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The answer to last week's #TriviaTuesday question was C: "Suck my cock, pig!"

What in the FUCK is the answer to this week's question?
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On the latest #TPBpodcast: the Presidential Inauguration in the USA has Ricky pondering a run of his own in 2020, and he already has a slogan!

Podcast #77 "Ricky for President, 2020" is now available on iTunes and all decent podcast apps!
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Need a drink? Lahey's got some advice. #FridaySippypoo
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Bubbles' breakout dance track Liquor & Whores is soaring up the Spotify charts this week - thanks to all you fuckers around the world who have listened to it!

The music dicks have told us we have to censor the word "whore" in the title. We think they should FUCK OFF.

Listen to it now at [ Link ]
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Rules can FUCK OFF #ThrowbackThursday
Time for our first Trailer Park #TriviaTuesday! Don't know the answer? Check out the episode again, share the question with your buddies, smokes some dope, phone a kitty... we don't really give a fuck.
Thanks to the 2,995 fuckers who entered our Julian birthday contest. And the winner is StormandShadow CrowandCoyote! She came up with a borntday gift that scrilla just can't buy.

What would you write in Julian's birthday book?
On this week's #TPBpodcast: Bubbles is back from his cowboy getaway! Ricky announces his New Year’s Resolution, and tries out his new virtual reality system. Plus: Julian’s got a new non-dirty money-making idea for 2017!

Listen now on iTunes and on all DECENT podcast apps!

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Today is supposed to be the shittiest day of the year. Feel free to spend it however you fucking like. #BlueMonday #Blulian #LiquorSnurf
Holy fuck, thanks OHIO! Trailer Park Boys: Out Of The Park Europe was the most-streamed original Netflix show in your state during 2016!

Your State's Favorite Netflix Original Series (MAP) - The CableTV Blog
Did you know it's Sexian's birthday on January 15? To celebrate, tell us what greasy birthday gift you'd buy Julian. The best answer will win a sexy Dirty Dancer t-shirt, in the size of your choice!

Post your answer in the comments below by 11:59 ET, Monday Jan 16!
Bubbles and world-famous DJ Marc Mysterio have teamed up to make an electronic dance track - LIQUOR & WHORES! Bubs' breakthrough song is being played on radio stations, dance floors and in greasy recreation centres across the world today!

Listen NOW on Spotify:
Friends of the road... #ThrowbackThursday
Is Bubbles heading for super-fackin-stardom? Find out on Friday!
Fact: Bubbles can name 70,000 porn sites. #TriviaTuesday
On the latest #TPBpodcast: Bubbles is off in a cabin in the woods with his kitties (paid for by Julian), and Ricky and Julian are reminiscing about all the DECENT podcashes from 2016. From celebrity guests to amazing musicians, and dickered guests like Randy, it’s been a hell of a year!

What was YOUR best (or most fucked) moment of 2016?!?

Trailer Park Boys by Bubbles, Ricky, Julian on iTunes
We're celebrating the birthday of the legendary DAVID BOWIE by making this episode of Guitar Lessons with Bubbles totally fucking FREE on, today only!

SwearNet: home of The Trailer Park Boys
CONTEST! What’s in store for the residents of Sunnyvale in 2017? Will Bubbles meet a GREASY lady? Will Randy switch to vegan burgers? Will Lahey maintain a 10/10 drunk the entire year?

We want YOUR predictions for the people of Sunnyvale in 2017!

Use the hashtag #TPB2017 on Instagram or Twitter, or leave a comment right the fuck here, and the dicks at SwearNet will pick their three...
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So... how are those new year's resolutions going? #FridaySippypoo
Mark your calendars for Friday 13 Jan, fuckers - is it gonna be Bubbles' lucky day for WORLD DOMINATION?!?