Tower of London
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Today in 1716: Lord Nithsdale escapes from the Tower of London dressed as a woman.

One of the most audacious escapes in history, Lord Nithsdale was imprisoned during the first Jacobite rising. His wife and her two friends visited him on the eve of his execution bringing with them spare women's clothing. Dressed in this female disguise, Nithsdale was able to make his daring escape!
Tower of London
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It's not too late to join The People's Revolt! This March, let the lines between history and reality blur as you experience what it's like to be at the centre of a critical moment in the nation's past. Do you have what it takes to make history?

Selected dates in March. Find out more and book your tickets here: [ Link ]
Tower of London
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Today in 1621: Francis Bacon is imprisoned in the Tower of London.

Francis Bacon was a philosopher and statesman who lived during the reign of James I. He served as Lord Chancellor from 1618 and was made Viscount St Albans in 1621. However, the same year, he was charged by Parliament with accepting bribes. He was fined £40,000 and imprisoned in the Tower of London. The King released him after...
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Tower of London
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Pride, Power and Politics

Tower of London
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Romance was certainly not on the cards last week at our anti-Valentine's Drawn at the Tower special. Take a look at a selection of sketches from the event below.

Drawn at the Tower with Art Macabre is a unique after-hours drawing series, inviting you to uncover the stories of the Tower's rich history through art. Don't miss the next event - Ravens and Morbid Corvids - on Monday 5 June. Find...
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Today in 1542: Catherine Howard is executed.

Catherine was the fifth wife of Henry VIII. They were married less than two years before rumours circulated about her past and present relationships. She was accused of adultery and beheaded at the Tower of London, aged 20, along with her lady-in-waiting Viscountess Jane Rochford.
Today in 1554: Lady Jane Grey is beheaded on Tower Green, aged just 16.

On 10 July 1553, Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed Queen, following the death of Edward VI. However nine days later, Henry VIII’s oldest child, Mary, entered London with popular support and imprisoned Jane in the Tower. She was found guilty of high treason in November, but Mary was reluctant to sign her death warrant. The...
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What a stunning sunset! Have you taken a great snap from your visit? Share yours with us below.

#PalacePhoto by aykutg1995 on Instagram.
Today at 1pm, there will be a 62-round gun salute to mark the 65th anniversary of HM The Queen's accession to the throne. #SapphireJubilee

As well as the usual 21 rounds for a Royal anniversary, an extra 20 are fired as the Tower of London is a Royal Palace and Fortress, and a further 21 for the City of London.
Today in 1826: The Duke of Wellington becomes Constable of the Tower of London.

Wellington was Constable for 26 years during a time of immense change for the Tower. He reformed the body of Yeoman Warders by establishing that they must be ex-military, he drained the moat and built the Waterloo Barracks where the Crown Jewels are now on display.

Find out more about the Iron Duke here: [...
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Today in 1101: Ranulf Flambard escapes from the Tower of London. The first person to be imprisoned within the Tower's walls, he was also the first to escape!

Bishop Flambard was imprisoned in the White Tower by King Henry I. He invited his guards to join him for a feast of Candlemas, having smuggled in a rope in a gallon of wine. Once the guards were drunk and asleep, Flambard used the rope...
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“My Protest to the Government for its refusal to Enfranchise Women, but continues to torture women prisoners – Deeds Not Words. Leonora Cohen”

This was the message wrapped around the iron bar flung at the Crown Jewels by Leonora Cohen in protest against the Government, on this day in 1913. Cohen was a prominent member of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU), the organisation founded...
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‘Wild Women’ at the Tower of London - HRP - Curators' blog
Today in 1606: Guy Fawkes is hanged, drawn and quartered...

Following his arrest for his part in the Gunpowder Plot, Guy Fawkes was taken to the Tower of London and interrogated in the Queen's House. After finally confessing to the plot, he and his fellow conspirators were dragged to Westminster to face the traditional traitors' death. However, Guy jumped from the gallows, snapping his own...
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Drawn at the Tower with Art Macabre returns on Monday 13 February with an anti-Valentine's special. Explore the drama and tragedy of the Tudor court, including Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn's doomed love affair, in this unique after-hours drawing series.

Find out more and book here: [ Link ]
Today in 1828: The Duke of Wellington becomes Prime Minister for the first time.

The Duke of Wellington became Prime Minister in 1828 whilst serving as Constable of the Tower. The ‘Iron Duke’ oversaw the building of the Waterloo Barracks, named after his famous victory over Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, where the Crown Jewels are now on display. He was also responsible for...
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Do you have what it takes to make history?

Set in the near future, experience what it's like to be at the centre of a critical moment in this nation's past. Live the build-up through digital storytelling, then let the lines between history and reality blur as you storm the Tower of London and decide the fate of the nation!

Find out more about The People's Revolt and book your tickets: [...
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The People's Revolt

BBC Radio 2's #500Words is back and is heading to the Tower of London for the final! Find out more and get involved here: [ Link ]
Today in 1928: The River Thames floods Water Lane and the moat at the Tower of London – one of the only times it has been filled since the Duke of Wellington drained the moat in 1845.

Photo via Bishopsgate Institute
Today in 1367: Richard II is born

Richard's reign began and ended at the Tower of London. His magnificent coronation procession set out from the Tower to Westminster Abbey in 1377, but it was also at the Tower where he was pressured to sign away the crown to his cousin, Henry IV, son of the powerful John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster in 1399.

Discover more about the reign of Richard II here:...
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Today in 1643: Isaac Newton is born

As well as being a world-changing mathematical and scientific genius, Isaac Newton was also Master of the Mint at the Tower of London from 1699, responsible for the ‘recoining’ of the English currency - and punishing the clippers and counterfeiters!

Find out more about the history of the Royal Mint here: [ Link ]