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Here's what Pope Francis had to say to President Donald Trump.

Here's Pope Francis' Message To President Donald Trump
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Former President Obama pardoned and commuted the sentences of some pretty controversial figures in his final days in office.

Time To Amend The President’s Pardon And Clemency Powers
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Here's why Hillary Clinton was wrong in saying all 17 intelligence agencies agreed that the Russians had hacked the DNC.

There Ain’t 17 Intelligence Agencies
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"I love you. I respect you. Theres nobody I respect more."

Trump To CIA: 'There’s Nobody I Respect More'
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The day has arrived. Millions of women are taking to the streets to protest President Trump.

As Women Take To The Streets To Protest Trump, Hillary Clinton Tweets Words Of Support
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It may not have been the most peaceful presidential transition but some may argue that it was still the best.

The Best Presidential Transition In American History
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Pelosi on Republicans: "They pray in church on Sunday, and prey on everyone the rest of the week."

Pelosi Argues the Democrats Are the Ones Doing 'The Lord's Work'
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Trump gave a few gifts to the nation during his first speech as President of the United States.

Brian and Garrett Fahy - Trump’s Trumpian & Refreshing Inaugural Address
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The "superficial banality of modern feminism is in full display."

An Unlikely Pro-Life Voice
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Despite Clinton's advantages, Trump was able to find a way to success.

Yet Another Reason Clinton Lost: Trump Outworked Her
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The outcome of our existing education system has reached a crisis level.

It's In Our Nation's Interests to Give Betsy a Chance
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Normally, as you go through the stages of grief, you are supposed to “get over it.”

The Left is Panicking Over Donald Trump
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So, why don't we start by breaking down what they mean by "peaceful protests..."

The Liberal Translation Guide: 20 Translations of Things That Liberals Say