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Total Croatia News: TransferWise, the international money transfer service, is launching in Croatia, allowing money to be sent to and from Croatia at low cost and without hidden fees.

TransferWise Launches in Croatia
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VickyFlipFlopTravels shares her favourite travel tools: [ Link ]
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Planning to study abroad?

Student blogger Anna shares her tips on opening a student bank account.

Opening a Student Bank Account Abroad
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Here's our guide to getting setup for British life.

Moving to the UK: The First 30 Days
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During the last two leap years, Simon has taken a picture and told a story everyday - for 366 days. And the results are awesome.

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Moving to Australia: The First 30 Days
WIRED UK: The partnership is an attempt to “revolutionise an outdated financial industry” and provide "a fair, transparent banking experience for consumers”.

TransferWise partners with digital-only Starling Bank
We're excited to announce that Starling Bank is the first in the UK to partner with TransferWise.

Starling Bank first in UK to partner with TransferWise
Want regular updates on the exchange rate?

Sign up to TransferWise rate alerts and we'll keep you in the know via email.

Exchange Rate Alerts by TransferWise
Sending money to or from Croatia?

There's a fast, fair new way to do it.

Croatia, welcome to TransferWise
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9 Tips for Moving to the UK
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How to manage money on your year abroad
We wrote to the CEOs of UK banks and asked them to stop hiding their fees.

Only three replied:

We asked the CEOs of UK banks to stop hiding fees
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8 tips for saving money when moving to Europe
The tie-in with Messenger's bot means customers can send money in-app while chatting with friends

Facebook Messenger bots let you send money with TransferWise
The service covers the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe initially.

Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Send Money With TransferWise
Have you met TransferWise Bot yet?

It can help you send money and setup rate alerts from within Facebook Messenger.

Try it:

TransferWise Bot
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8 tips for saving money when moving to Europe
TransferWise has indicated plans to tap into new markets with a new service which allows users to send money internationally via Facebook.

How TransferWise’s Facebook hook-up could benefit businesses