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12/07/2016 at 16:42. Facebook
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The vlogging DJ's!!
12/05/2016 at 22:48. Facebook
ITS Q&A TIME!!! Ask me and Bryan anything you wanna know!!! RECORDING NOW!! Online in My Next vlog!!
I partnered with Ford for their unveiling of the #FordFiesta and they put me to work! #GoFurther #AD
Wanna see who's under this helmet??
Being cool with the new Ford Fiesta. Was able to check them out before anyone else! Which one do you prefer? LEFT or RIGHT? #GoFurther #FordFiesta #AD
Had a great time in Guatemala, but so ready to head to Cologne tomorrow. I’m working with Ford and they have an awesome surprise I’m going to share. #GoFurther #Ford
There is a new video on my channel. Enjoy!!
I LOVE YOU GUATEMALA!! Hope to be back soon!!
OMG!! Caught a Blue Marlin in Guatemala!! 200 pounds!!
BEVOO BEVOO!!!! New vlog online!! Check it out now:

[ Youtu.be Link ]
Did you already see my new vlog? Had a great adventure with these guys!! Check it Out!
Wanna see how I lose money in Las Vegas??
ASIA Im on my way!! :D
Im gonna be a soccer player for one day! check out the video on My YouTube channel!!

[ Youtu.be Link ]
Turned 27 today! I hate to say but time goes fast! I woke up with this super sweet cake from my tiger!!
Visiting Obama!

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To celebrate this years ADE I'm announcing my NEW website!!
Everything you need to know about me is on here. And to make it even better, you can DOWNLOAD my brand new Tony Junior Samplepack for FREE! Go to :D
Als jullie twijfelen van wie die luipaardprint auto is...