Hats off to the designers of the Powermaster Optimus Prime figure for the Titan Master twist on our beloved Autobot leader.
Are you a hero or a villain? Now you don't have to choose. Tune into the Transformers: Earth Wars livestream for the release of the brand new FACTIONS game-mode at 5pm GMT. twitch.tv/transformersearthwars
Soundwave wanted to be a bracket buster, but the Autobots had other plans.
Megatron never seems to heed the wise words of Optimus Prime. But maybe this time the Autobot leader has something to say that will finally get through to him.
Transformers: Forged to Fight is rolling out in April! See how the generations collide in the latest trailer!
The Mindwipe figure doesn’t fly directly out of the Pit; it’s first designed by our talented team.
Thrust isn’t quite sure he likes that look the worker is giving him...
Fans have spoken. Optimus Primal is your next Prime, the bearer of Matrix of Leadership, and the new leader in the Transformers lore! Did they have your vote?
In partnership with Kabam, check out the latest trailer for the new mobile game TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight and read more about it here: [ Goo.gl Link ]
Hasbro's massive new Transformers toy -- the biggest Decepticon ever made -- can shift between three modes.

Hasbro Reveals Transformers Generations Trypticon Action Figure - IGN

The moment Starscream regretted inviting Megatron over for the big game.
Retreat?? No way, Arby's. I was going to get backup.
Only one from each faction and a Wildcard remain. It’s time for the final vote. Select the Prime and decide who leads Cyberton in the next chapter. Who has your vote? [ Transformers.com Link ]
In our search for the next bearer of the Matrix of Leadership, fans have chosen a wildcard candidate - Unknown Evil. Now it's time for you to decide who will claim the Matrix's power at transformers.com/vote. Voting opens 2/1.
Those of the New Order believe the old ways have shackled Cybertron. And now fans have chosen an Order candidate - Star Saber. Grant them the power of the Matrix of Leadership by voting on 2/1 at transformers.com/vote.
Fans have chosen a Chaos candidate. And if you want to see Optimus Primal claim the Matrix of Leadership with their might, vote opens on 2/1 at transformers.com/vote. Only the strong shall survive.
Fans have chosen Ultra Magnus as the representative for the Honor faction. Vote for him at transformers.com/vote if you want to see the Cybertronian way of life restored so its Golden Age. Voting opens 2/1!