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Announcing that you’re having a baby should be a time full of joy and support from loved ones. While this couple’s family and friends were excited that the two were welcoming a baby into the world, they weren’t as supportive about another aspect of their lives. Aditya Raheja and Sanjana Madappa were...

Pregnant couple is told to give up their dogs. Instead, they pose for epic revenge photoshoot
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Joel Cervantes Macias was driving through the streets of Chicago when he saw 89-year-old Fidencio Sanchez pushing an ice cream cart. Joel didn’t know Fidencio, but he could see that the old man was exhausted while working himself to the bone. “It broke my heart seeing this man that should be enjoyin...

Dad Sees A Tired Old Ice Cream Man, Then Posts A Photo Of Him On Facebook
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Before his time ????
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Ever since Tom Hanks came bouncing onto our TV screens on Bosom Buddies, he has been one of the world’s most beloved actors. The California native just has an undeniable charm and likability factor to go with all of his impressive talent. I know I count myself among the many Tom Hanks fans. In fact,...

11 Surprising Things Most Folks Don’t Know About Tom Hanks
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This dog has the best way of saying hi. If you’re feeling a bit blue, take a trip to Chelsea in New York City where you can meet the hugging Golden Retriever Louboutina. The celebrity hugging dog is named after a French shoe designer and has over 130K followers on her Instagram. According to The …

Golden retriever goes on a 2-hour walk each day, gives hugs to everyone person she meets
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Bonnie is 54 years old and has no problem shouting “flower power” with glee. Back in high school, they called Bonnie “Fro” because of her big, curly hair. She continued sporting the exact same hairstyle, which her husband adored. The trouble was she was still wearing the same clothes from high schoo...

Hippie Mom Has Curly Hair Since High School, Then She Chops And Straightens It
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Our bodies are the reflections of how we nourish them and how we care for ourselves. It’s not easy to get in shape, and we can hit a few obstacles along the way. Andy Albertson was overweight for most of life and continued to be until he tipped the scale at 317 pounds. He decided he needed...

Young Man Weighs 317 Pounds, Then Family Records Him As He Starts To Transform
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Good news for dogs and cats as well as animal lovers! San Francisco passed a law to ban the sale of non-rescue dogs and cats at pet shops in efforts to eradicate inhumane puppy breeding operations. The city will also ban the sale of animals under eight weeks old. “Most animal lovers are horrified at...

San Francisco passes new pet store law - pet stores can only sell rescue animals
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Being a parent is not easy. You’re suddenly responsible for a whole new life, watching out for their safety, happiness, and general well-being. It can often seem like your kid is working against you in every aspect of your job as a parent. Each time you turn around it may seem like they’re actively…

10 Genius Parenting Hacks That Prove Mom And Dad Are Nailing It
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We students ain't dumb ????
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Judith Clymer was the kind of woman people couldn’t thank enough. Within her community at North Hills Mobile Home Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she acted as a nurse, a chef, a housekeeper, and everyone’s favorite cheerleader. One day, she received a knock at her front door that opened her eyes. S...

Old Woman Opens Door For Lady She’s Never Met, Realizes All Her Friends Lied To Her Face
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A mysterious yellow tabby refuses to leave England’s Brockley Sainsbury’s grocery store. He has been repeatedly kicked out by security but always finds a way to sneak back in. According to The Dodo, the adorable cat was first spotted in his favorite grocery store back in November. He hangs out where...

They kick cat out of grocery store. Then find him reappearing in ridiculous areas of the store
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Adopting a dog is a huge undertaking. It can be a truly wonderful experience, though unfortunately, some dogs and families just aren’t meant to be. Because every dog is an individual with its own background and experiences, they sometimes struggle to adjust to living with a new family. One family kn...

Family Drops Off Beloved Dog At Shelter, Then Employees Notice His Notebook
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Amateur ????
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Everyone in the world gets cuts. Whether it’s from a knife in the kitchen, a piece of paper in the office, or a bad fall on pavement, you’re bound to need some bandages every few months, weeks, or even days, depending on your klutziness. So we all know the problems that we come across with those...

Doctor Shares Simple Trick With Scissors To Keep Band-Aids In Place
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As women, we never fail to get stubborn, hormonal acne during that “special” time of the month. It’s not fun and no matter how many products we use, these breakouts still persist. Keeping hormonal breakouts under control is a constant battle. And since this type of acne stems from an internal imbala...

Keep hormonal breakouts under control with these 4 tips
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Junior was riding in the car with his two best pals when a very important song came on the radio. A gentle voice chimed through the first few words of “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban before Junior’s owner’s eyes lit up. The man in the black coat shushed his dog, waiting for the...

Man Sings ‘You Raise Me Up’ In The Car, Then Dog Steals The Show With His Beautiful Voice
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When mom of three Ashley Wadleigh took her kids to a Red Robin, she was appalled when the couple sitting close to them immediately switched seats. The woman even hid her face away from them. Annoyed, Ashley asked the waiter why they moved. But it’s what the waiter said next that made the mom totally...

Mom Of 3 Takes Kids To Red Robin, But Is Angry When Couple Next To Them Changes Tables