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"When fantasy becomes reality."
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Lake Louise, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Travel Alberta
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What we see depends on what we are looking for.
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“Winter just insists on sticking around a little longer.”
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Kananaskis Country, Tourism Canmore Kananaskis
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Picture yourself here.
A complete guide on how to do Hot Springs like a local. [ Link ]
Banff Upper Hot Springs, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism
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These lights will guide you home.
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Fort McMurray, Fort McMurray Tourism
“Unbelievable beauty to be seen here.”
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Jasper National Park
With sunny days coming our way, 10 of the best hikes off the beaten path. [ Link ]

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Watching the sun rise.
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Calgary, Tourism Calgary
Art, Cheese and Meat. All in the heart of Edmonton. Via Hand Luggage Only [ Link ]

Edmonton Tourism | #explorealberta
Free as a bird.
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Elk Island National Park
Your weekend motivation, did we mention it involves skis? [ Link ]
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Follow the light.
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Edmonton, Edmonton Tourism
Frozen in time.
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Calgary Tower, Tourism Calgary
Nothing but the scenic route.
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Icefields Parkway
"My traveling companion today with Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours." Photo by Scott Bakken | #explorealberta
Everybody knows that Cold Lake, AB is the hometown of fictional superhero Wolverine but not everybody knows how beautiful it is in winter. No wonder one of Wolverine’s old Canadian superhero pals was named Aurora.
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The perfect place to grab a bike, find a path & get lost! Follow the link to download our March wallpaper! [ Link ]

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12 places that are sure to take your breath away. [ Link ] via Ordinary Traveler
“A clear night under the stars.” Photo by Lindsay Smith Photography | #explorealberta
Vermilion Lakes
Emerging as a culinary destination, 8 places in Calgary you'll need to eat & drink at this weekend. [ Link ]
Deane House Photo by Chris Amat