The definition of cocky. #ToughMudder
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Dreaming of Mud?

The countdown is on. Our first event of Season 2017 kicks off in 2 months. #ToughMudderSEQ.
Tough Mudder Australia
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Start working on your Electroshock Therapy strategy now.
Tough Mudder Australia
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Tough Mudder Australia
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#TriviaTuesday which obstacle has trapped her?
Tough Mudder Australia
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#3. This year, Tough Mudder Half will be featured at every single event. So if electricity and ice are not your thing, #ToughMudderHalf is for you.
Tough Mudder Australia
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Think you’re tough enough to take on a full dose of Tough Mudder this year?
A Tough Mudder Season Pass is for you.

2017 Australia Season Pass
Tough Mudder Australia
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With a bit of Irish luck and Christmas spirit dragged through the mud, New Orleans has kicked off Tough Mudder Season 2017 in style! #escapetheordinary
Tough Mudder Australia
03/19/2017 at 23:48. Facebook
Congratulations Tristan! You conquered KONG and you've won yourself a VIP pass to Tough Mudder Sydney including flights, accom, Merrell merch, and 2 VIP passes. #ConquerKong
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Wake up exhausted, not hungover. #EscapeTheOrdinary
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#4. You'll have no excuses with our new training program.
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Tough Mudder is always better with a friend. And 4 friends make it a party. 4 ticket bundles on sale now, save 15%.
Mud + Electricity. Two of our favourite things. #EscapeTheOrdinary
#5. Love it or hate it? We're bringing back Electroshock Therapy so that you can fire up your weekend with 10K volts.
Key to making your Tough Mudder experience as memorable as possible is all about the people who help hoist your muddy ass over a 2m high wall. So who will you recruit?

5 Steps to building your dream Tough Mudder team
#6. More mud in more countries. Can you fill your mud passport?
These guys reckon they know why you pay for pain. Do you agree?

Punters Love Tough Mudder 'Cause Modern Life Ain't Stimulating, Study Finds
#7. We’re pumped to be able to share all new Legionnaire exclusives on and off site for our incredibly talented and devoted community of muddy hooligans. [ Link ]
Grab your mates. 4 ticket bundles on sale now. Save 15% across all events.
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