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Trump supporters NEVER saw this coming. Many are wondering what exactly this special guest was doing at the Supreme Court...

LOOK: Supreme Court Justice Invites Special Guest To Courtroom... Trump Supporters SHOCKED
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Fox News definitely didn't make a lot of viewers happy after this hiring move... here's the Obama adviser that they just put on air.

Wow... you can see how this would cause a lot of controversy.

Fox News Leaves Viewers Speechless After Hiring Terrifying Obama Adviser
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This federal ruling about Planned Parenthood came out of nowhere.

Taxpayers never saw it coming...

Just In: Federal Judge Makes Shock Planned Parenthood Ruling. Taxpayers Are Going To...
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There's been more mic-cutting at liberal MSNBC... here's the host that instantly cut the feed after one of their guests uttered five shocking words about Donald J. Trump.

Take a look and see for yourself...

WATCH: MSNBC Host Instantly Cuts Feed After Guest Utters 5 SHOCK Words on Trump
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Melania Trump made a BOLD statement by opening Donald's rally with the Lord's Prayer. Once Franklin Graham saw it for himself, had no choice but to speak up.

Right After Watching Melania Say Lord’s Prayer, Franklin Graham Just Couldn’t Stay Silent…
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We've heard Milo Yiannopoulos pilloried by the left for comments he made about pedophilia during an interview. However, one of the biggest leftist celebrities just got caught telling a sick pedophile story of his own... and liberals are DEAD silent about it.

DOUBLE STANDARD: Gay Celeb Tells SICK Pedophilia Story... Libs Dead Silent
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This stunning photo has mystified everyone who has seen it...

What could be the explanation for this?

LOOK: Viral Photo Reveals Disturbing Mystery Washed Ashore US Beach. No One Has An Answer
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Our thoughts and prayers are with Luke Bryan during this terrible time...

Breaking: Country Music Superstar Just Received Tragic News
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Iran decided to test the new U.S. administration by running a series of missile tests. Here's how that worked out for them...

Iran Flaunts New Missiles, So U.S. Military Releases Clip That Leaves Them Speechless
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Pelosi, “I was thinking... "

CRAZY: Nancy Pelosi PRAISES Violent and Impoverished Mexico as Height of Civilization [VIDEO]
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The only question that comes to mind is, why on earth did it take this long? It’s hard to imagine the National Rifle Association picking a more effective national…
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‘Brilliant decision’: NRA earns major kudos for its new official spokesperson
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Among the toughest long-term challenges facing President Donald Trump and the 115th U.S. Congress is ensuring the continued viability of the Social Security and Medicare programs, both of which, according to reports by their boards of trustees, face insolvency by the year 2034.
Trump pledged, “I’m going to save Social Security.

President Trump Pledges To SAVE SOCIAL SECURITY. Do You Support Trump Pledge?
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We now have a new President who hates waste and corruption so maybe Trey Gowdy will never have to be this angry again… but boy, was he angry here!…
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OUCH!!! Trey Gowdy LOSES IT With GSA Committee for Overspending American Taxpayers Money [VIDEO]