Joe Hockey infamously labelled us all as โ€œlifters or leanersโ€, he just mixed the labels up.

The conservative government has decided it is the poor who will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to budget repair and paying for their obscene defence spending and tax cuts to the wealthy.

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Riding on the backs of the poor - The AIM Network
So confirmation that the Libs will do ANYTHING to win. So much for not ever doing deals. Liars.

Malcolm Turnbull says WA deal doesn't mean Liberal party supports One Nation
How out of touch is this arsehole Brandis?
"Just call Centrelink"
He can fuck directly off.
How about cutting pollie perks, subsidies to banks and mining giants? How about taxing religious organizations and transnational companies? Simple solutions and no cuts to those in need.

The government's attacks on the vulnerable and needy are cruel
FFS what about our pensioners? What about childcare? Why do they keep throwing money at big business?

Turnbull quashes calls to exempt big banks from $50 billion tax cut
Hanson is a fraud. If you voted for her then you voted for the Coalition.

OPINION: Pauline Hanson, the fraud emerges
Ha. Howard never was a man of integrity. They'll do ANYTHING to win.

John Howard backs Liberal preference deal with One Nation in WA
Christensen is full of shit. He doesn't have the balls to resign.

Controversial Christensen reportedly contemplating resignation
Malcolm Turnbull has come a long way since he said the consequences of unchecked global warming would be catastrophic.

Today he leads a government that has cut $500 million from funding for clean energy, gutted the CSIRO, and continues to erroneously blame South Australiaโ€™s use of renewable energy for power failures.

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What's good for the goose - The AIM Network
Turnbull the sell out
He just looked like a hypocritical bully
When a man as spineless as Turnbull has to negotiate with someone as cut-throat as Trump, Australians should be very worried.

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Trumble trembles and we should be worried - The AIM Network