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New issue on sale today. Paying homage to the RWD hot hatch nobody else notices. Has a rather stylish 2017 calendar too. BTW.
Wheel size is a thing. Just ask all those people who watched the full Teknikens Värld video and noticed that a Hilux with 17s appears to change lanes, in an emergency, with greater fluidity and security than one with 18s.

To compound the irony, Toyota’s workhorse Hilux models, the SRXs, henceforth benefit from wider bodywork and 17s alloy wheels.

Of course if you are a very traditional...
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Unlike the controversial Swedish test, this is not in English. Interesting, no less.

WegRy doen die "moose test" met die 2016 Toyota Hilux

He smoked. He ate pizza. He built the engines that powered our dreams.

Paul Rosche has left. Aged 82. And by left, we mean he passed, yesterday, in his home town of Munich.

The Munich where he became a legend by building the engines which gave credence to the ‘motor’ bit of Bavarian Motor Werke.

BMW. Name any legendary naturally-aspirated BMW engine of the last century and it had Rosche’s...
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Ten years is long. Too long. In fact.

And it when Nissan’s new Navara is finally delivered to South African dealers, towards the end of Q1 2017, you wonder if there will be any buyers to bother.

It’s a brutally competitive market in South Africa: double-cabs. Dominance wanes. Alarmingly. Remember when Isuzu’s KB280 appeared unassailable 20 years ago? Exactly…

There’s much brand equity in...
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We've spent our Saturday in Nissan's new Navara. Testing in Morocco. Leaf springs replaced by coils and 5-links at the rear wheel corners. Hugely accomplished. Incomparable ride quality and tracking stability.
The evolved version of the hot hatch by which all others are measured has been revealed.

Sleeker styling details. A virtual cockpit and more power for GTi.

How much more? Well, the 2-litre turbo boosts to 169kW. And you can up that to 180kW with the performance pack option.

Due in South Africa second quarter of next year. Expect it to be very, very good.
A great many mad things happen in Las Vegas. Especially around the time of SEMA. Outrageous lift-kits, require their own wheel well LEDs.
Win with our November issue!

TopGear SA

Mercedes-Benz has rekindled global interest in all things bakkie with the reveal of its X-Class double-cab.

Opportunity apt as any to reminisce. Reflect. Upon what? Well, nothing more than GM’s greatest brand spelling mistake and also, perhaps, the greatest performance bakkie of all time.

‘Rubbish. Lumina and Raptor are far better.’ You might say that, but the GMC Syclone, a peculiarly...
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Finally. The X-Class. Mercedes-Benz's double-cab bakkie.

Two versions on a Navara platform with styling to transform the bakkie market. Mercedes promises a cabin environment unlike anything else ever experienced in the segment.

With Unimog heritage, this was always a given for the three-pointed star. But will you be willing to pay a massive premium over Hilux/Ranger... And Navara?
Although its image has occasionally waned and the name changed – to Astra – Opel’s Kadett lineage is 80 years old this week and something worth celebrating.

Russelheim’s Golf rival debuted in 1936, with independent front suspension, but it wasn’t until the 1979 car, that it evolved to the current configuration: as a FWD hatch.

Credibly successful, the Kadett/Astra has sold 24 million units...
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