The perfect canvas for a classic denim look; our ladies stepping out in #TomyStyle, making waves with their effortless fashion sense and beauty.
Girls just want to have fun! Here’s another snap behind the scenes of the Tomy Freestyle photoshoot. Pout game is on fleek there ladies!
Tis the season to be jolly! Fill your Xmas stocking with your Original Tomy Takkies at your nearest Foschini. What are you hoping to find in your stocking this year?
When the travel bug bites, come hell or high water you are stepping out in #TomyStyle. Just like @ceecestravel via Instagram, who shared her amazing pic. Tag and share pics with us of you and your Tomy Takkies.
“Fashion is life and just like life, you must always express your feelings freely.” - Adama Amanda Ndiaye (Senegalese fashion designer)
Variety is the spice of life and each shoe, is individually selected and crafted with a wide selection for each style. How many styles of Tomy Takkies do you have?
Monochromatically magical! Stay stylish in your Tomy Takkies Lace Up Originals. Ebony or ivory - what’s your flavour?
#TomyFreestyle is the freedom of expressing yourself through fashion, lifestyle, art and culture.
#TomyFreestyle is about finding YOUR own #TomyStyle and sharing it with the world. What makes your #TomyStyle?
Summer is coming and being out and about is the way to go. Just like @_cayleigh.berry_ on Instagram, enjoying the outdoors in her Tomy Takkies.
Journey with us through Tomy Takkies’ heritage, from humble beginnings to #TomyStyle. Let’s take a walk down memory lane.
Suave, confident and ever so cool; let’s hear it for Sello our #TomyFreestyle winner! What gives you your stylish confidence?
Location. Location. Location. Maboneng Precinct was the ideal location for expressing our #TomyStyle with our #Freestyle winners.
The best accessory to every and any outfit. Make your wardrobe happy and head to your nearest Foschini today. Get a closer look at our OG, here:
Happy Monday!! Check out the story behind the story of Tomy Takkies Heritage here [ Link ]

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The warmer the season, the brighter the colours. Check out @sivexelo via Instagram, who shows us some colourful traditional prints. We love seeing your personal take on #TomyStyle.
He may have been behind the camera, but that didn’t stop Anthony Bila from representing his #TomyStyle. Here’s a glimpse of him behind the scenes with our #TomyFreestyle winners.
These boots are made for walking, keep strutting all the way to your nearest Bata and walk out with your original Tomy Takkies Zara boots.
The original that has been with you since 1964. We’re a part of your journey, wherever you go.