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03/23/2017 at 06:34. Facebook
Anyone else missing the '80s? The 1988 MR2 takes us back.
Toyota Australia
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“My dad and older brother have always loved cars so that’s where it all started for me. I had my first KE20 Corolla when I was a teenager. This one is my second KE20 and I’ve spent 9.5 years building it into a show car. It’s a 1974 Corolla and has won over 70 trophies in its time. I’d have to say one of the best parts has been meeting other like-minded people. My 2 daughters love it too. We...
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Toyota Australia
03/22/2017 at 03:45. Facebook
Today we celebrate World Water Day! From reducing water consumption in production to our Mirai which emits only H20, we're committed to minimising and optimising water usage.
Magic hour = that perfect time when the sunset lights your cruise
We just scored front row seats to tonight's show.
Things change, but LandCruisers just get better and better with age. #Throwback
“Woah, that’s next-level.” See what Emma says about the All-New Toyota C-HR.
No time for shirts when adventure awaits!
What happens when the unbreakable HiLux joins forces with the world's toughest toy? Stay tuned to find out...
The Adelaide Crows have officially kicked off for 2017! Can’t wait to see the new guernseys on the field!
We’re thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle!

1st prize – T. Goldie
2nd prize – M. Hannam
3rd prize – M. Sweeney
4th prize – Kanishka
5th prize – E.Cox
6th prize – E. Anderson
7th prize – D. Little
8th prize – I. Volitakis
9th prize – P. Kelly
10th prize – D. Holmes
11th prize – D. Smith

Thanks to all involved, we smashed our target and raised...
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Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle Winners!
#Throwback to this 1974 Corolla in all its glory. No doubt it's owner Jason Lowe is proud as punch!
“I bought my 1969 Corolla as a first car about 8 years ago. We called him Charlie the Corolla and the name has stuck ever since. My 86 year old grandfather rebuilt Charlie’s engine and he’s run like a dream ever since. He still has all his original interior and exterior, including the service manual and spare parts! Charlie is of great sentimental value to our family and we hope to pass him...
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Summer might be finished, but our summer vibes never stop.
Front row seat to a natural wonder - a great chance to reflect.
Looks like Johnathan Thurston Official has been getting some extra training in for Saturday! Good luck to JT and the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys team for their first match of the 2017 season
Drum roll, please… Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle WA!
1st prize: D. March, the lucky owner of a brand new Toyota RAV4
2nd prize: M. Hunt
3rd prize: C. Atties
4th prize: G. Steel
5th prize: S. Payne
6th prize: H. Murphy
7th prize: S. Smithers
Thanks to all involved in helping us reach our target of raising $500K for grassroots clubs across the country.

Good For Cricket Raffle Winners - Western Australia
Oh what a feeling! Natalie and her family have been driving their Prado up the Noosa North Shore to Double Island Point.
It was another epic Toyota Country Music Festival, thank you Tamworth! Take a look back as some country music royalty (along with brave Toyota ambassadors) belt out Boys from the Bush while battling our 4x4 track.
“I haven’t seen anything like that from a Toyota before…”. The Toyota C-HR is here to change the game.