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“I could wake up to this every morning.” Photo by Sunday.son via IG | #explorealberta
Blackstone Mountain Lodge, Tourism Canmore Kananaskis
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How to eat your way through Edmonton this weekend. [ Link ] Edmonton Tourism
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We let Aussie Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins loose in Alberta, here's a taste of what he got up to. #explorealberta #GoPro
Travel Alberta
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“Cotton Candy Skies.” Photo by CHJ-Photography | #explorealberta
Edmonton, Edmonton Tourism
"0 to 100 RMP real quick."
Photo by kfannnn via IG | #explorealberta
Lake Louise, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Following that morning light.
Photo by clasual via IG | #explorealberta
Waterton Lakes National Park
On Feb. 1st, 2017 Plains Bison were successfully translocated to the Panther Valley in Banff National Park thanks to our friends at Parks Canada!
Just in time for the month of love, 5 wonderful fireplaces you and your crush will be totally toasty in no time. [ Link ]
Wake up an hour early to live an hour more. Photo by jlenewman via IG | #explorealberta
Escape the ordinary. Photo by CHJ-Photography | #explorealberta
Banff, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism
"I always seem to get lucky and capture these moments."
Photo by Rusty Buffalo Photo | #explorealberta
Fort McMurray, Fort McMurray Tourism
The magic of winter. Follow the link to download our monthly wallpaper of Edmonton's Ice Castles! [ Link ]
Photo by okloewen | #explorealberta
Edmonton Tourism
Skate in distinctive style at this winter-season wonder [ Link ]
Photo by Lauren Bath | #explorealberta
Lake Louise, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism
A rare moment capturing this elusive animal.
Photo by Famous Amos Photography | #explorealberta
Grande Prairie
7 Canadian destinations to visit & stay a while. [ Link ]

Photo by Chris Amat | #explorealberta
The awe-inspiring Edmonton Ice Castles is the winner from Outdoor Photography's Outdoor Photographer of the year competition. [ Link ]
Photo by Kirsten Quist Photography | #explorealberta
Edmonton Tourism
Grab your gear and let's go. Video by North Birch Grove by AVW Photography | #explorealberta
4,200 square miles of the awe-inspiring northern lights. [ Link ]

Jasper, Canada | #explorealberta
"Canadian Highways."
Photo by Callum Snape | #explorealberta
Lake Louise, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism
National Geographic shares six one-of-a-kind Canadian winter adventures every Albertan or aspiring-Albertan must try. [ Link ]
Photo by Stevin Tuchiwsky Photography