Top Gear 2002-2015
03/24/2017 at 20:00. Facebook
Who could have predicted then.
James is Killing Jeremy.

The Specials: [ Link ]
2 boys on the train chasing Clarkson.

Top Gear the Specials: [ Link ]
Look at the focus.

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A personal message to Clarkson?

Watch Top Gear, the original: [ Link ]
Clarkson again?

Watch TG: [ Link ]
The fun we had.

The one and only Top Gear: [ Link ]
Those laughters.

Watch the original: [ Link ]
It's not all about the car.

The one and only TG: [ Link ]
What is May thinking now?

Top Gear: [ Link ]
Doctor Who?

The show that started it all: [ Link ]
Tea time with the boys.

Watch the original: [ Link ]

TG, the original: [ Link ]
2016: the "Grand" return of 3 marvelous middle aged idiots in very fast cars. Happy New Year!

Namibia Special now online: [ Link ]
Can the "new" Top Gear survive the Chris Evans experiment and make a comeback in 2017?
We looked sharp, didn't we.

TGT Finnish Christmas: [ Link ]