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From the Sunnyvale School of Diplomacy.
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Answer to last week's hard-as-fuck #TriviaTuesday question was D: Yum Yum!

Let's have your answers for this week's question...
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On this week's #TPBpodcast: Ricky gets us learnt about marine life.

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Kitchen Nightmares with Jim Lahey... #FridaySippypoo

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Dread to think what the TripAdvisor reviews are like... #ThrowbackThursday #crabs
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Ricky logic.
Answer to last week's #TriviaTuesday was B: 15 kitties!

For a bucket of sweet 'n' powered chicken things and a bang behind the muffler shop, what's the answer to this week's question?
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Fuck off
You've got work to do

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Need a dentist? Ricky is now accepting new patients...

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From the Legion to the dancefloor: Bubbles talks about his new-found success as a electronic dance music star!

We Interviewed Bubbles from The Trailer Park Boys & DJ Marc Mysterio on their new EDM track "Liquor & Whores" [EXCLUSIVE]
Want a fried egg cheeseburger to go with your #FridaySippypoo?
Holy FUCK boys, Freedom 35 got bornt! Our brew dicks got the first batch started! Thanks Paul and Mike, this is gonna be DECENT.
Beauties and the Beast #TBT #OutOfThePark
Pornflix and chill?
Valentine's Day isn't just about chicken and banging. How about a greasy gift from
Answer to last week's #TriviaTuesday question was B: "Prince Elliott"

Let's have your answer for this week's DECENT question!
On this week's #TPBpodcast: How to cure diseases with one fackin' weird trick...

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Lahey remembers that time he blackmailed George Green - for liquor balls! #FridaySippypoo
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