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Electricity on ice, a rotary-powered E-Type and the first new F1 car debuts: it's Ten Things We Learned This Week!

Ten things we learned this week: 17 February 2017 edition
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Rory heads to the Elan Valley in the mad, bad Ariel to find motoring nirvana

Gallery: Rory Reid, the Ariel Nomad and some of the best driving roads in the UK
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… and not because it’s a ‘good investment’. Have a heart, seriously

Lottery win? Here are five reasons you’d pay £14m for this Jaguar XKSS
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Cigarette Racing unveils 2017 50' Marauder AMG, a boat that comes with a 'Pleasure' key

The Merc-AMG GT R has inspired a 3,100bhp speed boat. Hulk, Smash!
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LeBlanc. Harris. Supercars. Snow. The new series of Top Gear starts Sunday 5 March
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From an Aston DB5 and BMW Z8 through to a rental Mondeo, here are James Bond’s best – and worst – cars of all time

James Bond's best, and worst, cars of all time
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The name’s S1, Esprit S1: Lotus commissions special Evora to celebrate 007’s ride

Lotus has built a one-off 007-themed Evora Sport 410. Because BOND
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TG’s Porsche Panamera 4S Diesel review: is the 627lb ft, 177mph luxo-rocket too much car for Britain?

Porsche Panamera 4S Diesel review: world’s fastest diesel road car driven
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“I’m going sideways in a five hundred horsepower Alfa Romeo...” Chris Harris gets hands on with the Giulia Quadrifoglio in the new series of Top Gear, coming 5th March
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If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere: the full list of Fiorano lap times

What is the fastest Ferrari to lap Fiorano?
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Mini rival gets a sporty makeover: TG’s DS 3 Performance Line review here

DS 3 Performance Line review: sportier DS 3 tested
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All the buzzwords, all the excellence: meet your latest time-wasting project

This is a BMW Lego Technic HOVER BIKE
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TG gets the inside line on Aria Group's fully-bespoke "American Bugatti"

Meet 'Fast Eddy': a 650bhp, V8 mid-engined supercar
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Four ways to get your own Cossie, each for £35k or less. But which is best?

Classified of the week: the battle of the Cosworths
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Bye bye F12 Berlinetta, hello 812 Superfast. Meet Ferrari’s latest 789bhp V12-engined supercar

Meet the 789bhp Ferrari 812 Superfast
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TG’s inaugural ‘restomod idea of the week’: a BMW 2002 with an M3 engine. Here’s why

TG's restomod idea of the week: BMW 2002 with an M3 engine
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This is what a 2017 Peugeot WRC car looks like. Except it doesn’t exist. Should it?

This is what a 2017 Peugeot WRC car looks like
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0-124mph in 7.8 seconds and red engine-bay lighting for new Super Series cars

McLaren’s new supercar has a 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8
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“Even if it doesn’t fully look like one, this is a Discovery in every other sense…” Our 2017 LR Disco review here

2017 Land Rover Discovery review: all-new SUV tested
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6.5-litre V12 from Cosworth, battery from Rimac: here are Aston's technical partners

Cosworth, Ricardo… here’s who’ll help Aston Martin build its 1,000bhp hypercar