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The price of Donald Trump's proposed border wall has been a controversial topic, but this group may have just found a very creative way to solve this issue once and for all...

Group Has Unprecedented Way To Pay For Trump's Border Wall... This Has Never Been Done Before
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Have you seen any men going around with a single painted fingernail?

More and more men are wearing these, and there's a chilling reason why.

If You See A Man Close By With A Single Painted Nail... Here's What It Means
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A man was out doing some tree work when he found one of the weirdest things we've ever seen.

He cut this tree down, but when he looked in the trunk, he found the last thing ever expected.

I've never even heard of something like this before...

Man Cuts Tree In Half... Then Finds Something He NEVER Expected
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What Arnold Schwarzenegger was just seen doing is going to get President Trump’s attention immediately...

Watch: Arnold Just Sent Trump Bold Viral Video Announcement That Will Be Hard To Ignore
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This man was taking apart his dead father's workbench when he suddenly noticed something scribbled in an out of sight spot.

When he got down and read what his dad had written, he couldn't believe what he had found.

PHOTO: Man Tears Down Deceased Father's Workbench... Finds STUNNING Note Dad Left Behind
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President Trump just got a stunning message from this major defense contractor CEO. This is a game changer...

Lockheed Martin CEO Just Sent A Huge Trump Message That Dems Won't Be Able To Ignore
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A liberal mother who supported transgender bathrooms just got a huge reality check after who she saw walking into the ladies' room. Now, she's speaking out about her surprising change of heart.

We get the feeling she won't be the only one talking about this in the next few years...

Liberal Mom Gets Reality Check After Seeing Who Walked Into Ladies' Restroom
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Inside the site that's supposed to be the tomb of Jesus Christ, scientists have unearthed something CATASTROPHIC. Here's why this could have huge implications for one of the most historic sites on earth.

Here's the CATASTROPHIC Find Inside the Tomb of Jesus Christ
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People started reporting this mom's pictures to Facebook as obscene when they saw what was in her left hand.

They may think she's out of line, but we think she's 100% right.

People Notice What's in Mom's Left Hand, Immediately Report Her Pics to Facebook
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A Florida homeowner has been ordered by her homeowner's association to remove a flag she's flying, and the reason why is infuriating. Now, her case is making national news...

Homeowner Ordered to Remove Flag... Here's the Infuriating Reason Why
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The owner of this local Subway let its customers know EXACTLY what effect the minimum wage increase is having at their location.

Minimum Wage Suddenly Gets Shocking Increase, Then Restaurant Tells Customers Cold Hard Truth
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Charitable giving to those less fortunate than yourselves -- like refugees fleeing war or famine and entering the country legally -- is good and right. But when you do it only to help yourself, like these Democrats are, that's different.

VIDEO: Look What Dems Are Slipping Into "Refugee Welcome Baskets" in This State
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Republican senator Lisa Murkowski made headlines during the presidential election when she called on then-candidate Donald Trump to step down following a controversy, now she's once again turning heads with her absolutely startling on-camera reaction to a reporter that asked a simple question about supporting House efforts against Obamacare.

She's definitely showing her true colors...

WATCH: Repub Caught On Camera Doing Something Jaw-Dropping To Reporter Who Asked THIS Question
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If you think you've seen irate customers before, you've never seen anything like these two thugs... they opened fire on a restaurant after seeing what was inside their pizza box.


2 Thugs Open Fire on Restaurant After Seeing What Was Inside a Pizza Box
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This is outrageous! Do you think anybody will be held accountable for this horrific mistake?

VIDEO: You Won’t Believe What The Dept Of Transportation Sent To Man Who’s Daughter Died After Hitting Guardrail
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WOW. Fox News' Tucker Carlson just dropped a major truth bomb about election meddling that will be hard to deny.

WATCH: Fox News Host Just Dropped Bomb, Reveals Who REALLY Meddled In 2016 Election
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Crafted from titanium, the Dillon M134 unleashes an unbelievable 50 rounds a second, 3000 rounds a minute. The M134 Minigun is a 7.62×51mm NATO…
Read More: [ Link ]

50 Rounds Per Second, Six-Barrel Rotary Machine Gun In Action
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The Navy just tested a new gun, and it's not just your ordinary piece of firepower. In fact, it can bombard the Korean Peninsula from mainland Japan.

WATCH: New Navy Gun Can Bombard Korea From Mainland Japan