Colonel Mark A. Smith breaks down the strangle hold of the military industrial complex.
Purple Heart recipient and Retired US Army Sergeant Brian Moore shares his shocking VA story. #PurpleHeartsAndWoundedSpirits
If you’re going to make Linda Sarsour the face of your feminist movement, understand the threat.
Get ready to enjoy The View tomorrow morning (Friday March 17th) at 10amCT! Set the DVR because I'm ready to do this thing! #TeamTomi
We learned these bitter “journalists” will resort to illegal tax document leaks all to prove President Trump is…rich and paid his taxes. #THANKYOUMADDOW
I know you think harassing Sean Spicer at the Apple Store is a social justice moment but it’s actually a jackass moment. My Final Thoughts.
Have you heard about the Boot Campaign? It’s a non-partisan, military charity with a mission to awaken patriots across America in the fight to heal the invisible wounds of combat. With so many veterans suffering, it's time we all put our differences aside and focus on those who put their lives on the line to keep us free. To learn more about Boot Campaign, go to To join me in Tyler, TX, go to...
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According to a new documentary, unseen surveillance footage may show Michael Brown wasn’t a robber, just a drug dealer…
Did you miss The Snowflake Awards? Well we're back with an extended edition for all the flakes out there who couldn't take the heat on debut night! The extended cut also features a few bloopers because, unlike Snowflakes, Doc Thompson and I can laugh at ourselves! The Snowflake Awards was established to honor notable hypersensitive citizens, those who, when subjected to the slightest pressures...
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What are the “Big Four” meat packers afraid of? True competition from the American rancher.
Did you miss the inaugural Snowflake Awards?! We are taking a page out of the loving Left's playbook to ensure ALL of you are able to watch us mock The Oscars. The Snowflake Awards Extended Edition will stream right here on my Facebook page this Sunday, March 12th at 6pmET! Brought to you by our friends at American Pride Roasters. Until then, enjoy some highlights! Doc Thompson and I caution...
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In “Trump’s America” we don’t glorify lawbreaking and illegal immigration. Sorry, not sorry.
The Mexican government should spend more time, money and energy on improving it’s own country rather than spending time, money and energy trying to get and keep illegals in ours.
Young ladies, you don’t have to demand free things from taxpayers to be “real women.”
Kaepernick will now stand for the national anthem. Sudden change of heart? I have some final thoughts…
The mainstream media won’t do its job here. All they are interested in is degrading and delegitimizing anyone and everyone willing to speak up.
The mainstream media expects us to believe FISA requests and wiretaps are conspiracy theories when they've been feeding us conspiracy theories since Nov 8th?
Jason Buttrill went undercover to help Operation Underground Railroad bust Thailand's child trafficking ring. His story is shocking.
They told him to be less "Texas" and he told them he's Number 1.