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Tony Blair
11/29/2016 at 15:43. Facebook
There is a big challenge for Europe in the near future, but the key is for the centre ground – the centre left and centre right – to become the place of change-making. This is an era where people want change and the centre has to be the place where we deal with these issues of security, immigration, the feeling of people being left behind by the process of globalisation. If we don’t provide...
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Open v closed is a really important debate today, because in a curious way the populism of the left and the populism of the right – at a certain point they meet each other. They tend to be isolationist. OK, the left is more anti-business, the right is more anti-immigrant, but they tend to be protectionist and they have an attitude to the process of globalisation that says this is a policy that...
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Tony Blair’s unfinished business

Extremism is a problem that’s global, that’s generational and will take a concerted set of alliances to sort out. This is why I am honoured to co-chair the CSIS | Center for Strategic & International Studies Commission on Countering Violent Extremism with Leon Panetta and to launch a new comprehensive strategy to address this. Throughout both of our careers, we have personally witnessed the...
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Global Terrorist Attacks 2012 - 2015

Not since I became politically active four decades ago, has clarity of thinking been in such urgent demand or such short supply. Britain hurtles towards a triggering of Article 50, meaning that, next March, we enter a time-limited negotiation to go out of the EU, yielding up a significant part of our freedom of manoeuvre to a process governed by the necessity of a Europe wide agreement.

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Tony Blair’s rallying call for the 48%: His treatise on combatting Brexit

We need a new global alliance, within Islam and outside of it, to lead this movement against extremism. Because if we can understand, discredit and disrupt their ideology, then we can undermine the very foundations on which this global movement is built.

A new global poll out this week from the CSIS | Center for Strategic & International Studies has shown the vast majority of people around...
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Tony Blair: World must act on Islamist extremism

As The Tony Blair Faith Foundation's Faiths Acts comes to an end after 5 years, I would like to thank all the people who have worked on this remarkable, pioneering programme, which helped fight malaria in Sierra Leone. It spread life-saving messages to more than a third of the population and prevented further cases of a disease that still kills far too many people each year.
Shimon had an inexhaustible capacity to absorb and analyse the world’s changes. Technology didn't frighten him. It thrilled him. He saw immediately all its possibilities and was confident they could be harnessed for good.

You could talk to him about peace – his frustrations and hopes. But you could talk to him about anything – American politics, China, Russia, Europe, religion, financial...
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Shimon Peres pursued peace for the sake of Israel's values, and for Palestinians' human dignity - Israel News

I am more sad than words can express. This is a man who was a political giant, a statesman who will rank as one of the foremost of this era or any era, and someone I loved deeply.

He was an inspiration, a mentor and a friend. His intellect, his way with words that was eloquent beyond description, his command of the world and how it was changing were extraordinary. Though he grew older his...
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If you look around the world today, millions of young people are being educated to a closed-minded view of the world. For example, if you take northern Nigeria, there are young people being educated in religious schools of a very particular ideological persuasion. And if this happens, you’re going to end up with a problem over time, in particular when it combines with areas which are very poor...
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Democracy is not just about the form of your government, it’s about content, information and debate. It’s about how you create a conversation among the public in which people are hearing the other person’s point of view. This is much more difficult today.

Britain has of course voted to leave the EU, but my view is we should keep an open mind. We should see how these guys get on. Let’s see...
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On visits to West Africa I saw first-hand the devastation the Ebola crisis had in the region and I was incredibly proud of the work my teams work to help fight the disease. But going back to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea last week for this first time since the end of the outbreak, it was encouraging to see how all the countries are recovering. In each, the government is picking up where...
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It was great to talk to Glenn Thrush about the political challenges of globalisation, how the centre needs to regain its muscularity and why the single most important political distinction today is that of open-minded vs. close-minded.

You can listen to it here: [ Apple.com Link ]

Or read a full transcript here: [ Politico.com Link ]

Full transcript: Tony Blair

The London Olympics changed the atmosphere of the nation. It was exciting, uplifting, inspiring, and it’s affected everything: from how we feel about ourselves to how we treat each other. We recovered our innate optimism and showed our creativity.

London 2017 is biggest global sporting event next year, and will again be a time where the nation demonstrates the spirit that made 2012 so...
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“A War of Keywords”: new research from my Centre on Religion & Geopolitics and Digitalis Reputation has been published today.

The emergence of ISIS and its use of the internet for recruitment and propaganda has been a stark reminder of how the web can be a platform for dangerous ideas. Time and again, we have seen how radical thinking online has violently manifested itself in the online...
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A War of Keywords

The Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative arose out of my time as British Prime Minister, when I found that the hardest thing about governing is actually getting something done.

I realised over time that the most important thing is to build the ability to deliver for the people - and having led G8 nations at Gleneagles in 2005 in pledging to double aid to Africa and providing debt relief,...
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It’s an honour to be attending the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s gala this evening. I recently witnessed the extraordinary, life-changing work they do at one of their health care mission’s in Nairobi.

While there I saw the most amazing thing happen: the ability to give someone hearing. This is just a liberation for the people involved; it helps change their lives. I don’t think it gets much...
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The Arab Peace Initiative has been on the table since 2002. But it presents an opportunity today as moderate Arab states and Israelis face the same threats: of Iranian-sponsored extremism on the one hand, and Muslim Brotherhood through to ISIS Sunni extremism on the other. They share a genuine, common, strategic interest – and if we work quickly and seize this opportunity for change, we could...
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There are lessons that we should learn from this and I accept full responsibility, without exception or excuse. Going forward there are also some very big questions for the political leadership, but also the armed forces as to: what is our role in the world? What commitments are we prepared to make? What are the right circumstances in which we make them? Who are going to be our allies in doing...
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EXCLUSIVE: Tony Blair Talks Iraq

Certain things surely are agreed by both sides. This was the most important decision taken by the UK in many decades. The result was clear but close. The country is now deeply divided, regionally, generationally and attitudinally.

The question is how to unite; how to protect and advance the UK’s national interest; and specifically what is the right future relationship with Europe.

This will...
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Brexit talks will be stunningly complex. Who will provide the statesmanship we need?

It’s the most important decision my country has taken since the Second World War. It ends four decades of membership of the European Union, if it is proceeded with in the way envisaged at the moment.

It is a decision that is very indicative of the politics we’re dealing with today across the world. It was a popular revolt against the establishment, the elites. It focused really around the...
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