Toni Braxton
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Braxton family values tonight!
Up to something w/ Towanda
#UnbreakMyHeart 1 year ago ❀ did you catch it on lifetime!? Tell me your favorite parts below!
1 year ago today!
#TheToniBraxtonMovie ❀
The entire cast of Braxton Family Values joins TD JakesTODAY on his show to thank him for all the personal guidance and help he has given our entire family. I get to tell the world how I feel about T.D. Jakes in this moving clip! See all the fun TODAY on T.D. Jakes Show!!!
It's that time of year! Holiday, Celebrate

Holiday Celebrate
celebrating Bar Chix one year anniversary!! Congrats Trina! #BaChix
Smoking is known to be awful for your health, and most people are aware of the diseases that are linked to being a smoker. These include hypertension, stroke, heart disease, chronic bronchitis, and even more serious cancers and emphysema.

If You Or Anyone You Know Is A Smoker, This Simple Mixture Can Be A Life Saver
Everyone has experienced their car windows getting foggy. It can be time consuming and slightly frustrating getting your windows to defog. In this YouTube video by DaveHax, he shows you the strange object you can use to defog your windows.

He Filled A Pair Of Socks With Cat Litter And Solved A Problem Everyone Has