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Law & Order: Sunnyvale

Trailer Park Boys Season 11 airs on Netflix from Friday, March 31!
Trailer Park Boys
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Answer to last week's hard-as-fuck #TriviaTuesday question was B: Salt & Vinegar. Well done to the eagle-eyed mawfucaaaws who got it right!

What's the answer to this?!?!
Trailer Park Boys
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Countdown to Trailer Park Boys Season 11: It's all about the kitties. #TPB11
Trailer Park Boys
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Happy fuckin' Borntday to Robb Wells!
Trailer Park Boys
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In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, just one more lil' sip before bedtime... #FridaySippypoo
Trailer Park Boys
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This weekend, celebrate the patron saint of PARTS UNKNOWN by donning your finest Green Bastard costume! ☘

St. Green Bastard’s Day Photo Contest
Trailer Park Boys
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Time to get the fuckin' party started... TWO WEEKS to Trailer Park Boys Season 11 on Netflix!
Trailer Park Boys
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Countdown to Trailer Park Boys Season 11: Ricky has some advice on wooing women, explains the motivation behind his hairdo, and even dabbles in existentialism, whatever the FACK that is. #TPB11 #Netflix
Time to get back to basics, boys - more schemes, more weed, and more liquor! Trailer Park Boys Season 11 launches on Netflix worldwide on March 31, 2017!
Answer to last week's #TriviaTuesday question was C: Orangie downed 5 or 6 shots!

For 10 points and a ride in Cyrus' dickmobile, what's the answer to this week's question?
This week’s podca$h comes to you from the Gibson Guitar Factory in Memphis, Tennessee. As if that wasn’t DECENT enough, the Boys are joined by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Rush’s Alex Lifeson!

Podcast #84 "Blah Blah Blah, It's Alex Lifeson" is now available on iTunes and all decent podcast apps!
We've got some DECENT news for ya - Trailer Park Boys: Grea$y Money free-to-play mobile game is scheduled for worldwide release on April 20, and will be available for iOS and Android!
At the Gibson factory in Memphis! L-R: Mike Voltz (director, R&D and product development), the Boys, Alex Lifeson (RUSH) and Jim Lillard (genius wire head).

The guitar is a one-of-a-kind ES-275 "Bubbles Edition"!
You have questions, Ricky has fucking answers. Join him for a tour in the Shitmobile as he discusses being a gramfather, his favourite rock band, and how he'd deal with a zombie shitpocalypse! #TPB11 #Netflix
The countdown is fucking ON for Trailer Park Boys S11 on Friday March 31! In the first behind-the-scenes peek, Bubbles meets some new and old crew members, talks to some ladies and tries to get a date... #TPB11 #Netflix
Wanna join the V Team? #ThrowbackThursday
Donair Meat Cock - It's what's for dinner.

Watch more greasy Gettin' Learnt with Ricky episodes at!
Did you ever wish you could open up a can of DECENT?! These delicious bastards are now rolling out of the brewery and they'll be available across Canada in May!
Waiting for March 31 like... #TPB11 #Netflix