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#PrayForLondon #WorldPeace
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#WednesdayWisdom #FunFact Answer it….! & Be quick...! SHARE if you solved it.
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Happy #FirstDayofSpring! It's a great day to start something.
Pause this GIF to see which Disney Princess you are.
COMMENT & SHARE if you found Princess #Belle. #beautyandthebeast.
Pictures via Walt Disney Studios.
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#HelloMonday #EmojiComic True. So which role do you play in your family story?
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#WallpaperFriday #TGIF Never get bored from all the beautiful scenery. GET MORE AWESOME PICS HERE >>> [ Link ]
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#TouchPalTheme This is last week’s best theme: Flying Phoenix!
Download it for free via Google Play: [ Link ]
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#WednesdayWisdom #FunFact Let’s try this.
Pause this GIF to put the puzzle together. COMMENT below with your answer. SHARE if you solved it.
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Have you tried the NEW feature #BoomText?
Do you love #TouchPal new product #BiBi (the realtime walkietalkie)?
Let’s see what our #GlobalFans said in #MWC17.
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#HelloMonday #EmojiComic Hit LIKE if you’ve ever done this.
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#TouchPalSticker #TGIF Quack, quack, quack! Come and play with #Bduck on TouchPal Store.
Or download it for free via Google Play: [ Link ]
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#TouchPalTheme This is last week’s best theme: Flower & Bird!
Enjoy #Spring. Download it for free via Google Play: [ Link ]
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#WednesdayWisdom #FunFact COMMENT below with your answer. Share if you solved it. Happy International Women's Day!
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Good News! TouchPal has been GLOBALLY #FEATURED by Google Play. Thank you for always loving us!
Download it for free via Google Play: [ Link ]
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#HelloMonday #EmojiComic Is that you?
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A lot of fans participated in #TouchFunGamesCompetition in #MWC17. Here is the Ranking list. Winners will be contacted asap.
Now rotate your phone to see if you are the Top 10 winners.
Big Surprise!
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Do you love emojis?
Take a look at TouchPal #Emoji Photowall at #MWC17. You can’t miss it!!!
#TouchMWC17 #TypingFun
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Wanna make instant chat or talk immediately?
Wanna stream your voice to all group members in REAL TIME?
Try this --> [ Link ]
Then take 2 mins to finish the following questionnaire. You’ll find the answer in #MWC17. #realtime #walkietalkie

Survey Questionnaire on the Use of BiBi App
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Meeting our global fans at #MWC17.
Take a photo with anything about TouchPal and post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Tagging friends with #TouchMWC17 #TypingFun, winners will be selected from those posts with most likes!
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TouchPal will bring a brand-new FEATURE and PRODUCT to attend MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2017 in BARCELONA, SPAIN, from 27th Feb – 2nd Mar. It’s the largest fair in the world about mobile industry.
Meet #TouchPal at Fira Gran Via.
Visit us at HALL 8.1 – APP PLANET, STAND 8.1E20- .
#TouchMWC17 #TypingFun