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Ah, the 1950s. This decade was known as a simpler, much happier time in history. I won’t lie, when I look back, it does seem like there were many positive pop culture moments, fashion evolutions, and discoveries in music. Times were much different then, but that doesn’t mean that people didn’t make…

10 ‘Normal’ Things People Did In The 1950s That Were Actually Quite Bad For Them
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Outside of our closest family members, it’s often our good friends who are responsible for enriching our lives. They are the people who help you have fun, give you perspective and support you through hard times. In an inspiring recent story out of Illinois, two women showed just how strong a friends...

Mom's days away from dying from ALS. Then best friend says she'll adopt her 3 kids
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Deanna hasn’t had it easy, but she credits her job at The Coffee Bean with saving her life. Deanna overcame a terrible drug habit after dropping out of school in the tenth grade. Now she is a single mother, and her two children are her one and only priority. The CEO of The Coffee Bean...

Mom Tells Coworker She’s Struggling, But Has No Idea He’s Her Boss In A Wig
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Honestly ????????????????
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As we go through the day, we tend to give many things a passing glance. After all, we’re usually pretty busy. How are we supposed to look at the tiny details in every little thing? Well, if these vintage optical illusions can teach us something, it’s that the closer we look, the more we’re able...

Can You Spot The Hidden Man In This 1880s Optical Illusion?
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Legends never die.
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It’s everyone’s nightmare: you wake up one morning with a huge, gross, painful bump. What is it? Where did it come from? And most importantly, how can you make it go away forever? If the lump you see is soft and under the skin, there’s a likelihood that it’s a sebaceous cyst. These can be...

9 Ways To Safely Treat A Pesky Sebaceous Cyst Right At Home
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When he was off-duty, South Carolina Master Deputy Mike Gibson began working as a part-time school resource officer to protect the young children. The experience was rewarding because the children so warmly welcomed the officer. Eventually, Gibson leapt at the chance to become a full-time resource…

Cop Meets ‘Unadoptable’ Boy At School, Tells Wife He’s Bringing The Kid Home
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This is incredible ????
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Do your fingers turn bright white or even blue after just a few minutes in the cold? Are your hands and toes always chilly, no matter what you do? If so, you could be one of the 200,000 Americans with Raynaud’s disease. This little-known disease is shockingly common, though most people have never he...

Are Your Hands And Feet Always Cold? You May Be Suffering From Raynaud’s Disease
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While observing wild Mountain Gorillas in Uganda, he could never have predicted THIS would happen...

Wild gorillas approach him. He's shocked when they embrace him and "groom" him
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In late 2016, Daniel was prepping for a gender reveal party he was throwing for his pregnant wife. The couple from Detroit were already proud parents to identical twin boys. Daniel was the only one in the family who knew their baby’s gender. Even the mom-to-be didn’t know, so this reveal was going t...

Dad Bakes A Gender Reveal Cake, But His Pregnant Wife Screams When The Icing Starts To Move
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Carol Bryon started getting Botox in her thirties. All she wanted to do was correct the lines between her eyes. The Botox made a difference while still being subtle, which is exactly what she wanted. But then doctors told Carol that at her age (she was 47), she should try new injectable fillers to m...

Doctor Pushes Pretty Blonde To Look Younger, But Performs Surgery That Makes Her Unrecognizable
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Who’s the oldest musician you’ve ever heard play live? The oldest musician I’ve ever seen play live was famous jazz drummer Buddy Rich when he was in his 60s. Most musicians lose their capacity to perform at a high level once they reach a certain age — playing live music is hard work. It’s what …

81-year-old picks up guitar in a store, shocks everyone when he starts to rock out
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Collin County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Watson got out of the Marine Corps 10 years ago. “They say once a Marine, always a Marine,” he told FOX. In the early hours of the morning, Mark recently responded to a drunk-driving call. What he found was an elderly man sitting in his car who wasn’t at all...

Deputy Responds To Drunk Driving Call, But The ‘Business Card’ In Glove Compartment Floors Him
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This is so spot on ????
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In terms of pregnancy reveals, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything like this. Getting the assistance of friends and family and even police officers for a big reveal is one thing, but this couple decided to get some help from a most unlikely source: the GPS navigation system in their car...

Stunned Family Listens To GPS Say To Be Careful Due To ‘Baby On Board,’ But There’s No Child Inside
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