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A fresh, fruit-forward cocktail to kick off the weekend, from our friends at Passport 2017.

Recipe: The Ontario Smash
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What's the story behind those red dresses hanging around U of T? We found out:

Q&A: Jaime Black, the artist hanging red dresses around U of T campus
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What if Toronto's housing shortage isn't what's driving up property prices? Why investors may be the ones responsible:

Q&A: Josh Gordon, the researcher who blames buyers for rising home prices in Toronto
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"I’d done nothing wrong other than having a name matching someone else’s and, of course, looking Muslim":

I tried getting into Trump’s America as a Muslim Pakistani-Canadian, and here’s what happened
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Charles Khabouth and friends want a less restrictive liquor license for their club complex on Polson Pier. Some interviews with the people trying to stop them:

"It should be somewhere else": Why waterfront residents want to put the kibosh on Charles Khabouth's liquor license
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It was listed for $5.5 million a few months ago, but now this huge Yorkville pad can be yours for the low, low price of $5 million:

$5 million for a house-like condo in the middle of Yorkville
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More extreme storms + more hard surfaces = more water making its way to the stormwater system.

Learn more & tell us what you think
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Apart from the murderous rampage thing, the new Rob Ford–inspired movie Filth City isn't totally far-fetched:

How true to life is Filth City, the Rob Ford–inspired film? We found out
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The Weeknd and Future are shooting a music video in Bay Lower subway station. They're not the first:

The top 10 music videos shot in Toronto, ranked
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Looking for something to do this weekend? We've got you covered:

What to do in Toronto this week: March 20 to 26, 2017
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From escaped slaves to European settlers to Syrian refugees, Toronto has always been a destination for immigrants and exiles. Here are eight vintage photos that prove it:

Eight amazing archival photos from Toronto's immigrant past
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"Almost every morning, I wake up to another one of his pro-Donald, anti-immigrant tirades."

Can I unfriend my Trump-supporting cousin on Facebook?
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Scarborough native Lilly Singh's YouTube career has put her in proximity to more than a few well-known faces:

A bunch of times Lilly Singh hung out with super-famous people
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If you liked $2-million semi-detached houses, you'll LOVE $3-million semi-detached houses:

$3.3 million for a newly renovated Casa Loma home with an impressive master suite
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Is there anything better than a Caesar—or several—after a night of boozing? An ode to the Canadian classic, from Passport 2017.

Hail Caesar: In praise of Canada's best hangover cure
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More than 1000 people packed the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts last night for a feast that only happens once a year:

Here's what went down at Toronto Life's annual Best New Restaurants event last night