Travel Juneau
03/23/2017 at 21:30. Facebook
Here is a nice perspective we don't often see of the Mendenhall Glacier. What a view!
Although it may not look like it in Juneau, Happy First Day Of Spring! ❄
Just a couple of hours from Seattle, this is an amazing weekend getaway.

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Did you know that crows like to play in the snow too? #crowsnowangel
A little snow in this winter shot of the Mendenhall Glacier.
This stunning heron proves that eagles aren't the only impressive birds you'll find in Juneau. #birdwatching
Experience the winter wonderland with a little hike on Juneau trails.
The daisy is known as the friendliest flower so it makes perfect sense that they grow wild all around Juneau! #wildflowers
Juneau's winter glow!
Photo by J Kevin Crowley.
The experience begins before your feet even touch the ground! #lovejuneau
Juneau truly is extraordinary every day and we love how this local was able to capture it!
Happy Valentine's Day! This lovely photo was taken at Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventures last summer.
Keep your eyes peeled for the wild-growing Fireweed that can be found all over Juneau in the summer. The saying goes “When fireweed goes to cotton, summer is soon forgotten.” #loveJuneau
What a view! Are you ready to get your fish on? #lovefishing
Both scenic and affordable, Alaska Marine Highway is a great way to explore the Southeast.
Take a walk on the wild side with over 250 miles of hiking trails around Juneau to choose from.
Enjoy some great video of Mendenhall Glacier!
Trying to pick your next great adventure? How does a helicopter landing on the Juneau Icefield sound?
A classic passenger steamship sits in front of the Taku Glacier. #TBT #traveljuneau