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Feast your eyes on some alternate angles from Substance featuring Tristan Funkhouser, Dolan Stearns, Jon Nguyen, Davis Torgerson, and Tom Karangelov.

Substance - Alternate Angles | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Hailing out the great Salt Lake, the Smith brothers (Jared and Jacob of Volcom Global Skate & #ToFakieCrew fame) come together for an "actual BroStyle" part.

Smith Brothers in 'After Dark' | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Our six #TWS5050 finalist edits are playing now on twskate.com/5050 and you only have a few days to get behind and support your favorite submission. It’s completely on you guys who wins this thing, so get behind your state, your homie, and vote, vote, vote! Winn announced Monday.
New York Times v.20 from @lurkNYC. Another dose of raw clips from the streets.
Aldrin Garcia's 9five Eyewear part, Asian Amateur. This one's spicy!
Grizzly Griptape and PlanB got together for a session at Ryan Shecklers park to put their new "Polo” inspired collection to use. Check the clip!

Grizzly X Plan B - Worldwide | TransWorld SKATEboarding

A timeless classic—Mike Carroll in Modus Operandi [2000]. Share if you remember this part!
Two icons, one city—#SnoopDogg and Gonz come together in the L.A. Stories collection for adidas Skateboarding.

Snoop X Gonz LA Recap | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Sage Elsesser, Sean Pablo, Mike Anderson, Kenny Anderson, Bobby De Keyzer and a grip of others! The CONS One Star BBQ tour continues...

Converse One Star BBQ Tour | TransWorld SKATEboarding

From coast to coast, Walker Ryan's part from Perpetual Motion [2013] was full of power and style.
From our friends at Black Sheep Skate Shop in North Carolina, here's the teaser to #BLKSHP2.

#BLKSHP2 Teaser | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Colin Read's #SpiritQuestVid is an absolute mind bend of raw street skating mixed with animalistic overlays that'll take you on a trip and Taylor Nawrocki's part is LIVE!

Taylor Nawrocki Spirit Quest Part | TransWorld SKATEboarding

You and your homies got switch 360 flips like this? Share/tag a friend who does! Repost: Sean Malto
Check the trailer to Lucas Beaufort's documentary, #DEVOTED—a look inside skateboard media.

DEVOTED (Trailer) | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Taylor Nawrocki's part from #SpiritQuestVid is LIVE on twskate.com! One of our favorite indie vids of the year, Spirit Quest is an absolute mind bend of raw street skating mixed with animalistic overlays that takes you on a trippy journey. Colin Read nailed this one!
Catch up with #TWS5050 Regional Finalist, Isaiah Jones (Ohio).

50/50 Finalist: Isaiah Jones (Ohio) | TransWorld SKATEboarding

A remix of Tiago footage is always a good thing.

Village Psychic Tiago Lemos Remix | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Roll tough with Boo Johnson in Long Beach, California.

How I Roll With Boo Johnson | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Louie Barletta's raw footage will put a smile on your face. Skateboarding is nothing if it ain't fun!

Louie Barletta, Bag of Suck Raw Footage | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Here's the raw footage of the tricks and that hellacious slam from earlier this year.

Paul Hart AYC Raw Clips | TransWorld SKATEboarding