Who would you pick to win this battle?
Show us the player who leads your club in appearances!
Another massive milestone for Gianluigi Buffon!

The Italy/Juventus goalkeeper will play in his 1000th senior match tonight! Congratulations Buffon!
Football training techniques from 1932.

What would you call this training session if it was in Top Eleven?
Are you training your squad for Special Abilities?

What are your favorite abilities for your Defenders?
Hi Managers! We're excited to announce a new limited-time event!

Starting today, for the next week (ending March 28th), if you lose an auction, the tokens you used to bid will be returned to your account when the auction ends!
Hi Managers! We've released a new Top Eleven update on all versions: iOS, Android and web browser!

Read all about the changes on the Top Eleven Forum here: [ Norde.us Link ]
Congratulations to Gianluigi Buffon for becoming the Juventus player with the most Serie A minutes played for the club!

What a legend!
Hashtag United FC have announced their new home kit!

Are you excited to see the latest jersey in Top Eleven?
Tag your Association teammates!

Ready for this weekend's tournament, Managers?
Thanks to all who entered yesterday's Guess The Player competition! The answer was Biggleswade United FC fan Mikel Arteta!

The 11 lucky winners are: Eric Di Maio, Abdulwaheed Babatunde Yahya, Oscar R Tain, Mhd Zubair Revo, Gene Darian, Cusnir Cristian, Thomas William Groombridge, Rahmat Ari Hidayat, Axel Mereles, Luka Tepić and Fitree Sabuding. You'll receive your 50 tokens each...
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COMPETITION TIME MANAGERS! Can you guess the player? We'll announce 11 random winners of 50 tokens tomorrow!

Hint: He is currently an assistant coach at Manchester City.

= Rosicky ❤=Arteta =Benayoun
Weekly Sponsor Deals are here to stay, Managers!

Thanks to your great feedback, you will continue to receive rewards for working with your clubs every day!
How'd your Association do in the first tournament of the new season, Managers?
They say some football grounds are fortresses, but there aren't many quite like this!

What a place to play a match!
Did you build your Top Eleven squad around a strong defender?

Let's see the leader of your back line!
Flashback to the 1982 World Cup!

Can you name all these legends?
Tag a friend you play the most Top Eleven friendlies with. ⚽
Barcelona have a tough challenge ahead tonight in the Champions League!

Would these 4 be able to turn around a 4-0 scoreline together?
Hi Managers. We apologize for the issue that affected Association tournaments this past weekend. As a thank you for your patience, we have given 10 tokens to all Managers who play in Associations.

On top of 10 tokens, we have rewarded the additional tokens that you would have received if you had won the latest tournament with maximum points.