When one just isn't enough. #twinning #g63 #amg #Mercedes #benz #company #car
Absolute genius double-cab marketing by Toyota.

Hilux Little and Large: Mud

McLaren P1 your days at the top are numbered following the first image of the BP23 hyper GT; the second model to slot into the elite Ultimate Series.
Shoehorned into that slippery shape is a 4.0-litre V8 twin turbo spiced up by an evolution of the P1's battery system. Right now outputs exceeding the P1's 670kW are circling MSO HQ.
Extra exotic carbon fibre mitigates most of this hybrid flab...
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In the automotive industry, promotion from the position of Lamborghini CEO appears impossible, doesn’t it?

Surely, there can be no higher calling than the iconic Italian (German owned) supercar brand. Its storied history. The uncompromising adherence to atmospheric engines. Customers who care little for packaging or comfort.

But Stephan Winkelmann, former Lamborghini boss now running Audi’s...
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Ferrari on Ice is where it's at. #ferrari #488 #gtb #france #ice #snow
As supercars became hypercars, we accepted the reality that they had evolved to a point of performance far too swift for public roads.

Hence the advent of the lease-ownership supercar: one you paid for, and owned, but had to ask the manufacturer permission to drive. And then, only at a circuit. Ferrari did a tidy trade in these with FXXKs, Maserati with the MC12 Corse.

The latest brand to...
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PSA wins its first SA Car of the Year Award with Opel Astra. VW's nightmare of having Passat compete against Tiguan proved costly.
Opel Astra becomes South Africa 2017 Car of the Year. Audi A4 and VW Passat fill the podium. Where'd the Tiguan go?
German tuner Hamann is best known for its work on the ‘Werke’s finest, but the aftermarket specialist also occasionally fiddles with Jaguars.

And with Jaguar’s first SUV, F-Pace, the temptation was simply too great for Hamann, they had to do something. That ‘something’ is the upsized-bumper creation you see in the attached images.

Beyond the bumper and custom aft diffuser there are 23-inch...
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It's quite a serious place to sit this. #porsche #gt3 #rs #supercar
Mercedes-Benz is producing such a prolific portfolio of luxury cars, we fear they don’t remotely understand the risk of product cannibalisation.

Witness the latest addition to Benz’s fabric drop-top range: E-Class cabriolet. Elegantly styled, expertly overengineered and a rather big problem for S-Class cabriolet.

Inarguable road presence, accommodating second-row passenger comfort and...
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More than a year after the Australians and British got their bakkies, Navara 2.0 is finally available in South Africa.

The bakkie which modernised double-cab aesthetics and power output perceptions locally has evolved with smaller engines, better infotainment and a vastly sophisticated rear-suspension configuration.

Perhaps not as handsome as the original, new Navara remains boldly...
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The @sportechcars GT-R is a pretty intimidating sight. #nissan #gtr #prior #design #not #stock
Remembering perhaps the greatest to ever fasten a chinstrap or wear riding gloves. Sir John Surtees, the only double-world champion, died at St. George’s Hospital, London, of repertory failure on Friday evening.

F1 driver’s champ in 1964 for Ferrari, and 500cc MotoGP world champion four times over: 1956-1960. An exceptionally brilliant man. His versatility was illustrated by three...
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The backside of this 570S is quite correct. #mclaren #570 #s
With the facelifted Golf destined to be paired with a 81kW 1.0-litre TSI engine later this year, VW SA is priming consumers' acceptance of the petite engine by first launching it in the Polo.
A test bed that should begin to absolve all prejudices towards 3-cylinder engines in premium cars - VW is touting this as the company's most important engine.
In summary the engine does a cracking job -...
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