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The documents also allege that Kendrick Lamar's new LP will feature contributions from André 3000, Thundercat, Q-Tip, and Kanye West.

Leaked documents reportedly confirm tracks on new Kendrick Lamar album
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With Drake's newest project being released this week, might we soon see an end to Ed Sheeran's ARIA charts dominance?

Ed Sheeran still top of the charts, but could Drake steal his crown?
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We're on the ground at the Northlane pop up shop in Sydney!
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Years after its release, this Will Smith & The Smiths parody shirt remains the perfect gift for the ironic hipster in your life.
David Bowie & Axl Rose, just hanging out in the late 80's.
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Fame is a fickle thing, in fact, artists like Robin Thicke, Milli Vanilli, and Billy Squier can tell you about just how quickly the public can turn on you.

11 musicians that killed their careers in a matter of seconds
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This week marks 20 years since Radiohead finished recording their landmark album 'OK Computer'. In case you were wondering how much the world has changed since then, here's one of Radiohead's 'cutting edge' promotional items from back then; a screensaver on a floppy disk.
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Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit has decided to give away the new album for free if you join him on Twitter.

Passion Pit's new album is free if you tweet in support of mental health
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Ezra Koenig has taken to Instagram to tell us the that the production of Vampire Weekend's 'Mitsubishi Macchiato' is well underway.

Looks like Vampire Weekend have a new record in the works
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Sure, Marilyn Manson fans haven't been waiting even half as long as Tool fans, but still, when is the album dropping?

Is Marilyn Manson's tenth album, 'Say10' finally on its way?
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Gorillaz were also joined by the likes of Noel Gallagher and Savages' Jenny Beth for their first performance in five years.

Gorillaz just performed their new album in full with a secret show in London
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She's finally back.
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Tool have been one of the big holdouts against the online world, but we might just be streaming their new record this year.

Looks like Tool's music might finally make it to streaming services for the first time
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Ed Sheeran has avoided a Blurred Lines-type lawsuit by doing some quiet songwriting credit adjustments.

Ed Sheeran admits 'Shape Of You' is stolen from 'No Scrubs' - The Industry Observer
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Hope your week was nothing like this.
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Double J presenter Myf Warhurst will be teaming up with comedian Joel Creasey as they fill the big shoes of beloved commentary duo Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang.

Myf Warhurst has snagged the honour of being our new Eurovision host this year
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