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This little heart of mine was made to travel the world
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The best deal this President's Day is on the view you could wake up to. Take 15% off our favorite European trips through February 20! [ Link ]
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From Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu, uncover the iconic symbols of Peru by following in the footsteps of the Incas
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Are you a culture vulture who loves to immerse themselves with the locals? Or a foodie who likes to sample the finer things in life? Find out in our quiz.
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Travel Quiz: What Type of Traveller are You? - The Column from Trafalgar
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"What we see depends mainly on what we look for..."

by Trafalgar guest @pic_tale_adventures
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8 Days, 2 Countries, 7 Cities - Glide through the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, past ancient clifftop villages and pretty seaside towns. Book your trip of a lifetime now. [ Link ]
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"There are so many stories out there of courage and endurance that we know nothing of. Stories that we in our privilege often overlook. To travel is to open ourselves to the stories of others…" - Unknown
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Ever thought about living like royalty?

Spend a night at Ireland's iconic Ashford castle and gather in the castle's sumptuous restaurant for a royal dining experience. Make your fairy tale come true [ Link ]
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Most people have heard of Italian tagliatelle, English fish and chips, French soufflé and German schnitzel, but what about those European cuisines that sit further under the radar?

Top 5 European Cuisines You Never Knew About
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Happy Valentine's Day! Last chance to get 12% off our favourite romantic destinations. Hurry, book now: [ Link ]
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We wander for distraction but we travel for fulfilment.

courtsey of Trafalgar TD Veronica
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An intimate table for two at a grand Belle Époque cafe in Budapest or an evening stroll across the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence? How will you #MakeTimeForYourValentine

The Most Romantic Destinations in the World
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Our guide on how to have a good Monday #MondayMotivation
Mexico's Mayan history and colonial cities come to life during our Tresures of Yucatan. What will you bring home?
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"Life is either a darling adventure or nothing..."
The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music

Explore the romantic cities and dramatic scenery for yourself: [ Link ]
From formidable fjords to fairy-tale villages, from characterful wooden churches to summer festivals, here’s why you should visit Scandinavia in summer.

Why You Should Visit Scandinavia in Summer
MakeTimeForYourValentine ❤

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