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"I fight for my own kind now..." – Optimus Prime. #Transformers: The Last Knight in cinemas June 22
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Only one world will survive: theirs, or ours. #Transformers June 22.
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Go BTS with Michael B. Bay for a look at the cutting-edge technology used to bring #Transformers: The Last Knight to life in stunning IMAX 3D.
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Fans see first look footage of Transformers: The Last Knight in a special fan event in Sydney.
Fans see first look footage of Transformers The Last Knight in a
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FULL HOUSE!! Thank you all so much for coming to our Fan Footage Event tonight!! So happy to be able to show so many of you the first look of Transformers: The Last Knight!! #somuchlove #transformersIMAX
Mariee Houley
Here we go!!! Fans first look at the footage from Transformers: The Last Knight!!! #transformersIMAX
TRUE FAN ALERT!! Loving the vintage tees, tattoos & plain love for Transformers!! We can't wait for your sneak peek ❤#transformersIMAX
TRUE FAN ALERT Loving the vintage tees tattoos plain love for Transformers
His absolution is found at the end of his sword. #Transformers
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Lights up. Barricade has his own version of justice. #Transformers
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Your most loyal and deadly servant. #Transformers
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Don’t get on the wrong side of that cigar. #Transformers
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Big things come in small packages. #Transformers
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Mercy has always been for the weak. #Transformers
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Guns blazing, engines roaring. Hot Rod’s on fire. #Transformers
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Bumblebee’s always got your back. #Transformers
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"We're covered." Watch this exclusive new clip from Transformers: The Last Knight now - see it in cinemas June 22.
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Who will prevail? Witness the ultimate battle in #Transformers: The Last Knight, coming June 22.
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‪#Transformers is here at Toy Fair New York, ready to roll out! ‬
Transformers 02/26/2017
More flesh, more metal - more action! Watch the Big Game Spot for #Transformers: The Last Knight. Autobots roll out June 22.
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