Aaron Axelrod was looking for a way to calm down without using drugs. With the TM technique he says: "It's self-healing, it's amazing. It's definitely calmed me down. I found what I was looking for."

Transcending ADHD: Artist Aaron Axelrod on Meditation and ADHD

Where can the TM technique take you?

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A peaceful revolution begins with peace within one’s self.
“The way I respond to stress is different. I can be calmer and react to things in a better way. I just feel better.”

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Transcending Stress: Let Stress Brush Off with Transcendental Meditation

“I have been meditating for 3 years. And I live in a brighter world now. No one can break my confidence.” - Meditator

How does the TM technique impact your confidence?
How many health benefits of the TM technique do you know about?

Transcendental Meditation - Diabetes Republic

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This feature showcases some inspiring change-makers of the TM technique from the past year :)

The 2016 Change-Makers of the Year

Amidst the chaos in the world, it’s always nice remember how consistent, powerful and profound love is. Happy Valentine’s Day!
"I feel so open and have gained such a deep sense of surrender to my life and the feelings surrounding my incarceration. I no longer feel imprisoned. I now feel my freedom from the inside of me. My relationships have blossomed and grown so much since I began using TM."
The TM technique can be such a positive tool for bettering life in the workplace.

“TM helps me work better under pressure, be happier inside, and have more clarity.” - Jennie Rothenberg Gritz, senior editor at Smithsonian
“For me, meditation has just allowed me to unveil who I am. It has allowed me to really be creative but not by force...naturally, effortlessly.”

University Student Talks About Transcendental Meditation

Love for one’s self and for the world can be cultivated within you.

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Can the TM technique actually reverse the aging process?

How TM Reverses the Aging Process

"Silence is not an absence but a presence, not an emptiness but a repletion, a filling up.” - Anne LeClair
“TM got rid of a lot of stress in my life. It helps me maintain focus on what I am trying to do. My life is definitely better than it has ever been. I am focused on what I want in life, and I don’t see any reason why I can’t get there.” - Danny Hitchings, former Marine

Danny Hitchings – Former Marine Hopes to Help Veterans with PTSD

A new study shows the TM technique can bring inner peace and wellness to inmates.

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Transcendental Meditation Shown to Reduce Trauma in Female Inmates

“I recalled a time forty years ago when I took the three-day course that teaches you Transcendental Meditation and how I found the first two days hooey, yet suddenly on the third day, something clicked and it all made sense. I left our meeting and walked down the street feeling as if I could feel the mechanics of my body in operation. It was really weird. And very cool.” - Hal Rubenstein
This quote reminds us of what David Lynch has said about becoming more and more you with the practice of the TM technique.

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“For me, 2017 is Transcendental Meditation time.

I was trained last year and it’s been life changing. Some difficult stuff happened, and without this meditation I don’t know how I would have reacted. This made me change my angle and my vision, and to learn to see the positive in everything. And most important, to take a deep breath, to relax and come back to our intense life. It’s twice a...
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Is it still considered the new year in February? Here is our new blog made up of a fresh set of answers about what the TM technique is :)

Happy New Year: How the Transcendental Meditation Technique Can Make it Even Better