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He was one of several skeptical conservatives of the bill, some of whom argue the legislation is just too similar to Obamacare.

If This Conservative Rep. Can Change His Mind on AHCA, Anyone Can
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Mayor Khan's may be regretting these comments in light of today's events.

Flashback: London's Mayor Welcomes Migrants, Says Attacks Are Part of Life
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"If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets."

Turkish President: Europeans Will Not Walk Safely Unless Demand s Are met
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EXCLUSIVE: Congressman @TrentFranks talks about how complicated Congressional rules are tying lawmakers' hands - particularly when it comes to moving forward monumental Trump legislation.

The Monumental Importance of Clarity in Government: President Trump’s Greatest Challenge
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We wonder what Liberty University's students have to say about this

Trump to Deliver Commencement Address at Liberty University
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Tomorrow is the big day. Will the AHCA have enough votes to pass?

Trump: We're Working Hard on Healthcare
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The Wall Street Journal has some advice for our president.

WSJ to Trump: Stop Ruining Your Credibility
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Maybe there won't be a vote on the AHCA this week after all.

Republican Senator Urges House GOP to Cancel Healthcare Vote
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"Senator Richard Blumenthal laid down a new far-reaching and dangerous rule for confirming US Supreme Court nominees."

Trump SCOTUS Advisor Excoriates Dem Senator for Trying to Jeopardize Gorsuch’s Judicial Independence