One of the all-time great pieces of goalkeeping! WOW!

Throwback to THAT save from England's Gordon Banks of Pelé's header from the 1970 World Cup!
Who has been providing the assists for your Top Eleven club this season?

Do they have more than Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne or Napoli's José Callejón, who have 9 each so far?
Francesco Totti has now appeared for AS Roma in 25 consecutive calendar years!

What a player!
Check out Spencer FC and the lads of Hashtag United FC taking part in the First Time Shot Challenge, inspired by the Pass, Go and Shoot training drill from Top Eleven!


The Hashtag United lads take on the first-time shot challenge, who will win?! ► Subscribe: PLAY TOP ELEVEN:

Earlier this season, the Top Eleven blog looked at a combined Manchester United/Liverpool XI!

The two teams meet again today! Would you make any changes to the formation/players at this point in the year?

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Once upon a time at Real Madrid!

If you could pick just one member of this XI for your Top Eleven squad, who would it be?
Cameroon's Samuel Eto'o has scored the most goals in Africa Cup of Nations history with 18! Didier Drogba scored 11 and Yaya Toure had 6 for the Ivory Coast.

Thanks to all who entered yesterday's competition! The 11 random winners are: Marcos Dos Santos, Matthew Stoneman, Jonas Natangwe Konstadiu, Juriy Kolmakov, Nam Som, Luis Guillermo Jiménez Niño, Raman Manandhar, Liviu Florescu, Κώστας...
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Competition time, Managers! To celebrate the Africa Cup of Nations starting this weekend, we'd like to know: Can you guess which of these players has scored the most goals in the Africa Cup of Nations?

11 lucky winners of 50 tokens announced tomorrow!

=Samuel Eto'o = Didier Drogba ❤ = Yaya Toure
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Guess who!

Can you name this youngster who would go on to win the European Cup/Champions League 5 times in his career?
France's squad for Euro 2004! What a team!
Ready for the season, Managers? Cup and NIVEA MEN League matches kick off TODAY!

What do you do to prepare for a new Top Eleven season?
It's the last day of the season, Top Eleven Managers!

Were you able to add new to your trophy cabinet?
It's Champions League & NIVEA MEN League Final day, Managers! Good luck!

Will you be lifting the like Roberto Baggio?
Don't forget Managers! Associations matches begin tomorrow (Friday), as it is the last week of the season!

Have you checked out your tournament draw yet? Feeling confident?
Great photo of two football icons: Pelé and Eusébio!

Between the two of them, they scored over 2,000 goals in their careers!
It's the final week of the season, Managers! There are some massive fixtures coming up, starting today with the Cup Final!

Is your club competing for this week?
Hi Managers! Did you know that you can set Special Abilities for every player in your squad? Just tap the + sign in their Profile, select the ability and start training!
Happy New Year to our Top Eleven Community!

We hope your 2017 is filled with !
Remember this? Portugal's Éder scored the winner in the 109th minute of the Euro 2016 final against France!

What was your favorite ⚽ moment from 2016?