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When your TV’s broken, you don’t convert into one, and your crew arrives early to watch the first 4 Transformers movies. How are you getting ready for Transformers: The Last Knight?
James Scott
Phil Barker
Matthew Wyman
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Learn to Dab...from Megatron. Seriously.
Taylor Wardlow
Manny Rivera
Lupe Buenaventura
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It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for - tickets to HASCON are now on sale! Join Peter Cullen, Frank Welker and talent from Transformers: The Last Knight for this bot-sized celebration of Transformers.
Its the moment youve been waiting for tickets to HASCON are now
Patrick McCollough
Lisamaree Chiu
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Our last mystery bot was Hound. Can you guess this bot from these images? Let us know in the comments!
Reina Harriet Watt
Shaun Cook
Billy Gilson
Bumblebee regrets sneaking a jelly donut into the barracks.
Bumblebee regrets sneaking a jelly donut into the barracks
Karl Ohliger
Jack Munro
Michael Horne
Michael Horne
Kostas Jumacas
Myon Foshee
Find out why Blaster wishes he could call a mulligan.
Stephen Paul
William Allen Sherman
Karl Ohliger
Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there…and to the All Spark.
Joe A Alvarez Jr
Claudine Langlois
Forrest C. Natividad
One shall stand and one shall fall...or get served. Who’s your pick for the winner?
Karl Ohliger
Jazzilynn Hall
Broseph Mac Joseph
After a long week of getting battered by Megatron, Starscream goes to his happy place. How do you unwind when the week’s over?
Michael Lucas
William Bryan Miller
Jonathan Wheeler
They have been here forever. #Transformers
Ben Kollasch
Jr Amador
William Larson
Body by Brawn is our favorite workout video. Do you even lift, bro?
Lawrence Wright
Chris Castillo
Jesse Ayer
Updated VIDEO: Our last mystery bot was Blurr. Can you guess this bot from these images? Let us know in the comments!
Anthony Hill
Johnny Petawanick
Eric Martial
Caelum Beckinsale
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Thelma York Johnson
"For one world to live, the other must die." See more of #Transformers during the #MTVAwards this Sunday.
Brian A. Reed
Ben Stewart
Tanner Ansgeirr Jones
Did you Reveal Your Shield? A week later and Grimlock is still undecided…
Javi Gama
Тодор В.
Rizky Riizky Widyarko
Does voicing an Autobot make you an Autobot? Does voicing a Decepticon make you a Decepticon? Find out how #Transformers: The Last Knight’s Peter Cullen and Frank Welker, voices of Optimus Prime and Megatron, reveal their shields. #AD
Shaun Cook
Rose-Anna Cook
Kimberly White
Check out the official app for Transformers: The Last Knight. Now available to download.
Ashley Cuadra
Vincent Carpenter
Allan Haddow
At Hasbro HQ, we’re revealing our shields and choosing sides. Show us which side you’re on! Like for Decepticons, Love for Autobots!
Preston Griffith
Manuel Arellano Jr.
Helen Järvinen
Whether you pledged allegiance this week to #TeamAutobot or #TeamDecepticon, we’re all More Than Meets The Eye. Show us how you’re More Than Meets The Eye!
Lisamaree Chiu
Angel Carrizales
Brandon Faktor