So next time one of this private jet flying Hollywood Liberals, or tree hugging Earth whisperers,...
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Hello Facebook Tomi here for a friendly reminder This is how the
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Looks like the Left's Trump derangement syndrome has reached ISIS propaganda level and that's sick. Oh Kathy Griffin I have some Final Thoughts. #TeamTomi
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The Paris Agreement: Barely fighting climate change, killing jobs, increasing utility bills all to make the Left feel they've done something! #TeamTomi #ClimateChange
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It's melting season Snowflakes! I'm coming to Spokane and bringing some Pro-America spirit with me! See you then! #TeamTomi
Its melting season Snowflakes Im coming to Spokane and bringing some ProAmerica

2017 Lincoln Day Dinner & Fundraiser with Tomi Lahren

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This flag was flown aboard the C-130 that dropped the MOAB that killed over 95 ISIS soldiers. It's been carried through the Senate, House of Representatives, Vietnam, Washington, Lincoln, WW2, and Korea Memorials, and unfolded at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Do you want to own this piece of American history? You're in luck, my good friend John Burk is holding a raffle for this badass...
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This flag was flown aboard the C130 that dropped the MOAB that
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Another terror attack. Another avoidance and outright refusal to name the enemy. Wake up. #TeamTomi #Manchester
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So Donald J. Trump went to Saudi Arabia and the Left's derangement syndrome kicked it. Shocker! #TeamTomi
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The Leftists are treating the Comey memo the way they accused us of treating the Benghazi Terror Attack but just a this one died. #TeamTomi
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Dear Chelsea Bradley Manning, the U.S. Military is NOT a social experiment. We have veterans dying on VA waiting lists but traitors like Chelsea Bradley Manning taking advantage of military benefits and hormone treatments?! #TeamTomi
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John King