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Gotta love Bobby! He was always one of my favorites...

Mark Boone Junior – Detective Turned Biker (MUST SEE)

You won't believe this time-lapse of Tig!

#TigTrager #Charcoal #Portrait

Incredible Time-lapse Of Huge Charcoal Portrait Drawing Of Tig Trager (Kim Coates)

What was your favorite Jax quote? Flip through these good ones and let us know!

Jax Teller’s 10 Best Lines on Sons of Anarchy (MUST SEE)

Hell Yeah! Marcus Alvarez and Clay Morrow are back together again!

Emilio Rivera Joins Ron Perlman in Season 2 of Amazon’s ‘Hand Of God’

Are you excited that #DreaDeMatteo (AKA #WendyCase) will be at #SPCC [ Bit.ly Link ] #SOA #SonsOfAnarchy
Do you remember the episode this Dropkick Murphys song was on?

Songs of Anarchy: Dropkick Murphys Music Video (WATCH)

It's so weird-cool to see #TheWalkingDead playing with #SonsOfAnarchy music!


[ Bit.ly Link ]
Some eye candy for all of you Tommy AKA "Chibs" fans...

Killer Black and White Photos of Tommy Flanagan

Just when we thought #CharlieHunnam couldn't get sexier, someone goes and puts a #GreenArrow costume on him! ☺

#JaxTeller #DCComics #SonsOfAnarchy

What SOA’s Charlie Hunnam Could Look Like As DC Comics’s Green Arrow

You'll be blown away by these photos of Lyla... number 8 is HOT!

Ladies of Anarchy: Lyla Dvorak-Winston Photo Gallery (MUST SEE)

"And I'm already gone I left a pool of blood and sorrow I've got the machine gun blues" - Machine Gun Blues by Social Distortion

#SonsOfAnarchy #SOA #Season4

Music Of Anarchy: “Machine Gun Blues” By Social Distortion (+Lyrics!)

Could hymns really have saved #GemmaTellerMorrow?

#SuitsOfWoe #SOA #Music

Music Of Anarchy: “Blessed Assurance” By The Forest Rangers (+Lyrics)

Mmmmhmmm we love #JaxTeller's face in this scene!

#SAMCRO #clubhouse #explosion

Music of Anarchy: “I Had Me A Girl” by The Civil Wars

Heartbreaking! An amazing fan tribute to Opie...

The Life and Death of Opie Winston (WATCH)

What the cast of Sons of Anarchy looks like outside of Charming...

PHOTOS: What The Cast of Sons of Anarchy Looks Like Outside of Charming