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Well, if anything, it explains how he's taken over the world (of music) so well.
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One Radiohead fan has crunched the numbers to find the one track that definitely won't leave your eyes high and dry.

Science has determined the saddest Radiohead song ever
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The haters can take a good step back now, John Farnham has stepped in with his two cents on BEC SANDRIDGE's cover of 'You're The Voice'.

Bec Sanndridge has Farnsey on her side following awful online comments
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Under the guidance of Harts, Australia's Two Sense have seen musos from three different states come together, without ever having met face to face, to make some absolutely gorgeous music. [ Link ]
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Foo Fighters made their live return in the UK after announcing they'll be playing Glastonbury Festival (official)

Foo Fighters break hiatus with surprise UK concert
Boutique music festivals are popping up everywhere now, but they could be going about things the wrong way.

Are our boutique music festivals getting it all wrong?
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Hilltop Hoods collaborator Brother Ali speaks out: "That’s not freedom, that’s nationalism – that’s racism and bigotry."

Hip hop activist Brother Ali weighs in on Australia's political bigots
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How is Brother Ali not one of the biggest rappers in the world?

Australia tour starts Monday.
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Alex Lahey is heading out on tour!
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Which day??
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It was a different time...
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Don't know if free money is your thing, buuut...

Need $15,000 to record your next musical masterpiece?
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For hip hop icons Atmosphere, comic book heroes were leaving their mark well before Robert Downey Jr. was making them cool again.

How comic books spawned one of hip hop's underground pioneers
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On this day 54 years ago, these young lads started a Sunday night residency. They were paid £24 for the gig - pretty good money for a young band, considering it's about $640 in Australian dollars when accounting for inflation. Oh, and only 66 people showed up.
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The Rolling Stones Keith Richards, The Who's Pete Townshend, R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe and more have all been roped in.

Rock legends dragged into a messy legal battle over decades-old recordings
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25 years ago today, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love got married - with Dave Grohl as one of only eight guests. Check out more of their wedding pics here >> [ Link ]
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"There's just something that much more fucked up about going out of your way to be like, 'We're taking that protection away from you.'"

Laura Jane Grace speaks out against Trump's recent transgender action
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Some great, unseen footage of the late legend Leonard Cohen.

Watch this touching new Leonard Cohen video for 'Traveling Light'
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If you go down to the woods today (smuggling drugs or booze) you're sure of a big surprise.

Police warn of sniffer dogs, undercover cops and more at Secret Garden this weekend