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"You know all of the metal that makes the character Cyborg an actual cyborg? Can we make that a shiny hooded vest instead?"

The 31 Worst Adaptations Of DC Comics Costumes
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We need to go bigger. Let's just make another higher level of Super Saiyan!

Dragon Ball Z Is Actually Bad. Here's Why.
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Whenever someone tells me I have an anger problem, I always think of #11

28 Times Eric Cartman Said Exactly The Right Thing
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The original duo...
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Few remember Gambit was indirectly responsible for crucifying Angel during the Mutant Massacre that shook the Marvel universe

22 Comic Book Villains That Turned Their Lives Around
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s Magneto, the Master of Magnetism your favorite X-Men bad guy, or can you not resist the seductive Emma Frost?

Who Is Greatest Villain The X-Men Have Ever Faced?
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Who is the ultimate Adventure Time princess?

Don't see your favorite? Vote here: [ Link ]
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Pro tip: chill in 2nd until the end of the 3rd lap...
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Harry Potter is not far behind...and they are wayyyy ahead of #3 [ Link ]
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You must really underestimate how fast this would all go down if you seriously think you stand a chance...

8 Reasons Why Anyone Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse Is Just Not Realistic
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Which Hogwarts professor would you want teaching your class?

Write in your vote: [ Link ]
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Be the terror that flaps in the night
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Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki was declared to be so disturbing and graphic that it was completely destroyed. There are no existing copies of it, digital or otherwise, except for ONE DVD that appeared in France, 14 years after the movie was banned worldwide.

11 Anime That Have Been Banned Around The World
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When your hobby is a bit much for your wallet
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Bronze Tiger is awesome and has wayyyy more pizzazz than anybody in the first Suicide Squad movie...

12 Super Brutal, Violent Villains Who Should Be In The Next Suicide Squad Film
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Sorry Spidey - when you make bad decisions, bad things happen. That's just the way it goes.

12 Comic Book Characters You Just Can't Feel Sorry For