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Donald Trump wasted no time as soon as he arrived in D.C. This 1 move says a lot about the type of president we're going to have...

As Soon As Trump Lands In DC, He Shows Everyone His TRUE Priorities With 1 Powerful Move
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Melania Trump knew exactly what to say when she first landed in D.C. Trump supporters are going to love this...

WATCH: Melania Trump Gets Off The Plane In DC, Instantly Makes 6-Word Announcement
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Something just happened right outside of Mike Pence's home that is sure to grab his attention. This is going to be impossible for Mike Pence to ignore...

LOOK What Just Erupted Outside Mike Pence's DC Home Right Before Inauguration
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Donald J. Trump is definitely playing hardball with China... here's why one of his top targets was ENRAGED after they found out about the guest he's inviting to the inauguration.

Do you think this was a good move on Trump's part?

China Enraged After Finding Out Special Guest Invited to Trump Inauguration
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Julian Assange just had a massive change of heart. His supporters will want to hear about the shocking steps he's about to take...

BREAKING: Julian Assange Suddenly Changes His Mind, Reveals His Stunning Next Move
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A close family friend of the Clintons just got in big trouble... here's why he was arrested for posting THIS online about Donald J. Trump.

This shows just how far liberal rage has gone... absolutely disgusting.

ALERT: Close Family Friend of Clintons Arrested for Posting THIS About Trump
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Wow. Just as Trump's inauguration festivities were about to begin, Mexico sent something shocking to the U.S. This is huge...

BREAKING: Hours Before Trump Takes Office, Mexico Sends US Something Unexpected
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Donald Trump just left his home in New York City to fly to Washington, D.C. As soon as people spotted his plane, they immediately noticed something VERY different...

LOOK: Trump Flies To DC For Inauguration. 1 Detail About His Plane Grabs Everyone's Attention
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Tucker Carlson has a track record of exposing fakes, frauds and those skilled in the art of BS. Tonight’s smack-down was no exception. Tucker interviewed a man who said he goes by the name ‘Dom Tullipso’ and claimed he pays protesters $2500 a month.

Tucker Carlson Exposes Fraud Who Offered To Pay Trump Protesters $2500 A Month [VIDEO]
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With Donald Trump's inauguration just 1 day away, John McCain is letting everyone know EXACTLY how he feels...

John McCain Just Stabbed Trump In The Back With Stunning 2 Words Day Before Inauguration
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These two iconic fighter jets just engaged in a mock dogfight over the infamous ground known as Area 51... and here's the chilling possibility that this could suggest.

This is something that every American -- indeed, every person in the world -- should be worried about.

AREA 51: Mock Dogfight Between 2 Iconic Fighter Jets Suggests Chilling Possibility
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The letter sent by George W. Bush to Barack Obama ahead of his 2009 inauguration has been made public for the first time by the National Archives. The…
Read More: [ Link ]

George W Bush Letter To Barack Obama Has Just Been Made Public
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Donald Trump continues to torment the press. His latest move clearly shows that he's playing by his own rules...

LOOK: Trump Ditches Press, Makes 'Surprise Appearance' At Special Location That Says It All
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What Donald J. Trump just did after touching down in D.C. for his inauguration shows what an incredible class act he is.

Donald J Trump is bringing honor and respect back to the White House... things we haven't seen in 8 LONG years.

WATCH: Trump Lands in DC for Inaug. Then Stops Motorcade for 1 Incredible Errand
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Trump is going to need Trey Gowdy in his corner as the Democrats will certainly try to sabotage his presidency. You will never see a bigger beat down of the liberal media than this one by Gowdy. Enjoy!

VIDEO: BOOM! Trey Gowdy Joins Trump And Gives Best Attack On Media You Will EVER HEAR
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This is huge. Right after Donald Trump talked about military strategy, a top general immediately replied. This is going to be impossible for Trump to ignore...

HOURS After Trump Talks Military Strategy, Top General Makes Big Announcement That Says Everything...
Jamie Foxx is definitely no saint, and he's said some bad things about race issues in the past.

But I can't remember the last time I heard someone in Hollywood say such fantastic things about America, the Founding Fathers, or our new direction under Donald J. Trump.

Everyone needs to hear what he's saying to the whole country, including Trump-haters like Rosie.

WATCH: Jamie Foxx Turns on Hollywood... Nukes Rosie, Other Celebs Trashing Trump
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Trump supporters have been branded as ‘Racist’ and Deplorable while people like Rapper Snoop Dogg promised to “roast” any “jigaboo ass n***ers” who performed in DC…. Charming!
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Those ‘RACIST’ Trump Supporters Raised $650,000 To Have Black Marching Band Play At Inauguration [VIDEO]
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Donald Trump has waited until the day before his inauguration to make this stunning announcement...

JUST IN: Trump Makes Last-Minute Addition To Cabinet 1 Day Before Inauguration