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Harris in the Chiron, your big F1 preview and much, much more in this month's new mag, out today

New TG mag: world exclusive first drive of the Bugatti Chiron
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"I witnessed visibly and audibly something I had not seen anyone do before in a racing car”

Ayrton Senna's early days: five moments from five people
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03/23/2017 at 06:33. Facebook
Bigger turbos, dynamic engine mounts and a trick exhaust. But what’s the catch?

The 911 has a new option box: the Carrera S Powerkit
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03/23/2017 at 02:31. Facebook
Citroen wants to reinvent car comfort, so Top Gear has driven its ultra-comfy prototype

Citroen's one-off Cactus: the most comfortable supermini ever?
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4 days to go... #Bugatti #Chiron #TopGear
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Here's the latest sketch of Woking's 'BP23' hybrid three-seater

McLaren's three-seat hypercar will be its fastest ever road car
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“The CX-5 is a cracking SUV that really will exceed your expectations”

The Top Gear car review: Mazda CX-5
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yesterday at 12:36. Facebook gets an exclusive look at this summer's biggest car-film

World exclusive clip: Cuban street racing in Fast & Furious 8
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Electric hypercar sounds like a golf cart and looks like it’s in fast-forward

Watch the Nio EP9 electric supercar lap the Nürburgring in 7m 05s
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Hate congestion? This traffic-straddling transformer is all you need

This shape-shifting Jeep Grand Cherokee is your traffic cure
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5 days to go... #Bugatti #Chiron #TopGear
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On what would have been his 57th birthday, TG pays tribute to the Brazilian F1 legend

Ayrton Senna's top ten defining moments
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Lamborghini tried to make a sensible saloon, with predictable results

TG’s guide to concepts: Lambo's Estoque
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Our roundup of the 75th Goodwood Members' Meeting continues here

Fire-spitting muscle cars, classic racers: Goodwood highlights, part two
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Ferrari's four-seater now comes in cheaper, V8 turbo, rear-drive form. The one to have?

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T review: 603bhp four-seater driven
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Watch Higgins take a breakneck bob run in a turbocharged Subaru

Video: watch madman Mark Higgins drive a WRX STI… down a bobsleigh run
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Where does the Clubsport S from Sunday's TG TV fit into this list?

Gallery: these are the fastest accelerating hot hatches
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Sebring Sprites crashing, AC Cobras drifting and sheer noise. Watch it all here

Spins, slides and noise: five of the best vids from Goodwood
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Click through and drool as Venenos, Paganis, Bugattis and more hit the track

Gallery: this is the best track day in the world
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Jag E-Type, Morris Marina, even a C-Class diesel - as long as it's RWD, you can drift it

Are these the weirdest drift cars ever?