Total Divas
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No one said Superstars had to be great spellers. Total Divas is back April 5th, only on E!
Total Divas
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WWE is about more than wrestling, it brings out the hero in all of us! Watch the divas and other superstars on WWE Raw Mondays at 8/7c & #SmackDown Live Tuesdays at 8/7c on USA Network.
Raise your glass to a hell of a 1st half of the season. And to making more memories soon!
As we gear up for the 2nd half of the season, let us never forget: Bella Brawl.
Nikki's becoming the boss on #TotalDivas and she's spilling the deets on what's to come in April. Get in the know:

Nikki Bella Is ''Honored'' to Be an Executive Producer on Total Divas When the Show Returns in April: See What's Ahead! on Total Divas
Renee doesn’t care if you’re the WWE champion, you’re not meeting her mom if you’re having a bad hair day.
Total Divas is returning with a bang this April!
A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple.

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You can take Dean out of the wrestling jeans. But you can’t take the wrestling genes out of Dean.

If you missed the drama, catch up here:
Will Nikki be able to make her comeback?

Find out her fate on the mid-season finale TONIGHT at 9|8c on E!
You're the buffest wedding ever!

The mid-season finale starts tonight at 9|8c, only on on E!
Will there be a runaway bride on the mid-season finale of Total Divas? Read what they're saying, and then watch it go down tonight, 9|8c on E!

Is the Wedding Off? Total Divas Star Lana Admits She's ''Really Disappointed'' in Rusev Minutes Before Walking Down the Aisle on Total Divas
Dean Ambrose goes toe-to-toe with drunken thief on the mean streets of Toronto. Get in the know:

OMG! Watch WWE Star Dean Ambrose Chase After the Thief Who Stole Girlfriend Renee Young's Hat on Total Divas on Total Divas
Nikki's sticking her neck out to wrestle again, but will the doctors let her? Get the scoop here:

''I'm Praying So Hard!'' Nikki Bella Gets Final CAT Scan on Her Neck?But Will She Be Cleared to Return to WWE? Watch on Total Divas
Every time John Cena gives Nikki Bella “The Finisher” an angel gets his wings.

Don’t miss the mid-season finale of Total Divas, Wednesday 9|8c on E!
Nikki's battling to get back in the ring, but will it be enough?

Don't miss the mid-season finale of Total Divas, Wednesday 9|8c on E!
Sister act: Even when you’re not in each other’s way, you totes are.