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The threat isn’t always obvious. Understanding “civilization jihad” with Senior Fellow at National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), Dr. David Grantham and Founder of Understanding the Threat, John Guandolo.
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The swamp rats and big meat packers won't do it, but the American family can. #DemandUSABeef #LabelOurBeef #COOLin100
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It’s not just public school bathrooms returning to normal…
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The mainstream media won’t showcase this. They are too busy feeling sorry for themselves and trying to torpedo President Donald J. Trump.
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Joy Villa melted Hollywood at The Grammys and now she's live with me.
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Actually, it is YOUR President’s Day. Thanks, though!
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The Snowflake Awards are approaching but there's still time to vote for your favorite Flakie! What better day to do it than "It is your President's Day?!" If you'd like to give the gift of participation visit: [ Link ] #TeamTomi #SnowflakeAwards #TheFlakies
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You know I give it to you straight and SuperBeets actually work. I'm impressed and you know I don't throw that word around! #Ad [ Link ]
This is why Joy Villa's dress isn’t the same freaking thing as the rest of the political tomfoolery.
If today is a day without ILLEGAL immigrants, I’m not complaining…
The Democrats are frothing at the mouth over this one…
Blue Lives Matter Spokesman Randy Sutton sits down with me to discuss everything from LEOs to President Trump.
One woman’s story of tolerance and cultural sensitivity the Left could learn from.
"These people are threatening to murder me so they can continue to murder children, which is very telling.”
After 8 years in Obama’s lap, nice to see the press suddenly so “ethical.”